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What in the World is Flutemaker Ministries doing?

It is such a joy to do something to help our needy world.

Every month, with your help, Flutemaker Ministries supports A Heart to Love Foundation which enables them to bring food to 266 children with disabilities, run a farm, care for the kids of our former children's home, bring food to a few feeding centers and to pay the salaries of the workers.

Aside from this monthly support, here is what our customers and donors have already done this year!

In 2018 we were able to send funding for:

... A  home for Blanca who was in a plastic house with her very ill daughter Margarita who has disabilities. Thanks to my customer, Jen and her husband  Terry.

Little Margarita got very sick in 2018 and almost died but pulled through.

Around July, Blanca the mother, had a stroke and she too pulled through!


August. 29, 2018                                                     October 3, 2018

Sent funding for 26 beds for our Mercy Kids.

Bought 80 mosquito nets.

Put in a well and a water pump at the farm.

Funded the planting of hundreds of guava trees.

Deybin and Pastor Carlos gathering the first guavas. Carlos is the one who rescued Deybin from the garbage dump. Both grew up in extreme poverty. Carlos is the one who inspired my wife and I to get involved.

Funded the park and 2 rooms on the farm.

Bought 4 sewing machines for Mercy Moms.

Put in our 6th water system in a village in the Miskito Coast.

Thanks to Ambassadors of Love, a house for Marisela of the Mercy Ministry was built. They had been evicted and Delvin, the father, had lost his job. Now they have a home and Delvin now works for the foundation.

In August we sent funding to help put on another room to better serve this family.

Bought Maria Esperanza and her disabled son a home that needed fixing. Funding was also sent to fix it.

She is real happy with her blessing.

Funded 2 more micro-businesses for Mercy Mothers with children with disabilities and expanded Sara's and Brenda's business.

Sold 12 flute sets to help fund Abel's house, and hired Levi, a Mercy Dad, to paint it and kept him working for the foundation. Levi is Genesis' father.

Abel's house was funded by Ambassadors of Love and flutes by Erik the Flutemaker.

Sent 2 students to college classes from the Mercy Ministry.

Sent Emanuel and his mother to be refitted for a leg in Tampa. We are grateful for another ministry that sponsored him here in the USA. He can now play ball!

Funded Deybin's roof. Deybin was rescued from the garbage dump and is now a designer of bags, one of our sewers who just got married and built his house. He is also one of our main drivers in Nicaragua.

Bought lots of medicine and special milk for our Mercy Kids.

Helping out now is nursing student, Abelito.

Sent a special offering to help victims of sex slave trade in India, Phillipines, Cuba, Mexico and the USA from a gracious donation from our friends, the Heart Dwellers.

Sent $1,000 to help feed homeless victims from the recent Volcano eruption in Guatemala. We also sent $500 to help some volunteer firefighters in Guatemala who needed help.


Funded items for Linda's family of the Mercy Ministry whose home was swept away in a flash flood. 

We then bought Linda's family a house and sent funding to fix it.

Bought this lot for $1,500 to help another mercy family without a home.

We took Genesis, and her mom Keylin, into our home for 5 months as Genesis receives medical treatments. 

We also hired a seamstress to teach Keylin a trade.


 When we learned Genesis and her family bathed from a bucket because they are very poor and their roof was about to fall down and walls were cracked, funding came in for a new house for them!

Funded a protection wall for a lady whose home had flooded in terrible rains.

Sad to say, we sent funding to bury 15 year old Aleda Blandon, one of our Mercy Kids.

Sent funding for meds for William, our dear helper who had a blood clot.

Sent help to put a roof on the home of Jender Antonio one of our blind mercy kids.

Sent help to put up a retention wall where water floods the house of Milagro one of our Mercy kids.

Sent funding to buy an orthopedic leg brace for Danny.

The Mercy Center at the farm.

Volunteer Ellen in Nicaragua working with the Mercy Kids.

June 12 funding was sent to help these kids.

Sent $100 for meds for Mario Esteban

Sent Aydeli $140 for meds.

Sent Byron Benavidez $159 for meds

Sent Eyron Gomez $143 for special milk and vitamins.

Aug. 3: I heard things got calm in Nicaragua!

Aug 29th Sent help for medication for Jose Gutierrez with Cerebral Palsy. William had a recent blood clot he is back on his feet delivering the food for mercy kids.

Thank you to our customers, Heart Dwellers around the world, family, and friends who are helping out, to remind a hurting world that they are not alone.

If you would like to help us help others you can donate at


Erik the flutemaker


Posted by Taylor K. on July 26, 2018

What tremendous fruit the Lord has brought through this wonderful ministry! wow…

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