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Love flutes...

An instrument is a friend for life.

You can pick your instrument in the key you want to play in or it can pick you, as it calls to your soul offering to take you to an enchanted place.

When your heart begins to dance inside you, you will know which one to get.

Shopping Tips: Your instrument should fit your hands. So be aware if I am recommending an instrument for large hands. If your fingers are very thin, or if your hand span is very small, drop me a brief note in the "Comment Box" at "Check Out" to let me know.

The lower part of the website has helpful advice in "Questions for the Flutemaker".

Love flute music...

Over the years, I have had the privilege of spending time in studios that have captured many wonderful moments. As we have always asked our Creator to bless our work, some of it is absolutely amazing.

You can hear a sample of my Bamboo flute music here. It is world music, using 15 bamboo flutes and bamboo saxes. Nice mood music.

My heart has always been to use my music to bring peace and joy into this world. To that end, the proceeds of all my online music sales go directly to help the Kids of Cascabel.

For those interested, the flutes featured in this video are the D Pennywhistle and the Low D Irish Flute.

Love the world...

A special THANK YOU to my customers who have supported Flutemaker Ministries since 2006 helping to rescue children from the Somoto garbage dump in Nicaragua. In 2007-2012 you helped build a children’s home. In 2012 we started a farm which now feeds many. Since then we have repaired and built 13 homes for destitute single mothers with children with disabilities. We continue to bring food and household supplies to 266 children with disabilities, serve children food at feeding centers and establish micro-businesses to break the cycle of poverty. Thank you!

Inside the shopping cart, you will have opportunity to donate $10 or $20 to Flutemaker Ministries if you would like.

For more information, you can visit

Thanks so much for shopping at Erik the Flutemaker's -- a great place online to buy a flute and touch the world.

Picking your instrument:  Please let me know in the comment box at checkout, if you are buying for a guy or a gal. Guy flutes have bigger holes. Or let me know you are buying for someone with thin fingers or a small or large hand. This will help me pick your instrument! Thanks!!!

Shipping: We are presently shipping inside the USA for no extra cost! To Canada for $35 and overseas for $56.00 US.
We will ship your flute anywhere in the world! But p
lease keep in mind that  your country will charge a customs duty fee when delivering your package, we have no control over that extra charge.

About Erik the Flutemaker...

I have had the joy of making bamboo flutes for 48 years and have handmade over 150,000 wind instruments. It has been an adventure making bamboo flutes in Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Fiji, where I got to play for their President.

I settled in Florida due to the great flute making bamboo called Bambusa Multiplex that grew in southern China and settled into Japan for centuries. It arrived by steam ship from Yokohama to San Francisco and came by train to Florida in the mid 1880's, settling into the sub-tropical gardens of pioneer horticulturalists and then into the earliest plant nurseries which spread the bamboo around Florida. Finding  old clumps of bamboo to make your flutes has been a joy and a treasure.

We are also providing instruments in Exotic Cocobolo wood from the Pacific rim from Nicaragua to Mexico and working with carbon Fiber and other  materials.

Thanks for coming into my flute world, you are about to embark on a musical journey. 
Hope we can help!
Erik the Flutemaker.


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