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Over the years, I have had the privilege of spending time in studios that have captured many wonderful moments. As we have always asked our Creator to bless our work, some of it is absolutely amazing.

My heart has always been to use my music to bring peace and joy into this world. To that end, the proceeds of all my music sales go to help the Kids of Cascabel.

My music is available in cd's in Other Products and here for digital download on both iTunes and Amazon.

On That Note

World Music with a Celtic Feel

Erik uses 15 different bamboo instruments including Penny Whistles, Flutes and Saxes. Joined by internationally acclaimed Alex Fox on the Classical Guitar and seven other very talented musicians on the Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Drums and Keyboard.

Perfectly Mellow

The Name Says It All

Rush Hour getting to you? Are you a Massage Therapist? Work in a dentist office? Got to have a relaxing and peaceful CD?

Moving Right Along

A Musical Voyage

Erik joins classy musicians on the Harp, Violin, Cello, Hammered Dulicemer and Jazz Band. This fun and relaxing album will energize you on the way to work and mellow you out on the road home. A musical journey that will keep you...Moving Right Along.

Flute Salad

A Taste of the Andes

Using the Giant flute, Majors and Minors, Oriental, Andean Quena, Pan Pipes and Double flutes.. Flute Salad encompasses the sounds of the Andes, Rainforest and the Orient. Seasoned with some Jazzy Bamboo Saxes! Flute Salad is ready to be served! Bon Appetit!

Erik the Flutemaker
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