Blog / 2020




I think we all can agree that we entered 2020 wanting to be well, happy and be a blessing in these next 10 years. Then Suddenly the Pandemic! Uh Oh.... Our hearts go out to the many suffering from the buffeting waves of this storm.

We hunkered down to stay safe in our home, workshop and bamboo grove. We are extremely thankful to be able to serve our customers inside the USA and around the world. For some weeks, we had to shut down international shipping, but things got better and we reopened.

I concentrated on harvesting on our acre and fertilizing the grove. I did more recordings, birthed some new instruments and created a new relaxing tropical garden in front.

We stayed very engaged with how to safely continue our humanitarian work in Nicaragua. And we remain very thankful to the many who keep Flutemaker Ministries able to do so much. 

I am grateful for the team who created my new website to better serve you. Most of my days are full with flute making. And Linda and I are extremely excited about 2 new grandchildren, Ruby born in July and Oakley in August.
God bless you, Erik