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The Train

The Train

Someone once said, “A dream, is a vision in the night and a vision, is a dream, in the day.”
I don’t know what I had, perhaps my soul was seeing what I was feeling in pictures.

A need had come up with little Suyen, who was born with her brain partly outside her skull and had many operations, and is now, a special needs child in our feeding program.
Suyen lived in an old adobe house.
Her dad removed the roof to fix it and most of the walls fell.

A customer of mine sent $2,240 to fund another adobe house. I sent the money and then heard, that adobe bricks were not being made or sold as it was close to the beginning of the rainy season and adobe homes cannot be built at this time. They needed another $2,345 to make the house partially in block and partially using corrugated zinc roofing for other walls because we did not have the proper funding for a small decent construction.

Another $2000 came in, but to me, a house with roof sheets as walls will always scream out to this family that they are poor for this is what poverty looks like.

To do the right thing with a nice decent home I would need more funding.

My problem was our funding. It was so low we could not dip in to help them. We did not yet have what we needed to send on the first of the month to run our ministry and that was 3 weeks away. 

Back to my day-dream.

I saw myself at the edge of a great plain. I saw giant dark clouds with storms and super cells and shafts of rain that fell in diverse parts of the plain.

As I stood watching, I realized that I was waiting for provision to come in for our ministry. Then I saw someone come out of all the moving gray towards me. It was someone bringing provision.

Then part two happened!

I was suddenly in an old 1800’s train station and a cool old train came chugging into the station and the wheels screeched and it stopped.

In front of me, a faded green wooden box car door opened and a friendly conductor with a big mustache and hat said, “Flutemaker Ministries! How many gold bars do you need today?”

He stood over a pile of shinny gold bars. I said “I’ll take two.”
He handed me two and said, Ok, see you tomorrow at 3, same time, same station.”

He smiled and closed the door. And I knew he would be back.

I really like part two. Abundance, without the anguish, that I do not have what I need to help, and that I have to wait for it in front of a huge storm.

I am reminding myself that it is He that has. And that He sends people to help.

May the Lord give me grace to wait on the edge of the stormy plain for my remaining days. Or may He grant me the joy to see great abundance to help the ultra poor in their time of need. I know this life is a battle and we are called to fight the good fight. Yet God owns cattle on 1000 hills, He is a good provider, He loves the poor and He uses people to bring blessings.

Erik Sampson, President of Flutemaker Ministries, at the edge of the Plain, near a heavenly train station, by an old town called Hope.

As to Suyen: With the help of mostly one customer we were able to build a small decent little block house.

And the family is very happy. The End.

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  • Marion Singleton

    I can’t begin to explain how beautifully your heart of giving shined through this article !!! I love your ministries and your videos and your flutes and your music!!! God is truly using you to help his children find hope in the mist of the storm ! I am saving up to buy flutes and a sax and your book and to donate to your flutemakers. Ministries. I am excited to join you in helping bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the least of these !!! God bless you and your family always!!!