End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo

End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo

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Hi Erik, I just received my flute! Wow! I am so happy!!!! What a gorgeous sound, what a magnificant flute and what a wonderful bag. I... With kind regards Marieke in the Netherlands, March 30, 2022
My dear Erik. I am Ukrainian and am teaching English to kids in China. It's amazing to receive the Kiowa Inspired Love Flute and... Vlad, in Jincheng, China March 14, 2019
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End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo
End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo
End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo
End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo

End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo

End Blown Native American Love Flute Style made with Bamboo

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 These are great flutes! Easy to blow, 5 hole pentatonic Native American Style Flutes made with our natural bamboo.

Hand Size: These are recommended for a small, medium and large hand span.

The Native style flute is a restful and creative flute that is great for beginners because it is easy to blow and easy to create with. It has a 5 hole pentatonic scale which always sounds great.

Your flute will come with a flute bag to keep your flute safe, some literature that will help you along and Free Shipping inside the USA.


 This tutorial is helpful to learn. 

The Native American Flute was a courting flute. It was said that a brave would come to a teepee of the girl he wanted to marry and play. If she "heard" his song and came out to him, he would wrap his blanket around her and take her as his bride. I suspect while he played, her parents were peeking and guiding her. Her parents may have said, "you will not go out to Red Beaver, it will not work". Later in the village when he asked her if she "heard" his song she could simply say, "I did not 'hear' it." And life went on.

Our Love Flutes are home grown from our bamboo garden with lots of love. 

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Hello Erik, I received my Kiowa love flute today and it sounds and looks great! Thank you for what you do! I’m so glad I found out about your flutes and I think what you’re doing to help those kids is great. Best regards, Mike in Eau Claire, Michigan, March 24, 2021
My dear Erik. I am Ukrainian and am teaching English to kids in China. It's amazing to receive the Kiowa Inspired Love Flute and the C Penny Whistle from you. I couldn't play at first because I was laughing. I was amazed to hold them in my hands and to feel the sound. I've read your story that you include with your flutes, and lessons. I am sure, that there are a lot of people who thank you for what you are doing. I've seen lots of your videos, listened to your music and I can see what is inside you. You know, it is normal to think that when people are getting older they're fading. I've seen your older videos and you're getting more and more beautiful man. Thank you very much, for sharing. Thank you for giving a good example for good. I thank God that I know you now. God bless you. Big hug and best wishes, Vlad, in Jincheng, China March 14, 2019
Hi Erik, The Flute arrived yesterday. Super fast sending. The Kiowa Inspired Love Flute is fantastic . I am very Happy. Thank you so much Thomas in Pollenca, Balears, Spain. Feb. 22, 2019
Hi Erik I received my beautiful Love Flute today. The flute has is own sprit, even just holding it. Once you connect with your breath the flute comes alive. I have never played before. It just seemed to play together with my soul. The hole purchase experience including delivery was a Joy. These truly are a blessing to any one who receives them. Peace and Love. Mark Davies in Aylesbury, United Kingdom January 7, 2019
I am so pleased that I ordered the Kiowa love flute. Oh what soul this child of yours has. From the second I unwrapped it I fell in love with the pure simplicity it possesses. But the resonance of the tone....... it belongs to a place not of this world and playing it certainly transports you there. Time has no meaning when playing in a state of creative meditation. Also I was very impressed with how quickly I received my order, from USA to UK 3 days. Erik I can’t thank you enough. Kindest regards Franz Hutcheson In the UK June 20, 2018
My expectations are met and exceeded. The quality of the flute bags is a very nice bonus. The carbon fiber D penny whistle sounds great, the Kiowa Flute nice and mellow. Thank you, Justin in Lynden, Washington, June 14, 2018
Dear Erik, I got my Kiowa Inspired Love Flute yesterday and I absolutely love it! Its the most beautiful sounding flute I have ever owned and heard. Thank you so much for what you do, please keep it up. You are a prime example of how powerful music is. God Bless, Caleb in Abilene, Texas April 1, 2018
Thank you Erik! The Flute is amazing, the sound is perfect and it's made perfectly. Thank you again. Regards Mariusz Krzykała in Chelmonskiego, Poland March 3, 2018
I received my Kiowa Love Flute today and it is impeccable! I absolutely love its crisp sound and the dramatic feel the notes give. And I got an excellent flute as well with some really neat wood grain patterns. I'm a woodworker so I really pay attention to those details. I am absolutely thrilled with my flute. Thank you! Brian in Provo, Utah March 28th, 2018
Dear Erik, I just received the Kiowa Love flute here at my home in Bahrain. The packaging looks neat and solid, and I really liked the smell of the flute while unboxing!! Playing the flute is EXTREMELY easy compared to the Arabian Ney and Chinese Dizi, which gives an amazing experience at the very beginning. Thanks for your hard work! Munther in Bahrain February 22, 2018
HI Erik, I am so pleased with my Kiowa flute that I purchased from you. As you said, it is easy to play. I love the smell of the flute as much as the music it makes. I always sniff it first before I start to play. I do not want to go anywhere without my flute. In order to thank you, I am purchasing another one. Thank you so much for making me such a great instrument. Very kindest regards, Gloria in Coatesville, Pa. November 12, 2017
Thank you Erik, The Kiowa Inspired Love Flute arrived today! It is just very, very good. Sounds like a dream. It is also perfect quality. Amazing work. It is nice that we met you. God bless you Erik. Sincerely Denis in Berlin, Germany, October 24, 2017
The Kung Fu Flute & Kiowa Inspired Love Flute are “unbelievably” wonderful. As soon as possible, I will get other flutes for sure. And it is great what do you do for children! Keep it up! Thanks a lot, Mattia in Salerno, Italy, March 30th 2017
Greetings Erik, your beautiful Kiowa Love flute is truly a work of art and so lovely to play. And thank you, for the informative booklet that went along with it. Mason Dec. 27, 2016
Hi Erik, Received your Kiowa Love Flute today and am so pleased with this purchase. I have over 20 flutes from several flute makers in the Southwest and like them all. I find your Kiowa Love flute right up there with the best of them. It has such a soulful voice. It sounds mystical with reverb & delay through my little Roland Micro Cube speaker. Over the next couple of years I know I'll be purchasing more of your flutes. Well done, brother. Gratefully Yours, Lou in Massachusetts December 12, 2016
Hi Erik, Wow! I was incredibly excited about getting them and wasn't expecting them for at least a week or so, all I can say is Thank You and tell you how thrilled I am. The Kiowa is just incredible, what a sound! It's very meditative and such a joy to play. It's exactly as I had hoped it would be. The Alto Sax is phenomenal. The carrying bags you included are beautiful and compliment the flutes so well. Thank you for your masterful craftsmanship and all you do to bring light and joy to peoples lives all around the world. Sincerely, Paul Cating in Boston, Massachusetts Dec.11, 2016
Erik, Thank you for the best flute in my collection to date. I have traditionally been a soft wood/hard wood flute seeker and have often turned my nose up to bamboo and cane flutes. What a flute you have created! Amazing! Please feel free to post my review to your site. Josh Smith, Mustang, Oklahoma November 18, 2016
Dear Erik The Flutemaker I was so surprised and happy that my flutes are here after just about a week. I love the sound of quena, but the Love flute, well it was love from the first moment. I was so moved when I held them in my hand. They are so beautiful and smell so good, like old timber houses in the sunshine. I love them a lot and some tear-drops fell from my eyes. I became so touched from something I can't explain... And the sound: Just heavenly! Now my days will be filled with lovely flute sounds. I will play every day, but before I start to play, I smell them. Then I come into a kind of silent mood. : ) Much love and God Bless all your wonderful work . Alice H. Borolin in Norway, August 27,2016
Erik, Thank you so much for making my Kiowa love flute. I absolutely love it and I love playing it. It is definitely a work of art. Sincerely, Tom Medlin in Boiling Springs, South Carolina, August 9, 2016
Shortly after I received my flute from Erik, I noticed it had long crack. I contacted Erik about the issue and he had no problem replacing it free of charge. He stands behind his product to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks again, Jim Wilson in Sedona, Arizona, June 12,2016
Hi Erik, It has been more than a week since the Kiowa Love Flute arrived and I don't even count how many hours I've spend playing it! This flute plays the music of my soul, it's just beautiful. Thank you for making such a unique instrument. Kind regards, Piotrek. In Warsaw, Poland April 21, 2016
Erik, I received my Dark and Carved Kiowa flute today. I am very pleased to have received it so quickly. I carefully unpackaged the flute, placed it to my lips and my mind was blown. SOOOOO beautiful are the tones with this lovely instrument. I am so pleased to have chosen you and you hands to assist me. MANY HUMBLE THANKS. John in Alamosa, Colorado April 2, 2016
Dear Erik, I received my Kiowa Love Flute two days ago and I haven't been able to put this mystical flute down. It has such a pure and soulful sound. Your heart instantly starts to sing a song the second you put your lips up to the flute. The Kiowa Flute is magical, and I can feel the journey I am about to experience with this beautiful flute. Thank you so much, I can tell you put so much love into what you make! Gunther in Vernon, New Jersey March 4th, 2016
Hello Erik, I've just started playing the Kiowa flute and she sings the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I was playing the silver flute but since I met Kiowa I only have eyes for her. The customs duties I had to pay for importing the flute into Spain were astronomical but I have to say that it was more than worth it to have Kiowa in my arms and marvel at her beautifully haunting song. Thank you, Marta Gracia in Vitoria, Álava, Spain, Feb 18th 2016
Hi Erik! Today I received the Kiowa, the Medium Arabian and the Meditation flute. As always, they are WONDERFUL!! The Kiowa has a warm marvelous sound and extraordinary artwork! No words for the deep meditation flute, so enchanting! The Arabian is so creative and exotic. Now I have 5 of your flutes, and addicted! The Travel Flute Bag is beautiful, cool, very comfortable, large and able to contain all my flutes. A great item for a musical journey! Thanks! Happy Christmas holidays to you and your family! A big hug from Francesco in Taurasi, Italy Dec 15, 2015
Dear Erik Thank you for this exquisite instrument. I was thrilled with the feel of it, the decoration. The love and care that went into this Kiowa Love Flute is immediately apparent. The carrying bag was a lovely surprise and I appreciate it very much. As soon as I breathed into this flute I knew it would teach me how to play. Just going up and down the scale was soothing. I will cherish my times with it. Keep up the phenomenal work. Sylvie ~ Vermont Dec. 7th, 2015
Hi Erik! I wanted to let you know that the Kiowa flute arrived in perfect condition, and really was surprised by this beautiful piece you've created, the sound is sweet and relaxing and the smell of bamboo is exquisite, you are a great artist Erik! Thank you for such a beautiful piece! I send you a big hug from Buenos Aires Argentina! Leandro Ferraro Aug. 30, 2015
Hi Erik, I'm thrilled with the Kiowa flute. I loved it from the first time I played it and I keep waiting to get home to play it. A mellow awesome piece of art , You are truly blessed. Thank you again. Sincerely, Lokesh Reddy in New Jersey, Aug 21, 2015
Hello, my name is Colin and I just received your Kiowa love flute for Christmas. I just wanted to tell you how absolutely in love I am with the beauty and sound it produces. Playing it whisks me away to another time and place all the while bringing peace to my heart. Thank you so very much. Colin in Virginia Dec. 27th, 2014
Hi there Erik, I have a Kiowa Love Flute. Words cannot express … I know you have received hundreds of thank you's from all over the world for your magnificent flutes. They are magical. I can vouch for that. How blessed we are to have you on the planet. Warmest regards Fiona in Australia November 11, 2014
Erik, I have had this Kiowa love flute for a few years now, it is my favorite and still has the BEST sound of any flute I’ve either purchased, played, or built myself. Thank you and I hope you continue this line for others!! If you love Bamboo flutes, no collection could be complete without one of these. Most relaxing to play. Take care, Scott Turchin, Bremerton, Washington Nov. 1, 2014
Erik, Thank you so much for the flute. It sounds amazing and also looks beautiful. I haven't been able to put it down. I am extremely happy with my decision to purchase from you. Thanks for your fine work! Sincerely, Tony LiVigni in Los Angeles, California Oct. 21,2014
Thank you Erik master flutemaker I have received your 2 Kiowa flutes last week and I have played them every day since. Those flutes are enchanted, they talk to the soul, they enlighten my life. You are present in them with your spirit and your faith. When I play I am in your bamboo field, my heart is full of gratitude. What a beautiful experience, thank you for existing. Bien à vous, Hédi in Paris, France September 23, 2014
Hi Erik, I have been wanting a flute for the last 20 years, but never got one until now. I like the soft Native American music and stumbled upon your website. I am 40 years old and know nothing about music, but I have learned to play my flute pretty quickly. I just keep playing notes until it sounds good and start making the melody longer and longer. Wanted something to ease my mind. Thanks for the flute. It is in good hands. Greg Veltre in Sutton, West Virginia, Aug. 25th, 2014
I've received my Kiowa Love flute and Kiowa bass Love flute yesterday! Amazing instruments. They are so easy to play, to relax and go deep in to the music. The Bass Love flute is the best so far for meditation. Thank you, thank, thank you! Erik, you've opened a new page for me in music and I can't thank you enough for that. I wish you peace, joy and happiness! Yours truly, Fedor, Toronto, Canada, July 30th 2014
Hello Erik , I got the two instruments tonight. in perfect condition! Bamboo Tenor Sax and Kiowa flute were very well packed and protected, no worries . A very special thank you to you. The instruments you are doing not only sound great, but they are also especially beautiful objects, very natural . Thank you ambassador of music for these beautiful instruments. I like this sentence of Gandhi : " Be the change you want to see in the world! " Erik , thank you again Laurent Cazalet in Paris, France. April 25, 2015
HI, Erik, I just wanted to let you know that the flutes arrived quickly, safe & sound, today. Thank you so much Erik I got my Kiowa Love flute 3 days ago it looks/feels/smells/sounds wonderful. I love playing it, lets me relax and forget everything. I have never played anything before, then I saw the video of the plane playing the Kiowa and had to order it. I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul for getting me into playing flute. I never imagined it would be so fun to learn and play I love it im ecstatic! Can't wait to try your other flutes and thank you so much. -Ryan, Feb 14th, 2014
They are wonderful! The sound is beautiful, and they are well-tuned, which as a musician, I really appreciate. The Arabian scale is fascinating - I can just wander around in it all day; the Kiowa Love Flute has that lovely quality so characteristic of Native-American style flutes, and the finishing touches are really nice. It was a pleasure working with you - I'll be back! Joanne in Montrose, California, Aug 15,2013
I love my Kiowa Love Flute. It has a beautiful sound, light to hold and the holes are perfect for my fingers. I shall enjoy many hours of music. Thank you so very much - Blessings, Patty in Oakdale, CA July 29, 2013
Hi I just want to say that I am thrilled with all of the instruments I have recently purchased. I ordered the Bamboo Sax and I wasn't disappointed. They aren't just wonderful sounding instruments, they are unique, handcrafted pieces of art, which has always appealed to me. When I saw the Kiowa Love Flute, I knew it was the one for me. I received it just the other day, and I was right! It almost brought tears to my eyes when I started to play it, as it is so easy, and has such an incredibly beautiful sound. It is so tranquil and soothing that I look forward to playing it at the end of my work days, and I can sit with it for hours as it makes me feel rejuvenated. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me. Thank you also for the good work you are doing for those through your ministry. Barbara in San Ramon, CA
Erik, Received flute today! Erik, you do not disappoint. Simple beauty, not to mention it plays great! The only thing I regret is not getting one from you sooner. I will have to make up for lost time. Thank you very much Erik, great job! James Covet in Wytheville, VA. May 16, 2013
I am a 61 year old man of Black and Native American ancestry, who served in the military in the early seventies. Today my health issues include diabetes, asthma, hepatitis and ptsd. I have a Kiowa style flute that Erik made for me. He made some adjustments for me as I have two crooked fingers on my right hand. It is a beautiful flute in appearance as well as song. It has been almost a year and I play almost every day that I can. I soon began to realize that I no longer needed the afternoon Klonopin on days that I played my flute. I discussed this with my doctor and she recommended that I keep playing. I cannot explain this phenomenon, I can only describe it. There is a profound difference between reaching for a flute instead of yet another pill. I find that it decreases my anxiety and depression and gives me a sense of accomplishment as well as a feeling of a peaceful spirit. I have learned to go where the flute takes me. If you have ptsd you know the value of a peaceful spirit and I strongly urge you to give it a try. I have since found out that there are many studies to support this and I thank Erik for my flute as well as his contribution to my peace. Thank you, Mason Campbell 9/10/12
I received my Kiowa Love Flute last week and I'm not exaggerating when I say I can't even walk by it without picking it up and playing. Even if it's only for a few minutes. It's incredibly addictive, not to mention beautifully expressive, and FUN. I love it's voice SO much. Blessings, Sandy D. August 9, 2012
I ordered a Kiowa Love flute from you a few years back and have to say it's changed my life. You really do feel like your praying and meditating as you play. I have gone down to the nearest Lake where there are great acoustics and have sat for hours watching the waves and playing my Kiowa Love Flute. Just wanted to say thanks for making these available and I'm looking forward to getting more flutes from you in the future. Anyways take care friend. Michael Jan 31, 2012
Dear Erik, Thank you so much for the wonderful Kiowa Love flute. It's quite a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. I think I only ordered it four weeks ago and I received in on September 21st (my birthday!, four weeks sooner than what the order said to allow for crafting and delivery. It's amazing. So beautiful and simple to play. I've only had it a day and I'm already writing small pieces. Thank you so much Erik and please never stop making flutes. Thanks again, Gunnar Knutsen in North Carolina September 22, 2011
Hi Erik, I am your customer from Slovenia. Today I ordered two new flutes: Quena Flute and Arabic. I already have two flutes from you: Kiowa Love Flute and Shakuhachi. Both are beautiful. Shakuhachi specifically. I play this flute every day by taking a walk in the woods. I am very grateful to you for these sounds. Thank you for everything and a great success at work Stane Andolsek in Slovenia September 29, 2011
Erik, I received the Kiowa Love Flute my wife ordered. It was a birthday gift and well worth the wait. Thanks to two other flutes I had purchased from you, one side blow flute purchased at Ren Faire in upstate N.Y. and a bamboo Penny Whistle, I found the Love Flute very easy to play. Sitting here in front of the computer I have all three with me. The workmanship is magnificent and am grateful that I have purchased these flutes from you. I thank you again. Don Miller in the USA August 02, 2011
Erik, I took my flute camping with me and played it in the evening. The camp sites were really close together and I was a little apprehensive because I just started playing about a month ago. A group next to us said they loved it! The next day they asked what kind of flute I was playing, that it was beautiful! So much for a beginner being able to sound great...unbelievable! Take Care, Mary Kay from Cincinnati, OH August 21, 2011
Erik, Thank you for another set of beautiful flutes. My Kiowa love flute is simply forcing me to play it since I got it while the large Arabian (Cascabel) keeps butting in to get his time too. The Jiahu Crane Flute(Cascabel) won't quit calling me throughout the day... I really appreciate the quality and passion you bring to your work. You are an inspiration. Adam Marshall in Burbank, CA.August 18, 2011
Dear Erik & Amy: My flute arrived and it was just like Christmas as I slowly removed each of the layers of wrap. The Kiowa flute is beautiful, feels beautiful and sounds beautiful and soulful. Thank you so much. With love and best wishes to you both. John Aspden in Berkshire, United Kingdom May 26, 2011
Dear Erik, I Am in love with my Kiowa Love Flute. The sound is beautiful as is the workmanship and carving. I see and appreciate the love that went into this flute....thank you! Sincerely, Deborah Starick in Pinehurst, North Carolina May 29, 2011
Hi Erik, I received my Kiowa Love Flute and I am beyond pleased with it. It as an honor to own an instrument that was created and crafted by you. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful but it sounds amazing. Thanks! Randy in South Lyon, MI May 11, 2011
Hello Erik, Today I received the Kiowa flute and I am very satisfied. The flute has wonderful sound and is also quality work. This flute was actually gift for my birthday from my family so it is great gift. This is the second flute from you - first was shakuhachi two years ago - and both flutes are very good products. This Kiowa flute has very gentle sound - I believe you make personal gift for me with this flute although you do not know me - so thank you very much. I read some information about your life and your thinking - and I can say that I respect you very much. So greetings from an unknown flute lover from small country Slovenia. Stane Andolsek May 17, 2011
Erik, My Kiowa flute arrived yesterday and I am so excited! Your craftsmanship is beautiful and the sound is amazing! I had my guitarist come over and we wrote a little melody (Gm - Dm - Cm) and we had a ball! Thank you so much for your work. I will be taking my flute to the office on Monday. I already know that it will help me between clients to calm myself and help me get ready for my next client (I am a mental health therapist). The stories my clients bring to me are sometimes very hard to hear. Stories of abuse and neglect and pain. My new flute will, I am sure, help me be a better helper. Thanks again. Larry in Lexington, KY February 06, 2011
Dear Erik, Greetings from Athens, just got my Kiowa love flute. The Kiowa is impressive. I just love the sense of it and the fact that it becomes one with my breath. It is so natural and so effortless. Keep up the amazing work! Blessings! TC in Athens, Greece. January 05, 2011
I received the Kiowa flute I ordered for myself much sooner than I expected. I waited until Christmas day to open the package and the flute is wonderful. I have been playing with it off and on all day. At age 47 I think I can say its been the best Christmas present I've had in many years - perhaps since I was a child. Please extend my appreciation and thanks to Erik and everyone involved. You all have made my Christmas day very special. In the future I expect to order another flute and Erik's book. Thank you and God Bless. Charles Brunner in Spring City, PA December 25, 2010
Erik, I received my Easy Kiowa Love Flute from you yesterday and it's a joy. So effortless, the notes simply float in the breeze. Now I can focus on the inner feeling the notes produce. I recommend your Easy Kiowa Love Flute to anyone wanting to begin playing or to the expert flute player for just a relaxed enjoyable musical experience. Todd Fredrick in Dos Palos , CA , December 2010
Dear Erik, I just recieved my Kiowa Love Flute. It is absolutly beautiful! The art work done by your wife is very lovely, and the Leather Trail bag is way too cute. I can't wait to start playing it. Thank you, Beverly Richardson in Robbins, North Carolina December 13, 2010
Dear Erik and team, I just had to write and say a huge THANK YOU for the beautiful Kiowa Love Flute. As I opened the top of the bag I was overwhelmed by this delicious smell of charred bamboo, and as I took the flute carefully out of the bag my nostrils were sent dancing as the smell got stronger. This sensation was then over taken by the delight my eyes beheld in front of them. What a truly stunning piece of craftsmanship!! All I could do was sit and look in awe and wonder. But it wasn't just a feast for eyes and nostrils but also a delight to hold, smooth, light but with a weighty quality about it too. Anyway thank you again for the time and skill and love you have put into my new flute. I shall be recommending you to anyone who will listen and shows the slightest interest in this beautiful piece of work. Wishing you God's blessing in your work and ministry. Andrew in Leeds UK, November 24, 2010
Shalom Erik,The bamboo flute arrived safely today... Erik, friend of God and his beloved....the flute with the Star of David and the delicate etching between the tone holes....is exquisite, a real work of lovingly thought out art. The tone of this flute is also so mellow....Toda Raba (Thank you)....I will be sharing this beautiful flute with others....It may just become my favorite....God's grace on your life, your hands, your thoughts and all your relationships....May we meet someday in the land of the Holy One. Brother Elia in Jerusalem October 27, 2010
Dear Erik, I just wanted to write and tell you that I am still enjoying the three flutes that I have purchased from you. I almost always keep at least one of them with me where ever I go. Each flute has taken its turn of being the frequently played one. The medium Kokin still tends to be my most prized flute but at certain times I get much enjoyment from the sound style of the pan pipes (especially when playing them in a tunnel somewhere where the echo is beautiful) and the gentleness of the Kiowa Love Flute. Regards, Richard Dawson in Japan October 05, 2010
Hey there Erik, Just to let you know your wonderful creation arrived safe and sound the other day. Oh my, what a lovely sound! Thank you so much! :) Carol Whitaker in Fall City, WA. Sep 22, 2010
Hi Erik, I have never stopped playing the flutes since I first got one and everyone who hears the sounds falls in love with it. I have been asked to play for a live audience but I am nervous about it. One of my coworkers told me I sound like Carlos Nakai. I have only been playing since January!! Thanks for all you do. Your flutes have changed my life and given me so much joy. I love playing the Anasazi, and the Love Flutes in "G " (my favorite) and "F". Mark Mader August 12, 2010 in Austrailia
Erik you are a lifesaver for me. My Kiowa Love Flute arrived today, it is more beautiful than I ever dreamed of. With the lovely meditative sounds that it produces and the ease of playing it is more than I ever could have wished for. Thank you so much for you wonderful creation. I am having endless pleasure watching your training DVD and experimenting with it. May God be with you, Coop in New Jersey July 2010
Hi Erik, It is Heinz from Melbourne, Australia. Words can not express how happy I am with the Kiowa Love flute, it is infinitely better than what I expected. From the sound to the craftsmanship, fantastic!!! Buying this flute has been one of the best investments I have ever made by far, your flute releases me, it is hard to explain but I go blank when I play it. I do not think I just play it. Like the flute and I are one, in a world of peace and self healing. Unbelievable. I have two Quenas from South America, unfortunately there more show than play so I will soon add to my collection one of your Quenas and a small major. Can not wait!! Once again thank you very much!! Heinz Scheel, in Melbourne, Australia May 2010
Hello Erik, Thank you for the flute, it arrived this week. I'm very happy to play this instrument! The sound is beautiful and peaceful for the mind. I want to say too that the booklet with method, songs is a good idea and your story is very funny and incredible ! Eddy Herier in Toulon, France April 2010
Hi Erik! I have just received my Kiowa love flute here in Australia. I would like to thank you for the good service and say how impressed I am with it. As you say on you tube, it is a very easy flute to get a nice sound from with a minimum of wind. Already, I am managing to coax out of it some nice melodies. I must tell you, I have made several wooden ones myself, and could not get them to sound as good as the one I purchased from you. So you must have practiced quite a bit to get just the right flue angle and dimensions. In reality, I am better off leaving the effort to someone "better qualified or suited" to making them and just have fun learning to play tunes. I hope some day to also purchase a quena and a pan flute from you Many thanks again Erik, and kindest regards from /*"down under"*/ Merv' Daye, Australia.
Erik Received my flute in good condition yesterday. I am really impressed by the sound and the beauty of this flute. The slight curve adds character and the dark / carved decoration makes it look like a very expensive instrument. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me and to produce such an excellent product. The wait was well worth the result. Have a great Thanksgiving. I will be thankful for your skill as The Flute Maker each time I play this wonderful gift. Larry Web in Benbrook, TX November 2009
I'm incredibly grateful to own one of your amazing flutes. I have the Kiowa flute in F. I have played it for hundreds of people since I bought it last year and all agree that it produces a tone like no other. God bless you! Yitzak" In Brooklyn, NY, November 2009
Greetings Erik, The spiritual strength of the Kiowa love flute is powerful, I have played many flutes of the kind and must say you are a master of the wood. The rich tone sends a surge of beautiful energy through the mind body and soul. It has improved my stage presence and assisted me in furthering my musical knowledge. Akash in Rohnert Park California, Oct 2009
Dear Erik, I just wanted to say a sincere thankyou. The Kiowa Flute arrived this morning in mint condition. The Sound has exceptional clarity and purity and the level of Craftsmanship is without peer. It has exceeded my expectations completely, and the soft Leather Bag and Music Book are not only functional, but have a charm of their own. What more can I say? I was so fortunate to find your site... The Kiowa Flute is best thing I have ever purchased. Sincere Regards Richard Hatton in Waterford City, Ireland Aug. 2009
Hello Erik, I received my Kiowa Love Flute! I just wanted to thank you for your great work. This is the 1st flute I bought on your web site and the 1st flute I bought in my whole life so far. First of all, I was impressed by the design of the flute, truly beautiful, secondly the flute sound is pure and very peaceful, third I am glad I've found your website!! I should say that the Kiowa is very accessible to anyone who wants to play the flute. I love my flute, I can not wait to play and practice. I will certainly buy and try other flutes in the near future... Thank you very much. Laetitia - in New York (originally from France - Paris) July 2009
I gotta say thanks Erik my man. I asked for some of your flutes for Christmas and I received a beautiful small minor from my girlfriend and an amazingly carved Kiowa Love Flute. I haven't stopped playing them since and I can't wait to take them with me on my travels. The missionary carvings I requested are beautiful and I hope our donation helped a little. You'll be getting a lot more business from me in the future that's for sure! Thanks again! Ryan in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. January 2009
Erik, I have several Native American flutes from different makers. One of my favorites is the Kiowa Love flute that I got from you. It has a tone quality that I like better than all the others. Joseph Reid Ph.D. Atlanta, Ga. February 2009
Hi Erik, My Kiowa Love Flute arrived today and I am thrilled with it. The "Starry Night" finish is absolutely beautiful, as beautiful as the sound the flute makes. I have already played some wonderful improvisations together with my student Sam, who also has one of your flutes. I look forward to many peaceful, refreshing hours of playing. Many thanks and blessings, Eileen Yarrison, Beverly, Massachusetts March 02, 2009
Hi Erik. I just wanted to thank you for you work. I have bought two flutes from you so far (a Kiowa Love flute and a Vivaldi Minor) and they have both brought me an immense amount of joy. I will continue to buy your works of art in the near future. Once again, thank you for making such beautifully sounding instruments while also making them amazingly affordable. The delivery time on the Vivaldi Minor was impeccable. With profound honesty, Andres Mesa in Miami, Febuary 2009
Hi Erik Just a quick message to say thanks very much - this is my first flute. I have not put it down much since I received it in the post and enjoying it's lovely tone so much. It is bringing me so much joy. Warm Regards, Carlo in South Ayrshire United Kingdom, Aug. 2008
Erik, Thank you so much for the beautiful Love Flute. It arrived yesterday. I am amazed at how easy it really is. I thought I would have to take special lessons on breathing just to be able to play for an extended period of time, but it is effortless. I am very pleased and am excited about learning to play. The CD is very peaceful as well. Blessings, Janis Kelly October, in Winston Salem, North Carolina 2007
Hi Erik, First of all, many thanks for the Kiowa Love Flute (Gal), which arrived safely. Have played it every day since it arrived - it's just beautiful! The Sound is like nothing I've ever heard before - so haunting and sweet, despite my considerable inexpertise. Now I'm bitten by the flute bug - I must have more!!! Best wishes, Patricia Nelson from Ireland, October 05, 2007
Erik I wanted to thank you as personally as I could for the flutes that I had received from you. The first flute I ordered was a natural Kiowa love flute and, when I first played it, I was immediately enchanted by its sound. I have always wanted to produce music that metal wind instruments weren't able to create, and the Kiowa flute definitely exceeded my greatest expectations. After daily practice (I am simply addicted to it), and many hours of song composition, I have been able to play this flute with so much comfort, it feels like it has become a fifth limb. I usually play the Kiowa flute to children, and I have visited terminally ill children in hospitals. I am always moved by the smiles that come across their faces from my music. Again, I sincerely thank you and your apprentice for the effort you have placed in creating these masterpieces for me. With many blessings for you and your family, Kristin, Sept. 2007
Thank you so much for the Kiowa Love Flute, it is beautiful. The sound is so different from the Recorders and Irish Whistles I have. It is soft, mellow, sweet, soothing and unique. We all love it. Thank you and God bless! Anne in Polegate, United Kingdom April 14, 2007
Erik, I wanted to thank you! I have found something I have been seeking for a very long time. I bought a dark and carved Kiowa love flute. Which is beautiful! That first evening I played the Setting Sun song that was in the pamphlet. My wife could not believe the beautiful sound that she heard. She thought I had one of Carlos Nakai's CD's on. She and I absolutely love this flute. I can't wait to play it down on my grandparents farm. Sound down there, echoes through the woods like the sound through a canyon. Thanks again. Respectfully, Michael Grady, Texas, April 26, 2007
Dear Eric I have received my new Kiowa Love Flute from you today and would just like to say how pleased I am with it. The sound (when I can seal the holes) is quite enchanting. I am finding the spacing between the holes a bit difficult but I'm sure with practice I will master it. I came upon your web site quite by accident (there may have been divine guidance) and until that moment I had no intention or desire to buy a flute but I am very glad I sat and watched your web demonstration and followed it up with a purchase. Your DVD is also great!, a good balance of humour and information. You can count me among your most satisfied customers and I thank you most sincerely. With kindest regards and best wishes Steve Connolly, Dorset, United Kingdom, February, 2007
Hi Erik ...my Kiowa Love flute is wonderfully crafted! It plays as well as some of my more expensive ones! ...very pleased with the sound. ... will be joining me on my next hike too.Thanks for crafting a wonderful instrument! Peace to you....Jim Hansel, Pflugerville, Tx. Dec 12, 2006
Dear Erik,Your flutes are wonderful! When I encountered your booth at the 2005 Texas Renaissance Festival and bought a pennywhistle in C I felt like I got a part of my old musical self back. At the same festival in 2006 I bought a pennywhistle in Bb harmonic minor and a Kiowa Love Flute and am immensely pleased with the quality of your work. Being able to make music on the instruments that I've bought from you has given my soul back some of the light that I lost when my hands gave out on me and my dreams to play professionally were crushed, so I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do. I look forward to buying more of your flutes in the future! Thank you and God bless. Stevie Carter, Hitchcock TX Dec 21, 2006
Hello Erik, I received your Kiowa love flute yesterday, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is!!! I have been playing music on many kinds of instruments in the last years, and I have to say that even the complete novice can feel like a specialist only after 20 minutes of playing.The sound is very sweet and in places where the acoustics create an echo its even more beautiful. One of my friends came to my house today, and we played, relaxed and just admired the music. We are very impressed and want to buy 2 more flutes (one for him, and one for me) along with the how to DVD. Keep creating enchanting music! Gal Hiltch, Israel Dec 22, 2006
Hurrah it has arrived WOW! I had never played a flute before. But I sat down on the stairs and the kiowa love flute seemed to take over. The sound was amazing; words cannot describe it. I had tears in my eyes and the sound just kept coming. It sang. No, we sang. Thank you Erik , this flute is incredible. Eveyln Burt, United Kingdom, October 11, 2003
Erik, I really enjoy the Kiowa love flute we bought from you.It is easy to play and has a sweet sound. It has taken the place of my only other bamboo flute. In fact, it puts the other to shame. Wonderful flutes. We will order again. My son has decided to learn to play the Kiowa flute and has watched your video and is learning to play rapidly. My wife has even said she'd like to learn to play a flute. That's a real first. God certainly has anointed you as a flute maker and player. God bless you and yours. Tim. Booksville, Fl. June 2003
Erik Thank you so very much for your flutes, saxes and pennywhistles. I must tell that they have given me so much joy and a strange peace everytime that i pick them up and play. oh and I can't forget the kiowa love flute that I got at dickens on the strand what a soul it has, it may sound strange but it feels like i am sending up a prayer every time i play it and i really get carried away in it's voice. thank you. looking forward to more of your gift in the future. Thanks again and God Bless Mark in Texas Dec. 2002
Erik I just have to tell u, the Kiowa Flute is simply BEAU-tiful. Marcus, my son, loves it so much, & has been playing on it endlessly.....The alto sax has this beautiful tone too.....I'm just so glad I've made a wise choice (remember I was so hesitant to make my purchases via the Net??) Wow, it really amazes me that you can make such wonderful instruments! Vanessa, Singapore
Dear Erik Thanks very much for my love flute; it is lovely and well made, I look forward to recording with it in the near future. Regards, Rohan Leach United Kingdom May 2004
Hi Erik, I purchased a native american flute from you some months back and wanted to let you know how much enjoyment I've received from it. I can't begin to express the contentment it brings. I take it quite regularly to Foxknob, which is the second highest peak in Kentucky and let the flute and mother nature entertain me for hours. Tracy Turner Sun, 08 Aug 2004
Dear Erik, I bought a Kiowa Love flute from you at the 2004 Texas renfest and i just wanted to tell you what a joy it has been!! Every time i get stressed out playing the flute calms me down and everything seems brighter! It's brought a lot of joy to my life! thank you for your wonderful flute! Ana Woodlands Texas, 2004
Erik, The flute came today, very pleased, lovely sound, just what I wanted, evocative and haunting. I will keep the Kiowa flute in my workshop and play it every day before I work. When I get a good tune that expresses how I feel about my wife I will take it home and play it outside our bedroom window early on an English spring morning. Love and light, Jonathan (the jeweller) London, England Feb. 17, 2005
Dear Erik, Thank you for sending me the very beautiful Kiowa love flute. I am new to this instrument and new to creating music, but already the flute sings to me with the voice of the wind. It literally brightens my dreams and brings peace to my home. I will always treasure your fine craftsmanship Erik and I promise to take good care of it always. Warmest wishes, Alexandra Abb Assistant to Deputy Director Victorian College of the Arts Victoria, Australia Jan. 26th 2005
Erik I just wanted to let you know that the Kiowa Love Flute was such a wise investment for me. I have played guitar and various other instruments for years and have found this particular instrument very enchanting and relaxing. The tones and compositions I have been able to create are not only simplistic and soothing to play, but also enjoyable to the ear of others. I would (and have) recommend this particular instrument to anyone interested in making music and feel that anyone no matter what level of skill can find both a sense of accomplishment in musical composition with this instrument but also a sense of peace. Thank you again for a wonderful product. Luke in New Jersey Jan. 25th 2006
Great Day Greetings to You Brother Erik: I just got home Your flute was waiting patiently for me on my chair. Tore into it like a kid at Christmas! Had a hard time putting it down to thank you. Plays like a jewel. You are truly the master of Flutology. This flute plays like a dream and the sound is awesome, like a summer evening breeze sighing through ancient canyons. Now to save for an Oriental or Arabian. Well Erik, there's a little sun time left in the backyard so I'm going to show my feathered friends our new family addition and later on, I'll watch your Sax 101 tape again. I have a nice piece of tanned buckskin to keep it in also. Until later, God Bless all of you. Bob in Northern California. March 2006