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Thank you! And Thank You!

Thank you! And Thank You!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your amazing help during my recent fundraiser for 12 Outhouses and if there was any money left over to help a former pastor who is father to 3 special needs children, their father had recently had his second leg removed due to diabetes. An interesting thing happened along the way, and thus I will explain the title of this blog.

The story:

We had just funded 38 outhouses that had collapsed and been destroyed due to 2 hurricanes that hit north Nicaragua where we serve 266 special needs children. Flutemaker Ministries, our 501c3 non profit, needed help for 12 more outhouses and I also wanted to help former Pastor Mario to assure him there would be food on their table and help with his meds. When I set up the fundraiser, I grabbed the address of our donation button and sent that along to my customers, my donors and to an old email list of passionate folks that had helped some years ago. According to the mailchimp program only 2 people were able to use the donation button that I had put up. Some security algorithm shut it down and what was raised was not the $2,640 for the 12 outhouses but only $125.

Many times in life our hearts are in the right place but we work outside of our gift and I had no idea my donation button was going to shut down. Then a miracle happened. Emails came flying in saying, "Hi Erik, I want to help but the donation button leads me to a blank page! How can I help?"  I spent the next few days leading wonderful people to my Flutemaker Ministries website where we have a donation button.

And then the checks began to roll in. One day a check for $2,200 came, along with another check for $2,000. Along with a $500 offering from someone who knew us decades ago. When the dust settled, you had not only taken care of the 12 outhouses but helped raise funding to send Pastor Mario and his 3 kids $200 a month for a year.

But wait there's more!

 When I told pastor Carlos the Executive Director of A Heart to Love, who we support, about the financial blessing, he said, "Glory to God, because the place I was just at, needs 19 more outhouses." And the cost of those 19 new outhouses was exactly the overage of this mysterious fundraiser!!!! 

This is why I said in the title, Thank you and Thank You!

 I thank the many who love what we do and pushed through to help us and I thank the Living God who had my back with a broken donation button. Thank You too!