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Flutemaker Ministries would like to help this family

Flutemaker Ministries would like to help this family

It is June 4th and I sit typing with 2 fewer fingers as they are in a bandage. After 50 years of flutemaking the table saw finally got me. A set back and misfortune but I am extremely grateful it was not worse but I am having an operation on Monday. 

Talking about misfortune, last night my team on the ground sent me these pictures of a new mercy family on our radar.

The Story: Ana Julia Gonzalez has 4 children. Juan Carlos is 22 and is a hired worker when he finds work. The next 3 children Ricardo 16, Maria Teresa 14 and Benito 10, all have Cerebral Palsy. The family was abandoned by the father.

They were down to a few bananas being eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner when they were found. We left them with food, some money to buy clothes,  2 cots, diapers and put them in our Mercy Outreach program. 

I am finding out if there is a home we can buy for this family. In the past I have bought homes for mercy families for $5,000.

This family was down to only a few bananas.

Pastor Carlos getting a smile from Benito.

Maria Teresa.

Ana Julia getting ready to change Ricardo's diaper. 

 One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was when one of my customers built a mercy home for a family like this. Other times we create flute sales to help. But my hand is down for the next weeks.

If you are asking: How Can I Help?

You can donate for Julia's Kids with a credit or debit card or via paypal at
(And please let me know it is for Julia's Kids!)

You can send a check to: 
Flutemaker Ministries
14701 SW 18th ct.
Davie, FL. 33325

And in the memo write: help for Julia's kids.

If you are very moved to help and need to talk to me, I can be reached at 954-424-6502 and at

This family should know they are not alone anymore. Let's add to their grocery list, to their diaper need and find a way to leave them with a nice home. This is what we do.... with you!

Erik the flutemaker & Flutemaker Ministries making a difference with our customers, friends and family.