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Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural

This 20 1/2 inch Tenor Sax has a mellow, rich voice. It is deeper than the Alto and recommended for a larger hand span.

All my saxes play in one octave.

The Tenor Bamboo Sax is finished in natural bamboo and comes with two protective bindings.

We use an alto sax mouthpiece and a tenor 1 1/2 reed. 

It is THE concert tuned G sax will play in G major, A minor, E minor and C and is recommended for musicians.

The less expensive is tuned to itself and best played by yourself.

My DVD, Bamboo Sax 101 teaches the secret to Jazz also and is found in "Other Products".

Every Bamboo Sax comes with a bag to keep it safe and an extra reed.

What you are saying...

Hi Erik
My bamboo tenor sax arrived today. It is so beautiful and smells so good, I'm very happy. And the sound... so deep, so warm...
Thanks, you are a real artist​.
Carla Feliciano in Portugal May 14, 2014

Hi Erik,
I can't believe I haven't emailed you to say how much I love my bamboo tenor saxophone!I bought back in February. It is beautiful! The detail you put in to it is incredible, including the case and the letter in the parcel. Truly amazing. Thank you, thank you!
Jillian Ruhl in Nova Scotia, Canada, July 11, 2013

Oh joy. It's here. It's HERE! I don't know whether to eat it or play it, it smells so wonderfully exotic and feels ssoooo nice! My word. I'm speechless. And your brochure teared me up and made me smile and made me think. Thank you for all of this Erik and Amy. You are what you do, and you're both amazing.
Finding you was indeed a gift from God,
Bless you both,
Lisa in Seattle, Washington, April 6th 2013

Hi Erik,
It's a pleasure to receive your tenor and alto bamboo sax. And I love it. It sounds beautiful, very warm for the alto and dark for the tenor -- pretty cool too. Just want to say thank you for making it. May God bless you and your family.
Best regards, Michael Wan (from Malaysia) June 27, 2012

I received my Tenor Sax last week. Wow, It's so cool and sounds great. I play a little everyday freestyln'. The many times I was a key stroke away to ordering the sax, I lost count. I finally did it. God bless you.
Johnny Kehoe. In Groveland Fl. July 05, 2011

I ordered a tenor sax from you only a week and a half ago. Started playing it today. I was having trouble getting sound out of the reed and then I realized the mouth goes further down than it looked like to me, and I hit the 5 o'clock midtown traffic toot toot! I immediately seized with excitement and jumped straight into the peace fingers. TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. So magical! I almost fell backwards off my bed!! I am studying to be a music therapist. I have never played a sax before. I will definitely be ordering the vivaldi, meditation, blues pennywhistle, and small major to start! I just wanted to THANK YOU for your life's work and the love and quality you put in to your instruments. Love the artwork. I am so eager to see the healing that I can bring into people's lives with your pieces, God willing! Can't wait for the opportunity to come down to florida and get the tour!
Peace Trace Hamrick in Fort Worth, TX December 04, 2010

I could say its marvelous, wonderful, great - however adjectives don't accurately describe the instrument you crafted! All I can say is wow! It came last Saturday and I keep watching it to see if it breathes. The sound is magnificent and I have learned to stretch the ring finger on my right with little difficulty. I will cherish it always... along with the alto and soprano I intend to purchase in the next couple of months. You have been given a gift - KEEP SHARING IT WITH THE WORLD! Thanks!
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural

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