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Side Blown Anasazi Flute

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Having joyfully found some extremely long internodes of bamboo, I wondered what to create with them and decided to make a few side blown flutes with this ancient Anasazi scale.

 Approximately 26 1/2 to 29 inches long.

This is a deep, mellow and mysterious side blown flute. 

Recommended for a larger hand span.

History: The Anasazi Flute is inspired by 2 long flutes found bound together in a Pueblo cliff dwelling in 1931 by a man looking for pottery to sell to museums. The 2 end blown flutes were found under a rock in one of the homes tied together with yucca rope.  It is dated to be from 624 AD and now rests in the Arizona State Museum in Tucson. In the 1950's the flute was studied and the scale published.  

Playing tips: To get sound, hold the flute only around the mouthpiece. Press and roll as you gently spit out watermelon seeds across the flute hole. Once you get good sound, graduate into the first top 3 holes then all 6.

Great tip for making the flute sound great: Start all closed go up and down the scale, keep the lower hand "peace sign fingers" together, as if they were scotch taped together, for this ancient flute to come alive.

The side blown Anasazi Flute comes with a beautiful protective flute bag.


Side Blown Anasazi Flute
Side Blown Anasazi Flute

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