Erik the Flutemaker

Oriental Flute

My 21 1/2 inch side-blown Oriental flute is inspired by the end blown Japanese Shakuhachi - a deep, rich, enchanting, meditative flute with a pentatonic scale.

In Japan the Shakuhachi was played by the Samurai who could no longer carry their swords by government decree. So they made the flute out of the root stock of bamboo and thus could also use it for protection.

My Oriental Flute is made from ancient bamboos originally from China that found their way to Japan. After centuries in Japan the bamboo came over to the US in the 1880's, settling into Florida into the hands or the earliest horticultural pioneers. I stumbled onto this bamboo in 1973 and because of it settled in Florida to enjoy a career in flute making.

The Oriental Flute is fire treated, bees waxed and oiled with coconut oil with a protective, strong binding. 

Every Oriental Flute comes with a flute bag to keep your flute safe. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

What you are saying...

Hi Erik,
Thank you for this exquisitely beautiful sounding flute. It has such a clear deep awesome voice, and is mesmerizing and so very soothing to the soul. I am extremely happy with my Oriental Flute, and greatly value and appreciate your excellent workmanship and dedication to making such awesome flutes. I plan on recording with this flute and letting it touch other hearts as well. Blessings always to you in the love of Jesus, and also to your humanitarian outreaches.
Neoka in St. Petersburg Florida, June 21, 2019
Thank you for your craftsmanship, just want you to know this flute is just what I hoped for! I love bamboo flutes and have ordered 4 from 4 different sellers in the last few months. Yours is the only one that was not a disappointment, and more than that, was above and beyond expectation. Why can't other online bamboo flute sellers offer even half the quality? 3 out of 4 of my web bamboo flute orders left me sad, either didn't ship or shipped an unplayable or cracked flute. Yours is a delight. I look forward to enjoying it for years to come and can't wait to decide what flute I'll order next.
Just wanted to say: Your YouTube videos are fun! The Oriental flute is beautiful, very playable, so similar to shakuhachi tuning I am familiar with. The minor pentatonic scale is great! Adequately packaged, no cracks, sounds beautiful, and the autobiographical and instructional pamphlets were humorous, entertaining, informative, and appreciated. And the warning to let the flute acclimate before unwrapping is so helpful, just great customer service and a kindness to the customer! Thank you!
Brian Carter in Columbia, Missouri, March 19, 2019

Hi Erik, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my flute. It has only been one day and I am beginning to find the voice inside the flute. There is a meditative quality when playing this instrument that goes beyond anything I had expected. Control of breath makes it sing a tone that resonates through your whole body. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world. Mike in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Feb. 7th, 2019
Hi Erik,
I wanted to thank you not just for the flute but everything you do for other people. I’ve owned guitars, drums, pianos, mandolins, etc. I have to say the flute I am looking at is the most beautiful instrument I have ever held! I love how much character this flute has, the colors, shape, all the little markings. …it sounds gorgeous. Thank you for the very nice flute bag too! The fabric feels real soft and durable and the colors are very nice!
Chris in Elmira, New York, January 12, 2019

Dearest Erik - thank you so much for the exquisite flute. It is a dream!! I appreciate you taking the time to select this jewel for me. I love the new case as well. These flutes are magic, works of art, and created by a true expert!! All of your flutes (and I have many) will be played with sincere love and gratitude.
Deepest, warmest thanks, Susan in Arvada, Colorado Dec 16, 2018

Hello Erik!
…my appreciation for the wonderful job you did with my Oriental bamboo flute. The amazing smoked smell that comes off it is makes it feel like it was just done and handed to me. The dark color from the heat makes it vibrant. The sack to protect it is perfect. I'm truly honored to have one have your flutes. Thank you for your time, effort and passion that you put into making these. Everything is aesthetic! Blessings, good tidings and kind regards, Jason in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada November 6, 2018

Dear Erik,
Yes! Once again you sent me the most beautiful, lovingly created, gentle flute. I just love its simplicity and from the moment I picked it up I found the sweet spot and produced the warm haunting tones from this enchanting Oriental scale. Erik, you never fail to impress me, I love all the flutes that you have made for me. I most sincerely thank you once again.
Kindest regards, Franz from Durham in the UK. August 18, 2018

I love the Oriental Flute you made for me. I very quickly achieved a beautiful Japanese sound. It calms and soothes me no matter what order of fingering I do, it sounds beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your great skill and excellent craftsmanship. I know I am but one of thousands of people you have given this gift to.
Sincerely, Jeff in Irvine, California, October 21, 2017

Thank you man, so much, for this Oriental flute. I love it so much and I cannot stop playing it. I live in NYC and cannot believe the kind of love I have been getting from people when I play walking down the sidewalk!
Lucas Rosario in New York City Oct. 15th, 2017

Hello, Erik!
I bought the Oriental Flute a few months ago, and I’m enjoying it immensely. Thank you for such a beautiful instrument. I sing, write songs, and play guitar, bass, and a little keyboards, but I’ve never tried to play a wind instrument. I’ve always liked recordings of oriental flutes, so I thought I’d try one myself. I like its mellifluous, rich tones. I play it every day, am enjoying it, and I hope to use it in some of my songs. I’m using to get into more meditative states. Again, thanks for the flute—and for the positive changes you make in the world.
Thomas in Henrico, Virginia Oct 11, 2017

Today I received a wonderful bamboo oriental flute. Wow, its really beautiful in sight and sound. The bamboo is really smooth and the binding is a nice touch. I got sound from it right away. Thanks for doing all the great ministry work you do with the children and families. I will be back on your site soon to check out another flute. Thanks for a wonderful addition to my flute collection!
In harmony,
Brian in New Jersey, September 30, 2017

Hey Erik, I wanted to circle back with you and express my gratitude for the gift of joy you have provided me with. I am absolutely loving this oriental flute - it's sound is a mystical cry from the lands that still remain untouched on this Earth.
Love & Light,
Zach in New York June 22, 2017

Hello Erik,
I would like to wish you much happiness for the year to come. My Oriental, Vivaldi, Quena and Penny Whistle of yours are the joy of my life and I play them everyday. Thank you for making my world light up! Much health and happiness to you and yours, Ingrid in France, December 23, 2016

Dear Erik,
The flute works wonderfully. I just now found its sweet spot, and I have to say that I am thankful for your craftsmanship. This is my first flute, so this will always have a place in my heart. I thank you very much.
Sincerely, Rhys Flores in Longmont, Colorado, December 23, 2016

Hello Erik,
I bought a dark Oriental Flute a while ago. Its beautiful, the deep sounds that comes out of it is just amazing. I am not a music student or musician but I can play the flute with ease after bit of practice, so thank you for your gift of flute making.
Thanks, Rinesh Ram in Victoria, Australia, Sept. 4th 2016

Recently ordered two flutes from Erik. First the Oriental flute, which has completely sucked me into learning to play. The natural bamboo is elegant in its simplicity. The sound of the flute transports the listener to a distant past when life was simpler and we lived closer to the earth (at least in my mind). I wanted a higher pitched companion to the deeper Oriental, and so I shortly afterwards purchased the Chinese flute. It looks very much like a little brother to the Oriental flute. Just got the Chinese flute today, and already I really like the sound. Both flutes arrived within 3 days of purchase; gotta love shipping that competes with! Thank you Erik!
All the best, Kyle Chambers in Portland, Oregon May 24th, 2016

Hello Erik,
I received your Oriental flute yesterday. Erik this flute seems like unique piece of soothingly crafted art....its absolutely amazing! Thank you very much... God bless you the work and charity that you do... : )
Rinesh in Australia, May 20,2016

Hi Erik,
I received the Oriental Flute, and I love it! I'm very impressed with your craftsmanship. It sounds great and looks great too, so I just want to say: Thank you.
Andrei Marin in Israel, Feb. 26, 2016

Hi Erik,
I am really enjoying your Oriental Flute. Beautiful, smells nice and best of all, rings with amazing tone in every note. Clearly you are exceptional at working bamboo. Thanks for crafting an amazing flute for me!!! I love it! Thank you! David in Highlands Ranch, Colorado Dec. 31,2015

Greetings from Italy
I want to thank you very much for the fast shipping and, of course, for the beautiful flutes. I bought The low d Irish (cocobolo), The Vivaldi Minor (cocobolo) and The Oriental (bamboo) flute and I find that they have a beautiful, warm sound, really lovely and enchanting.
Thank you very much again.
Maurizio Marota in Grottammare, Italy, November 11, 2015

Hello Erik!
This afternoon (just after a week!) I received my Oriental and Egyptian flutes. There are no words to describe my joy! They are fantastic, magic, wonderful sound and such a great work of a professional craftsmanship. I spend only a few times to get a really good sound! Oh, it's amazing! I want to thank you for all, for the emotions and passion that you gave me through these instruments of poetry! I think I'll order more from you later. Keep up the good work!
Greetings from Italy, Francesco Aug 5, 2015

Dear Erik,
Thank you very much for this beautiful flute. I have received it in only 5 days. Shipping is very fast to France. After 30 minutes I can find a good sound. The hand made quality of the flute you've made is incredibly beautiful, and we can feel your passion for flute music.
Regards, Michel in Paris, 30 June 2015

I just recently purchased the Oriental from you. When it arrived, I was amazed - it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love the look of the bamboo - the colors are fantastic... deep, rich, powerful - I never expected such sound from it! And it's positively LOVELY.
This is a 'sit on the balcony in the rain and play' type instrument. And it was worth every last cent. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful thing, and I am recommending your flutes to all my friends.
Kirre in Centralia, WA. August 14, 2014

Got my Oriental Flute about two weeks ago, thank you so much. Exactly what I was looking for. I love it. Take it hiking or for walks in the woods to play along the trail.
Thanks again, and please keep making flutes I have my eye on some others for the future!
Oliver Creech in Burlington, Vermont June 27, 2014

Hey Erik!
I just received my Oriental flute a few days ago. It sounds amazing and I couldn't be happier : ) big thanks! It took a few tries to get the sound.
All the best!
Regards, Jonne Peltoniemi in Finland May 15, 2014

My Oriental flute arrived today and it sounds just like the videos and the natural cane has a lot of natural markings that really give it a beautiful finish. I now have the Oriental, Egyptian, Kiowa and Calypso. Your flutes are an addictive hobby! Also; I appreciate the fast shipping.
Thanks, Bill Jenkins in Franklin, Tennessee April 25th 2014

Hi Erik,
I received the flute today. Thank you so much I love it! It sounds, looks, and smells awesome! Was quite easy to pick up and play without a problem too. Your a true craftsman! I get the sense from your videos online that you'd be a great person to talk to and share stories and play music with. Would be nice to meet you one day. All the best, keep up the good work!
Regards, Bradley Parkinson. Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

I'm very impressed about your excellent craftsmanship.
The Oriental and Egyptian flutes are not only captivating instruments, but so beautiful objects.
Being an architect, I closely look in detail your work and deeply appreciate the simple and clean design,
not to speak about the candid and rich sounds: Outstanding!
You also gave me the opportunity to give a tiny help to others when acquiring two of your instruments.
Thanks for your time and care doing these beauties.
Juan Arroyo in Mexico City Sept.13 2013

Hello dear Erik!
This week I received my flutes and, I must tell you, the result has surpassed all expectations! The flute is a real work of art.... long-awaited gem of my collection and my favorite. The sound is clear and pleasant and lies idealy in my hands.
The Shakuhachi causes delight because of beautiful design, fantastic sound and comfort of playing ... a real Godsend.
I have not seen any single master to the East of Greenwich, who would so boldly and successfuly united system and methods of sound from different flutes!
And of course the bag will allow to keep the instrument in travel.
Be sure I will definitely order some of your creations later.
Until then, let your days will be long and the work is light!
from the Ukraine, May 14th, 2013

Hi Erik --
I was so excited when my Oriental flute arrived in the mail yesterday! The flute is just beautiful. And believe it or not, I actually got a sound out of the flute after a couple minutes of practice yesterday. I expect it to be a while before I can actually play it, because I'm not a flute player. Thank you very much for all that you do to bring joy to others. Connie May 12, 2013

Thanks to Erik & my purchase of this Oriental flute i have decided to start making my own flutes. Thank you Erik for just being you.

Hi Erik,
I am your customer from Slovenia... I play this flute every day by taking a walk in the woods. I am very grateful to you for these sounds. Thank you for everything and a great success at work
Stane Andolsek in Slovenia September 29, 2011

Hi Erik!
I received the Large Arabian Flute, Extra Deep Oriental, Deep Kokin, Anasazi Small, Side Blown Large Anasazi Flute
And the Chinese Flute today and I'm super happy!! :-)
They all sound amazing, just as I expected, and I'm starting doing recordings right away!:-)
Thank You very much!!
Best Regards, Eugen Racolta in Moelndal, Sweden September 26, 2011

Hi Erik,
A week or two ago I received my Oriental flute in Holland... it is the most beautifull work of art.
I love the characteristics its got, the differences in colour and it sounds beautifull. Of course I dont need to say anything about the lovely burnt smell cause I think all the other flute stories already describe it nicely detailed.
Thank you for the time and effort you put into this flute, it really shows.
Puck from Holland, August 09, 2011

Hi Erik!
I had a terrible week. I worked every day for 12 hours under unbelievable pressure. On Friday, I was finally supposed to have a day off, but my boss called me in the morning and said he had more angry and impatient clients waiting for me. I was in a terrible mood, angry and frustrated. While going to my business, I decided to drop by the post office, and finally get the flute, that's been waiting for me there for a week. I didnt even have the time to open it in the car, but once I got the package I couldn't resist!
It was Majestic! It was everything I expected and more! Suddenly there were no clients, no bosses, no worries. Only me, somewhere in the mountains of Japan, and a light rain falling on the autumn leaves of the Sakura trees !
My day was so much better, knowing that the shakuhachi is waiting for me in the back seat! Ive been playing since I got home and I absolutely love it!
Thank you! Kai Yoshida September 16, 2011

Hello Erik, Amy and all the team!
I'm writing to say that the order which was shipped out on April 22 finally arrived at our local post office in Moscow. Thank God, nothing is cracked or damaged and there wasn't a delay on customs as it often happens!
I just want to thank you so much for the Oriental flute. It's really amazing even to just hold this beautiful instrument in your hands! Although there is quite a simple carving, it's so touching... I like how a verse and a natural pattern of bamboo fit together so perfectly. Well, to be honest, it's my very first flute and I've never even seen a flute so close before:-) I know, the Oriental flute is not the best choice for a novice as it might be difficult to play, but I love taking a challenge! So, understandably, I couldn't get a sound out of the flute at first. However, by now, after two hours of practice, I can play with help of all the instructions you sent with the flute (by the way, they are very amuzing) and the video on the website about the Oriental flute was also extremely useful. It feels like learning to talk again but without using worlds, just through the breath which transforms to music.
The sound is so wonderful! When I first managed to get a tune, it was such an amazing feeling... The flute is so deeply calming and relaxing, but at the same time it's said exacly right in the video that the flute requires the breath to be "gently precise".
I haven't started to read the book yet, but I'm going to start this evening. I didn't expect the book to be signed, so it was a very pleasant suprise! Thank you, Erik:) Anyway, the last thing I want to mention is this smoky smell which is filling my room now (as well as rumpled newspaper "balls" from the box =D ). It's so tasty that I'm pretty much disapponted that the flute will probably lose it gradually.
All in all, thank you one more time! Wish you all the best and success in helping children in Cascabel. And I'm sure I'll place another order in Autumn. =)
God bless you. Best wishes, Alina. In Russia May 07, 2011

Hi Erik
Greetings from across the water! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my wonderful new Shakuhachi - I can't quite yet match your dulcet tones, but am well on the way, and enjoying every minute of it! I love the woodsmoke smell too.
Thanks again, and best wishes.
Heather Cole in the UK April 07, 2011

Hey Erik!!
Thank you SO much for the Oriental Flute!!! Came 1 day after my 19th birthday which was awesome!! I'm very happy withl!! Cant wait to get good at playing it, practicing it everynight! 1 day after I get good, I'm going to order myself a Stafflutie! haha :)
Love from New Zealand, Ricky Boyce November 07, 2010

Hi, Erik!
I'm very impressed by the quality and the design. The Oriental flute plays by itself almost. It's very easy to get a good sound out of it even for me, a beginner. The sound is really deep!
Thank you, Erik. Now I'm going to read your book.
God bless you!
In gratitude Rok Koritnik in Slovenia November 20,2010

Hi Erik,
Received the Kokin and Side-blown Shakuhachi flutes in good condition. The two flutes are exceptional. I never realized the beauty of bamboo. These are the most sweet sounding flutes. What makes these winners is that I can play them effortlessly. Thank you and your staff for great workmanship and care. I have come to love the smell of burnt bamboo.
I like what is happening in Cascabel.
Best Regards, Lloyd in Gardena , California . October 2, 2010

Hi Erik,
I received my flutes about a week ago and I just want to express to you that these flutes are by far THE most wonderful flutes I have ever experienced. And I have LOT of them, many different types from many different places. There is no question in my mind that there was deep care and love put into every step of the process in creating them. You've exceeded my expectations by a quantum mile and I will without a doubt be purchasing again. I have finally found my flute maker home. (smiles).
Blessings to you, Jodie Fisher in Zumbrota, MN April 2010

Dear Mr. Erik,
I am writing to thank you for the excellent flute. Recently my parents came down to Florida from Toronto and ordered an Oriental Flute from you. They've just returned and given it to me. I was so very excited to get it. I absolutely love this flute! They had nothing but good things to say about you. They really appreciated your hospitality (especially the tour you took them on, which I am jealous of). They came home happy to have met a very good and special person. I too would like to thank you for dedication and hard work. I believe music is a great way to unify people, and you are helping to do that.
Thank you again,
Constantine H.
Toronto, Canada. November 2009

Dear Brother Erik!
My Oriental Flute came today. It is not the Flute I expected to come. It is the Flute I dreamed of to come! It does not sound like Shakuhahchi or Quena or any Flute. It sounds like whisper of an Angel. I think that You have made Your best Flute in Your career! With respect and gratidude and blessings.
Juha Rikka in Helsinki, Finland, Feb 2010

Greetings Erik,
Thank you for such a wonderful and enriching experience. I bought your Oriental Sakahachi flute (dark and carved) a few months back and could not be happier with it. The craftsmanship of this instrument is excellent and it sounds awesome. In fact several of my family members have expressed interest in acquiring one of your creations after hearing the music it makes. It is truly a rewarding instrument to play and has given me an excellent outlet for stress relief.
I look forward to purchasing from you again.
Kind regards, Dan in Illinois, Feb. 2010

Hi Erik!
I ordered the Oriental flute from you. I gave it to me as my Christmas gift. You truly make extraordinary flutes! It took a while, but now what a sound! Once when I played it I felt like the Holy Spirit came down on me. Totally peaceful.
Thanks Erik. The next will be the Arabian flute. for sure :)
Raphael, Austria. January 1, 2010

Dear Mr. Erik,
I am writing to thank you for the excellent flute. Recently my parents came down to Florida from Toronto and ordered an Oriental Flute from you. They've just returned and given it to me. I was so very excited to get it. I absolutely love this flute! They had nothing but good things to say about you. They really appreciated your hospitality (especially the tour you took them on, which I am jealous of). They came home happy to have met a very good and special person. I too would like to thank you for dedication and hard work. I believe music is a great way to unify people, and you are helping to do that.
Thank you again,
Constantine H.
Toronto, Canada. November 2009

Wow!!! The shakuhachi arrived today.....amazing how responsive it is! Your shakuhachi almost plays itself as soon as I breathe on it....and what heavenly tone and timbre!!!!!! The carry case is beautiful too.....thank you so very much!!!!!
Gretchen in Ketchikan Alaska Nov. 2009

Erik the Flutemaker,
I recieved my flute. It is is beyond my expectations. Simple but elegent. I have been involved in the martial arts for years and enjoy many aspects of the asian culture. I am also a law enforcement officer which you can imagine is very stressful at times. In the short time I have been playing, I feel new agian as I feel the stress leave my body. Thank you so much for such a small thing as my simple flute. Peace always my friend.
Chad Campos in San Jose California, Sept. 2009

I received your craftsmanship earlier this week. I went to the post office and they told me it had arrived. I must say, I was touched by the wrapping as well as your cartooned story. I know this Oriental Flute will give me peace in the mind.... peace, the most precious diamond and...when I master it I will extend that peace to others. I want to say thanks to the entire team at Bamboo Friends who made my flute possible and especially to you Erik for being an inspiration, because of the faith your have shown in God and humanity, I did not just want any flute, I wanted one of yours. I have wanted a bamboo flute for three years and yours for a year.... what I do with it... is my gift to you and to the Holy One you serve. May God grant that I may honour this trust.
Haile, In the paradise of Jamaica. May 2009

Hi Erik,
Bliss and joy! The Shakuhachi & Large Arabian arrived today. Breathtaking! Sublime craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Divine flutes, Sir Flutemaker I look foward to doing business with you again.
All the best and lots of it,
Julian in Denmark March 2009

Dear Erik,
I am delighted with the Arabian and the side-blown Shakuhachi that I recieved yesterday. I can still smell the smoke from the workshop on the flutes! And the sound is so rich, deep, and beautiful. Erik, you make flutes easy, enjoyable and exciting to play.
I also bought your DVD, and have picked up new techniques to try out.
Your products are wonderful, and I can feel the love, time and excellence of workmanship that are put into them. You have a customer for life. You a wonderful flutemaker. God bless you and your family.
Sincerely, Catherine Yu Toronto, Ontario, Canada. August 07, 2008

I have just received my Oriental flute in the Japanese Shakuhachi tuning and it is amazing. It sounds great just by going up and down the scale. It sounds better than most Shakuhachis I've heard.
Many thanks, Ignacio Figallo Miami, Florida. July 2008.

Dear Erik,
I received my side-blown Shakuhachi last August. I absolutely love it! It is so soothing to come home from a hard day at work and sit down on the floor and just play. The notes come so freely and naturally. I usually try to take it wherever I go. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful flutes! Peace, Leah in Ohio Feb. 2008

Hi Erik, The side blown Shakuhachi you made for me is very nice. I certainly found the right flute maker.
Cheers, Richard Wixner, Wisconsin January 2008

Hi Erik, I would just love to say thank you very much, I received the Oriental flute ... made me so happy after being in such a long search for one within Australia. A few of my mates are thinking of getting one too, I definitely recommend you. For others looking at your site, they sound the same as the audio clips that Erik play's in. Once again thanks!
Jus Lee, Canberra, Australia, April 26, 2007

Erik, your timing couldn't have been better. The Oriental flute arrived today, my birthday; I could not have asked for a better gift. It sounds absolutely wonderful! It is truly a work of art in sight and sound.
Sincere Gratitude, Alan Hobbs, Mississippi, Feb. 2007

I have had my Oriental flute for about a week now. Everyone, I have showed it to, has been completely impressed!
But that is not why I bought one of your works of art. I bought the flute for personal enjoyment. That enjoyment expectation has been completely exceeded! The first day, I was able to play after about 30 minutes to an hour of practice... it has brought nothing but smiles to my face, not to mention the faces of my family! I look forward to my next purchase and will be indebted to your wonderful skills for as long as I own this wonderful instrument. Thanks for the spirit of love, Music!
Christopher Yoder in Oklahoma City, OK Nov 2, 2006

Hi Erik
I got the Oriental Flute! Thank you! It's fantastic! Great sound and energy! It was a Christmas present but I could not wait. Thank you very much.
Scott Davidson, Brisbane, Australia

Hey Erik,
I would just like to let you know that your masterpiece has arrived!
I began to play it and within about a half an hour I got it. AMAZING! Utterly amazing! None can match the skills of Erik the Flutemaker.
When you first receive your flute and open the box you are greeted by the scent of bamboo kissed by hot irons...
Then you start to put it to your mouth and grin and blow...and the sound is that of a novice.
You look back at Erik's video and contimplate how he does it. This time listening to him and not just the instrument. Then you get the hang of it... Erik's magic comes to life. When you understand your flute it comes alive. So thank you Erik and God Bless you!
Vic in NY

Just wanted to let you know that the flute arrived today. It totally exceeds my expectations, and my wife just loves it. Thanks.
Mike in Las Vegas Nevada, Nov 29, 2006

Dear Erik:
I just received my shakuhachi. It sounds unreal, like its not made on earth by the hands of man. I live in a post war, isolated and poor country. For me this flute is a symbol of hope that soon all hearts in the world will be as one-joined in the love for God. Thank you and God bless you.
Miroslav Trninic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe. October 7th 2005

Hey Eric,
A few months ago I bought a Shakuhachi from you. It is a great sounding instrument. I never thought it would sound so beautifully. Keep up the good work.
Kyosuke Hayagawa El Paso, Texas, Oct. 18th 2005

Last year I purchased your shakuhachi flute. I have to say that it is a very versatile instrument. I did not realize the amount of tonal qualities could come from just one flute, I play it almost daily. Thank you again for these remarkable instruments, I plan on looking you up next time I'm in Florida.
Thomas Hordin, NY Dec 22, 2005
Hi EriK:

I love my Bamboo Flute!!!
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Japanese Shakuhachi Oriental Flute that I purchased from you. BEAUTIFUL sound!!! I can't believe how GREAT it sounds!!!
I have NEVER played a flute before but I was able to play it the first day after blowing on it for awhile. I have a lot of fun with it!!
Before finding your website on the Internet, I had read some bamboo instrument horror stories on the one of the Internet newsgroups and was really worried about getting a piece of junk for an instrument. I had searched and found several other bamboo flute sites. I played their sound MP3's (the ones that had them) but I did not care for the way they sounded.
They sounded horrible!! On some of the other sites I didn't care for the way their bamboo instruments looked. They looked more like junk than musical instruments. I guess that I was just too picky.
Several other flute sites carried some flutes that sounded okay but I thought they were way over priced for their tone quality. I had trouble finding a Japanese Shakuhachi flute that I could afford or that I really wanted to buy.
When I found your webpage I played your sound MP3's and I was floored!!! Your bamboo instruments sounded so GOOD!!! I wanted to let you know that after I heard the sound of several of your bamboo instruments I decided to order my Shakuhachi from you.
It seems like so many of the things that we buy now a days are poorly made. When I received my flute I was amazed with the QUALITY of it!!! It's a real instrument not a toy!
I am really picky but my flute looks great and feels just right in my hands. It's just something that you can't explain with words. My wife and I love the smell of the holes that you burnt into the bamboo !
I am planning to purchase several other bamboo flutes from you later. I just HAD to tell you how I feel. I love my Bamboo Flute!!! Thanks Erik.
Gerard Remillard Oct. 2002 Oxford, Mi
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Oriental Flute
Oriental Flute
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