Bamboo Body - Exotic Scale

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Hi Mr. Erik the Flute Maker, I Received your Medium Arabian Flute and let me tell you that this flute is a master piece.... Qais from Houston TX. Feb. 13, 2020
Hi, Erik. I took your the medium Arabian and the Egyptian flute with me to Morocco and played in the dunes of the Sahara.... Larry in Arkansas November 15, 2019
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Bamboo Body - Exotic Scale

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You just crossed the desert with your camel and dismounted at the oasis.

You are handed sweet cool tea. In the breeze the palm trees are moving and are full of dates. The sun just set and a shadow crosses the land, you suddenly hear an exotic tune and feel a chill. It is the Arabian Flute.

The Arabian flute is a fun side blown Mid Eastern sounding flute made of all natural bamboo.

The Small Arabian is 13 inches long and good for a small hand span.

Medium Arabian is 14 inches and fits the average hand span comfortably. 

The Oasis: Our new Medium-Large is comfortable for a medium to large hand span. 16-17 inches. Here is a video with the Oasis.

Above is the new Oasis Arabian Flute. 16 to 17 inches long.

The Large Arabian is 19 inches and is only comfortable for a large hand.

Going from all closed to all open and back down will help to tune your ear to this melodic scale. All closed but the first finger up is the High Do. It also has a pinkie hole. Blowing harder gets you into the second octave.

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"My Arabian flute came today and I love it. If you’ve played woodwind instruments, this Arabian flute will be easy to play. I cannot believe what an amazing and big sound it has. Its wonderful and goes far beyond my highest expectations. Thank you Erik!
Tricia in Charleston SC Aug. 24, 2021

This flute comes with a protective binding, a flute bag to keep it safe. And free shipping inside the USA!

 Regular price $80.00
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Hi Mr. Erik the Flute Maker, I Received your Medium Arabian Flute and let me tell you that this flute is a master piece. The way you have made it, its just beautiful. The sound is mind blowing. This is my first flute I bought from you and willing to buy more in the future. Big fan of your work and I hope you make more videos. Thank You, Qais from Houston TX. Feb. 13, 2020
Hi, Erik. I took your the medium Arabian and the Egyptian flute with me to Morocco and played in the dunes of the Sahara. People loved them and they helped to create a wonderful memory for the folks who accompanied me. Your flutes were a hit! Thank you. : ) Sincerely, Larry in Arkansas November 15, 2019
Erik, I got my new Medium Arabian flute yesterday. It's beautiful, and I love the smell of burned wood. I never played a transverse flute before and I must say I'm incredibly excited by this whole new world. I started creating notes that were more resonant and smooth than breathy, the way the flute vibrated in my hand, against my lip, and subsequently throughout my whole head, just felt deeply satisfying. In fact, it was instantly addictive. I wanted to send this recording to you since I feel proud of having been able to do this after just an hour, having never played this kind of flute before. Have a great day. Larry in Little Rock, Arkansas, May 21, 2019
Greetings Erik, I placed an order last Sunday for the Ahava Raba Clarinet – and your Large Arabian Flute and it arrived today. I was so impressed with what I received that I just placed another order just 8 hours after playing the flutes. I love the Arabian tunings, as they have such a haunting sound, and are easy to play. Thank you for the fine craftsmanship and quality that you put into these flutes. And I can’t wait to get this second order! Good day to you Erik, Paul in Fountain Valley, California April 25, 2019
Hi Erik I received both your Arabian and Vivaldi minor flutes this morning. I just wanted to let you know how overjoyed I am with these finely made instruments. I am just starting to learn side-blown flute and have managed in just one day to get some lovely resonant tones from both flutes. They will become treasured companions for life. Thank you for your great work, Erik. You are an inspiring, brilliant soul. Dan from Devon, UK. May 4, 2018
Hi Erik, Thanks for the great large Arabian flute I received from you recently. It has a very rich, buttery tone and a beautiful mystical scale. It reminds of the days I would wander aimlessly through the Sahara on my double humped camel. (lol) I hope to be ordering the deep forest flute soon. Happy days when I play my flutes. Mark in Austin, Texas, March 30th 2017
Hi Erik! Today I received the Kiowa, the Medium Arabian and the Meditation flute. As always, they are WONDERFUL!! The Kiowa has a warm marvelous sound and extraordinary artwork! No words for the deep meditation flute, so enchanting! The Arabian is so creative and exotic. Now I have 5 of your flutes, and addicted! The Travel Flute Bag is beautiful, cool, very comfortable, large and able to contain all my flutes. A great item for a musical journey! Thanks! Happy Christmas holidays to you and your family! See you in Fluture...! ; ) A big hug from Francesco in Taurasi, Italy Dec 15, 2015
Hello Erik, About a week ago I received the Arabian flute (in good state and very fast delivered). I was really attracted to the sound of the flute in your video en now that I have my own it sounds even better. People were very surprised about the sound coming from the flute and they all think it's very beautiful. I want to thank you very much for your great flute and I will enjoy this very much. Greetings from the Netherlands, Barry. Sept. 14th 2014
Hi, Erik, I just wanted to let you know that the flutes arrived quickly, safe & sound, today. They are wonderful! The sound is beautiful, and they are well-tuned, which as a musician, I really appreciate. The Arabian scale is fascinating - I can just wander around in it all day; the Kiowa Love Flute has that lovely quality so characteristic of Native-American style flutes, and the finishing touches are really nice. It was a pleasure working with you - I'll be back! Joanne in Montrose, California, Aug 15,2013
Dear Erik, I have just received the small Arabian and the Meditation Flute. They are absolutely wonderful! I'm planning on using the Arabian on my next CD. God bless you and thanks for the beautiful flutes! Jean-Baptiste, France May, 17, 2013
Erik, Today I get your two flutes: Quena and Arabian flute. Everything is o.k. and I am satisfied. They have great sound and I will enjoy them. So thank you for all and God bless :) Stanislav Slovenia October 27, 2011
Hi Erik! I received the Large Arabian Flute, Extra Deep Oriental, Deep Kokin, Anasazi Small, Side Blown Large Anasazi Flute And the Chinese Flute today and I'm super happy!!:-) They all sound amazing, just as I expected, and I'm starting doing recordings right away!:-) Thank You very much!! Best Regards, Eugen Racolta in Moelndal, Sweden September 26, 2011
Hi Erik!! Awesome Flutes! Got my flutes a last week...I Love Them! I'm having so much fun learning to play...It's a real stress reliever. Rewarding and exciting to play and make up songs. The Oriental sounds so amazing and the Arabian is fun and mysterious to play. I know once I play these awhile I'll be wanting more! Thanks, Eric Bess in McKinney, Texas May 24, 2011
Hello Erik! I'm Juan Luis from Spain . I received your medium Arabian flute last Saturday. It's wonderful! I'm very glad of having this flute...I'll probably buy more instruments from your website in a near future. Congratulations on such a good job! Regards! Oct. 22, 2010
Hello Erik, Just a brief word on The Arabian flutes I purchased. They not only look good, they sound good. They are a real pleasure to play. Thank you so much for the trouble you took with these. I have already placed another order. I really am taken aback at the quality of these flutes, and the customer service is second to none. Great touch by the way on the chinese flute with the fortune cookie. You have a grand sense of humor. Very best regards in Newcastle upon Tyne , England UK. Edward Brady September 07, 2010
Hi Erik, the Arabic flute is wonderful! I'm fascinated. These are sounds to feel, I don't think but get lost in a world full of sensations. Thanks so much! Surely, when someone, for many years, makes a lot of flutes every day, each flute is only one more flute, that it will travel to anywhere else. The wonderful thing about this is that 'one more flute' becomes a very special flute when it arrives to that 'anywhere else', it's wonderful that a flute is not only a piece of bamboo with holes. And it's the same with the carvings, 'one more carving' becomes a very special carving. And talking about carvings, thanks to Linda for this wonderful African dance carving, I love it, it's really an excellent carving, Thanks so much! Have a very nice day. Maria Cruz in Spain, March 2010
Erik, Got my Medium Arabian flute today...I LOVE it!!! Fantastic tone that sounds so genuinely Arabian - and is easy to play! And the decorative design looks so distinctive. I also like the quality and look of the flute bag. Thank you so much for this wonderful instrument. I know I will get years of enjoyment from it!! Regards, Richard Wright, in Valrico, FL Jan 23, 2010
Dear sir, I received the Small Arabian yesterday. It is fantastic and the Eden vine was absolutely beautiful. The sound is great and the leather bag is perfect for it. I look forward to buying more flutes from you in the future. Thanks so much. Ellen in Bryan, Texas, Nov 24, 2009
Hi Erik, Bliss and joy! The end-blown deep Shakuhachi & large Arabian arrived today. Breathtaking! Sublime craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Divine flutes, Sir Flutemaker! I look forward to doing business with you again. All the best and lots of it, Julian in Denmark March 2009
Dear Erik, I am delighted with the Arabian and the side-blown Shakuhachi that I recieved yesterday. I can still smell the smoke from the workshop on the flutes! And the sound is so rich, deep, and beautiful. Erik, you make flutes easy, enjoyable and exciting to play. I also bought your DVD, and have picked up new techniques to try out. Your products are wonderful, and I can feel the love, time and excellence of workmanship that are put into them. You have a customer for life. You a wonderful flutemaker. God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Catherine Yu Toronto, Ontario, Canada. August 07, 2008
Dear Erik, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Arabian flute I just received. It is sounds great and really looks fantastic. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Tom Freeman, Southampton, UK. July 2008
Hey thanks!!!! I received the Large Arabian flute and it's AWESOME man, you are a GOOD flute maker THANKS!!! I'm going to use this flute in my Ethnic ensemble class in my Master Degree, it is going to be perfect thanks!!! Ivan Pelayo, Mexico Feb. 2008
Erik, I received the small Arabian flute recently. Your craftsmanship is brilliant; every note is smooth and precise. This flute has helped me deal with the stress of university life, since I play it in a small forested area on campus, and has already become a favorite sound among a good portion of my fellow students. I sincerely thank you and your apprentice for the effort you have placed in creating these masterpieces for me. In a year, I plan to travel to Afghanistan to volunteer my services in a few villages outside Kabul. I will have my Arabian flute packed in a small bag, and I am hoping to bring joy and hope to the children of these war-torn villages. Kristin, Sept. 2007
Dear Erik, Thanks for the Arabian flute. Its' elegantly simple looks belie it's charming and smooth sound. It's great for chilling out to and playing around the kitchen or at the beach. I'm not very experienced playing the side-blown flute, but after a couple of days of practice, I'm starting to get it. Cheers, Shan Ahmadi Dec. 2005
Love, With tears of gratitude i thank you for such a melodious Arabian flute . Some day I wish to fly down and come and meet you and give you a tight hug. Prayers, Aravind in India Oct 2006
Hi Erik! I just received my order 20 minutes ago - a large Arabian flute and a set of pan pipes. I am over the moon! They are so lovely and well-made. Thank you so much! They're easier to play than I thought they'd be...What a haunting sound. Thanks again Erik! I've charmed every snake in the neighborhood! Pan pipes are so cool, too. Keep up the good work! Kathy Josselyn Thu, 31 Jul 2003
Hey Erik, I got the medium Arabian flute today and it is absolutely amazing, I love it already! I really appreciate the effort you put into making it. I think it plays beautifully and has a really rich tone. My Flute teacher, Professor Dorris Keogh, said that is a brilliant flute and I should be proud to own it! Thanks again for all your help and work. C-ya, Louis in Ireland. June 18th 2003
Hi! Got my beautiful medium Arabian flute, and I am so proud! It sounds beautiful, and the carving is incredibly pretty. Even managed to charm my kittens with it! Thankyou very very much. Lizzie, Devon England Aug 8th 2005
Erik, My flute was waiting for me when I got home. What a wonderful way to end the week. I will DEFINATELY be getting more of your flutes. I am thrilled with the power from this little Arabian. I have received the second beautiful Arabian flute. It has such an amazing range, with the depth and mellow voice of a cello.Yours is truly a gift to behold. Thank you so much! Kind blessings to you and your family, Sarah Stowell, Aug 27th 2004
Hi Erik, Of course, feel free to use whatever you like from my comments. The more people who discover how good your flutes are the better. I'm really finding the flutes good. The fingers are becoming more fluid and the second octave is gradually becoming easier. They arrived today in perfect condition. I tried the Arabian flute first. Ha! Just like your description on the website, when you run your fingers up in a scale you sound like an instant arabian master! Nice finish, and the little finger hole on the side adds a new feel to playing. Best Wishes to you and your family, Jeff Barton in Dorset, England