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Anasazi Flute

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This is a 24 inch deep and mellow, mysterious end blown flute.

It is now rare to find Bambusa Multiplex this long in the old Florida clumps that are left. The right natural elements have to be in place for this to happen. Right temperature, rich natural composted soil to make it healthy, enough shade to have it stretch looking for the sun and enough acidity in the soil to excite it into having a thin wall. So these bamboo segments and flutes are rare.

History: The Anasazi Flute is inspired by 2 flutes found bound together in a Pueblo cliff dwelling in 1931 by a man looking for pottery to sell to museums.

The 2 end blown flutes were found under a rock in one of the homes tied together with yucca rope. 

It is dated to be from 624 AD and now rests in the Arizona State Museum in Tucson.

In the 1950's the flute was studied and the scale published.  

I have taken liberty to make it with the Andean Quena mouth-piece which is easier to play than the original " Rim Blown Flute" like the Ney.

Once in a while I ponder this flute and its personality and think about the pueblo peoples disappearing and moving somewhere else but the flutes remained behind hidden for hundreds of years.

This flute seems to have a yearning in its music almost a calling to be with her people again. 

These flutes are finished with a dark fire treated glassy feel.

Sound is achieved by lifting the flute against a soft grin and and tilting the flute to catch the sweet spot.

Try with no fingers until you are good at getting the sound. 

For the scale to play best, I keep the bottom peace sign fingers together.

The Anasazi Flute comes with a protective bag to keep it safe.

What you are saying...

Dear Erik,
I have received your flutes in only five days. I am very grateful. Your Anasazi Flute, Vivaldi Minor and Egyptian flutes are real masterpieces. With many thanks and with regards from Italy.
Andrea Filippi Fermar in Santorso, Vicenza Italy, July 19, 2015
Anasazi Flute
Anasazi Flute
Anasazi Flute
Anasazi Flute
Anasazi Flute
Anasazi Flute

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