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 After the announcement of the discovery of what might be the oldest instrument in the world, I felt quite inspired to research it and try to bring a semblance of it to my customers.

The original was found in a cave in Germany and said to be around 35,000 years old when Europe was being populated during the Ice Age. Mammoth relics were found in the same layers the flute was found.

The 13 inch Ice Age Flute is finished naturally, bound with an earth-toned binding, giving it an ancient look.

Every Ice Age Flute comes with a flute bag to keep your flute safe.

 To PLay: Lift the V shaped notch against a soft grin. Press upwards and tilt while gently spitting out water mellon seeds. Lift and tilt. Keep the lifting pressure but once you have sound you can stop tilting.

Construction of the flute: I placed the top hole in back to better fit the hand. The broken hole at the bottom of the original is complete and I cut the flute at a harmonious note in tune with the flute.

This is one of those flutes that will bring you Back To The Fluture!

 The original flute was extremely thin and short giving it a very high pitch. My flute is wider and longer, giving it a much more mellow sound which is likely the direction this flute would have evolved into as flutes moved into being made in Europe out of wood.

Research on the Ice Age Flute

Researchers working at two Stone Age German sites have unearthed a nearly complete flute made from a vulture's forearm as well as sections of three mammoth-ivory flutes.

These 35,000- to 40,000-year-old finds are the oldest known musical instruments in the world, says archaeologist and project director Nicholas Conard of the University of Tuebingen in Germany.

The bone flute, which excavators found in 12 pieces, and the ivory flutes were discovered in the summer of 2008 at Hohle Fels cave,(below) when people first migrated to Europe.

The preserved portion of the bone flute is about 8.5 inches long and one-third of an inch wide. Finely incised lines near four finger holes probably indicated where to carve these openings using stone tools.

Musicians presumably blew into an end of the bone flute that contains two V-shaped notches. The researchers plan to make a replica of the ancient flute to investigate how it was played and what type of sounds it made.

Erik's take on this instrument, made of bamboo, is deeper than the thinner bone flute was. However, Erik believes that his interpretation is one of the possible deeper, richer flutes into which the Ice Age flute would have evolved.

UPDATE: Erik delighted to know that his bamboo Ice Age flute has been brought back to Hohle Fels cave and has been played there. It must have been a Kodak moment into our musical past.


What you are saying...

…the 43,000 year old sound of the Ice Age flute. I really love the fact that the flute is in a scale and there are no wrong notes. All I have to do is go for rhythm, hold out the notes long while embellishing and pure heaven. It is so interesting that folks used to paint and play flutes in the most resonant places in caves. I sometimes work seven days a week and long hours and I’ll tell you the flute sounds have a way of bringing peace to my brain when I play. And the conscious breathing helps reset the body.
Gary in Fairfax, Virginia, May 5th, 2016

Dear Erik,
The Ice Age Flute came a few days ago and I love it! It is the best flute I have purchased, yet. I only wish I could have gotten the Chinese flute at the same time.
The scale of the Ice Age flute was a bit unusual at first, but after playing it a bit I found it to be an excellent scale! I am very pleased with it and cannot get over the smell of the burnt bamboo. Thank you for making such a flute available.
Richard Dawson in Japan, December 29th 2010

Hey Erik
I ordered the Ice Age Flute and a Pan Pipe and just wanted to say thank you. The quality is beyond mental speculation, I never would have imagined them to be that beautiful. Thank you!
Ryan in Iroquois, Ontario, Canada, April 2010

Hello Erik and greetings from Finland! My Ice age flute came today and is brilliant. I like the way it looks and like the smell. Tuning and the sound is interesting. Let there be love and harmony in Your heart!
Juha Rikka in Helsinki Sept. 2009

I received both flutes in perfect condition.
Thank you for sending me the first end-blown Ice Age flute! It sounds like an ancient bone flute that was made for playing by firelight while shadows dance on the cave walls. I've been playing mine by candlelight, and I like to play it meditatively like a shakuhachi or Native American flute. I think the Ice Age flute makes a good, compact, and affordable meditation flute that I can take with me to the woods or wherever else I go. But I don't want to risk Ice Age #1 so I'm ordering another one for my take along flute. By the way, I really appreciate that the money goes to a good cause!
Thanks again!
Rick Magee in Plant City, FL. Aug. 2009
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Ice Age Flute
Ice Age Flute
Ice Age Flute
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