Exotic Cocobolo Wood - D Major Scale

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Howdy Erik, Thank you!!! I am in awe of just how beautiful my Penny Whistles are. My favorite is the D Penny Whistle. The grain of... Rebekah in Alabama, March 26, 2021
Dear Erik, thank you for the lovely C penny whistle in Cocobolo which just arrived and the Quena. Both only took 2 days and... Michael in LA California, Jan.19, 2020
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WHISTLE - D MAJOR | Exotic Cocobolo Wood - D Major Scale
WHISTLE D MAJOR Exotic Cocobolo Wood
WHISTLE D MAJOR Exotic Cocobolo Wood
WHISTLE - D MAJOR | Exotic Cocobolo Wood - D Major Scale
WHISTLE D MAJOR Exotic Cocobolo Wood
WHISTLE - D MAJOR | Exotic Cocobolo Wood - D Major Scale


Exotic Cocobolo Wood - D Major Scale

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 Made from beautiful rare and exotic Cocobolo Wood from the Pacific rim of Central America our whistles have lovely patterns that are quite collectible.

The 11 1/2 inch concert tuned D Whistle is the most played and favored in Celtic & Irish circles. It is great for Irish music, folk music and contemporary Christian music.

It plays easily in D major, E minor, G and B minor. The D can get intense up in the second octave but that is the nature of a small instrument. And the second octave in a pub, on stage or during an excited praise song gets excited.

Our penny whistles respond well in both air-conditioned environments and outdoors and will last for decades. If a whistle is cold it helps to blow warm breath into it before playing.

They are finished in exotic Cocobolo hardwood, a good wood for instrument making. Can be oiled out coconut oil. No need to oil the inside.

The  Penny Whistles come with a beautiful flute bag to keep your instrument safe and inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

 Regular price $195.00
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Howdy Erik, Thank you!!! I am in awe of just how beautiful my Penny Whistles are. My favorite is the D Penny Whistle. The grain of the Cocobolo wood is exquisite.The fabric used to create the protective bags is pretty and practical. I never dreamed as much of my BUCKET LIST would be fulfilled. I enjoyed your art work on my envelope. Thank you for all you do, especially for Children, and for musicians across the world. Rebekah in Alabama, March 26, 2021
Dear Erik, thank you for the lovely C penny whistle in Cocobolo which just arrived and the Quena. Both only took 2 days and ordering was easy and quick. Lovely tone and fun and easy to play. Thanks again for these lovely flutes. Michael in LA California, Jan.19, 2020
Erik, My C Cocobolo Pennywhistle just arrived today and wow, what an octave range. I have purchased a sax, the Vivaldi, the end blown Oriental and now the penny whistle. But the penny whistle may be the best of the bunch and I highly recommend to others if you are not familiar with these instruments, to order the penny whistle first - it is by far the easiest to play and you will be playing your favorite tunes in minutes - I got about two dozen songs out of it in the first hour - the Penny Whistle, it’s like music heaven. Thank you for these wonderful instruments, thank you for the work you do in Nicaragua with the children. I now have found a new passion in life after 60!!!! How cool is that? Richard in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jan 13, 2020
Thank you so much not only for the timely order I received today but the beautiful sound AND intonation of my D whistle!!! I'm so glad to once again have one of your quality whistles in my hands and I appreciate your tending to my request for one that is especially concert-tuned : ) Lisa in Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan, November 6, 2019
I recently bought a beautiful Cocobolo Penny Whistle in the key of D. I couldn't wait till I got home from work to check it out. When that flue touched my lips it was the easiest playing, sweet sounding whistle that I have ever played. Thank you Erik for bringing these fine flutes of wood. You are blessed. Thanks again Erik. Bryce in Jeffersonville, Indiana, May 4th, 2019
Dear Erik, I received both my C and D Cocobolo Pennywhistles. Really fast delivery. Thank you very much! The whistles are both handsome and sound great. The bags too, are really gorgeous. Thanks again. “The True Story of Erik The Flute Maker” is a touching autobiography. Glad about the happy ending. Praise be to God. Yours truly, Wong in Alor Setar, Malaysia, March 29th, 2019
My dear Erik. I am Ukrainian and am teaching English to kids in China. It's amazing to receive the Kiowa Inspired Love Flute and the C Penny Whistle from you. I couldn't play at first because I was laughing. I was amazed to hold them in my hands and to feel the sound. I've read your story that you include with your flutes, and lessons. I am sure, that there are a lot of people who thank you for what you are doing. I've seen lots of your videos, listened to your music and I can see what is inside you. You know, it is normal to think that when people are getting older they're fading. I've seen your older videos and you're getting more and more beautiful man. Thank you very much, for sharing. Thank you for giving a good example for good. I thank God that I know you now. God bless you. Big hug and best wishes, Vlad, in Jincheng, China March 14, 2019
I just wanted you to know that I got my penny whistle yesterday and it is absolutely amazing. My wife is super jealous and I can't wait to show it off to all of my friends. I also wanted to thank you for the way you guys packaged the whistle so well… extra care you guys put into the packaging. Thank you for making my first musical instrument a great experience. Thanks, Bryce in Wausau, Wisconsin, Jan. 28, 2019
Hi Erik! Here are my thoughts on the cocobolo D Penny whistle. I couldn’t put it down last night. When I heard the tone of this flute for the first time I burst out laughing because I could not believe how great it sounded. Beautifully rounded, strong and pleasing, perfectly tuned, the sound is incredible with lots of energy. Perfect for that Irish sound we all love. And a beautiful flute bag with it, gorgeous colors, soft, durable, protective. THANK YOU! Chris in Elmira, New York, Jan. 18th, 2019
Both the penny whistle and sax are works of art in woodcraft, and musical instrumental art. Even your placement of signature and where the hole placement show these are no mass produced instruments. There is the touch of a human hand and eye that takes their craft seriously. It's not just a penny whistle, it has your name on it. Johnny in Gallup, New Mexico December 2, 2018
Thanks Erik, I received the D whistle today; it is beautiful! Wonderful tone! Thanks again for your God given skill. Peace! Kim in Carencro, Louisiana November 2, 2018
Hi Erik Many thanks for your wonderful D Penny Whistle. I received it yesterday evening and I am very delighted with it. I have never played a whistle before but after a couple of hours with your instruction I can play a few tunes. Now I am learning to add emotion, finger tapping, sliding etc. It is an exciting experience. Regards, Albert Ang in Singapore Aug. 29, 2018
Hey Erik! I received my awesome "C" pennywhistle on Friday! How miraculous that it came so quickly--I was expecting to have to wait several more days at least! Thanks so much! I am delighted with the beautiful instrument. I am very happy! It has a warm sound that is growing more resonant each time I play it. Wow! Warmly, Debbie in Fairfax, VA July 22, 2018
Erik - The whistles are wonderful! Have tried them both out and played the wooden one much more extensively. I love it! The sound, the response. Everything. Gorgeous! Thank you for making quality instruments. Kathy in Marion, North Carolina June 2, 2018
Hi Erik, My whistle arrived today and it is fabulous, it looks beautiful and the tone is sublime. As a total beginner it sounds so good I don’t feel embarrassed any more and can practice to my hearts content. I’ll get back to it now. Thank you so much. Kind regards Franz in Durham, United Kingdom, May 14, 2018
Hey Erik! I’m LOVING my penny whistle - its incredible. Changed my life - its so soothing and beautiful and I love it and want to thank you for that. Thanks so much! Tani in Woodmere, New york, October 26,2017
Hi Erik Just wanted to let you know that my whistle arrived safely and I'm absolutely delighted with it. The voice and tone of the little D whistle makes it a joy to play. I'm so pleased and my playing has come on in leaps and bounds since I've started playing which is now my favourite whistle. Kind regards, Peter Evanson in Crieff, United Kingdom. June 20th, 2017
I love my D Cocobolo Whistle. I can't believe what a difference it is to the mass produced tin whistles. Love it! Galen in Vancouver, Washington, March 31, 2017
Erik, you have no idea how many hours of enjoyment you have given me with the D penny whistle that I purchased from you. I love this whistle and I love the sound it produces. Thank you! Dan Molnar in Vine Grove, Kentucky, Feb 24th 2017
Dear Erik, Your package came today…I heard 1000 melodies inside me… …oh wow…I held the A Carbon Fiber Whistle in my hand and I played the first note and tears came down my face. It’s like coming home, coming back. You have to know I’m a beginner in flute, I played some others but I never had the feeling like with this one. I felt the energies of the notes and my fingertips touched the wind from inside the flute. Then I opened the 2nd the Cocobolo C Whistle, what a beauty…WOW… …again I played the first note, what a warm sound, again I felt running down my tears…wide warm windy notes. I love to play the new flutes - they have such a warm and soulful sound all over the range… I am learning how my soul sounds in flutes. Thank you so much! My heart is singing… …I have read your story, wow, I can feel every word you wrote! I will carry your flutes into our beautiful land, blessings, from Harald Peterstorfer in Austria. Studio engineer, moviemaker, photographer, musician and recording artist. Feb 1, 2017
Erik I have 2 penny whistles that I could simply not get volume and a good tone with either, lots of squeaks and octave jumps. I just got my D whistle from you and as a guy with lots of instruments, I have to say, I have never seen so much difference between a cheaper instrument and one of a higher quality. I was immediately able to do scales at twice the volume with no issues. I was hesitant to pay more for yours but there is so much more of a difference between your whistle and those. Thanks for making a great penny whistle. Mike Clifford in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 31,2017
Joe Dell …Youtube comment Jan. 6th 2017
Hello Erik, I would like to wish you much happiness for the year to come. My Oriental, Vivaldi, Quena and Penny Whistle of yours are the joy of my life and I play them everyday. Thank you for making my world light up! Much health and happiness to you and yours, Ingrid in France, December 23, 2016
I received my Penny Whistle in C yesterday and have been playing for a few hours now. I can happily recommend this flute to anyone who is trying to decide whether to get one. It is well made, sturdy and is rather pretty. It sounds great. You-tube comment Dec.13, 2016
Erik, I want to let you know how happy I am with the flutes I purchased! I bought a penny whistle and the Vivaldi minor several years ago. I loved the flutes. I also purchased your book, which was very inspiring and beautifully written. Recently, I purchased your Oriental and Arabian flutes. I’ve been using those two, as well as the Vivaldi minor, to lead music mindfulness relaxation activities with veterans at the Miami VA hospital. I’ve gotten such great feedback from those sessions! They love it! … have been reporting a positive mood and decreased stress and pain. I know that their success has been heavily influenced by the gorgeous sound of your flutes. The simple scale patterns make each flute so easy to play! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to purchasing more of your instruments in the future! Respectfully, K. S. Veterans Affairs Medical Center Miami Oct. 15, 2016
Dear Erik I am totally enjoying the C Cocobolo Penny Whistle. It plays like a dream and your suggestions made it easier immediately. Clare In Taos, New Mexico September 22, 2016
I just received my D Penny Whistle and it sounds amazing! I love the tone and how easy it is to bend notes with it. Jesse Kropf in Lebanon PA. Sept 19, 2016
Hello Erik I have played the D penny whistle everyday from the time I get home from work until the sun goes down and I enjoy every second and feel I will never get tired of it! The penny whistle looks amazing and plays wonderfully! Thank you for taking great care and consideration in the instruments you make, it really shows and makes playing music all the more enjoyable! Thank you and God bless. Carl in Montrose, Minnesota Aug. 6, 2016
Thank you for the beautiful penny whistles. I received them so quickly, only for 5 days to Japan. My lovely whistles....Cocobolo and Carbon fiber. Rich sound and nice tone! Now they are my favorite ones. Also, I could feel your sincerity from the packaging. Thank you, again. Masaharu Torii Osaka, Japan. March 26th, 2016
Erik, I was stunned to receive the penny whistle so quickly. ...and then, to open up a package to such a well-made instrument that was obviously made with love. (do everything as unto the Lord) - and it is very apparent you do. I am so completely blessed to tears of joy! I play many instruments. Piano, violin, cello, flute, guitar, drums. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful sound and look of this lovely instrument. And I will be purchasing another instrument this evening because of the care and love you put into making them. May God bless you abundantly! Susan in New York, Feb 23, 2016
Hi, Erik! Thank you for sending me the D penny whistle so quickly. It arrived at my home in Japan just 6 days after I ordered! You couldn’t imagine how happy I was! The other day I played the whistle with a five classical guitar ensemble. Your whistle is almost precisely tuned and has enough sound volume, so it created a balanced harmony. Before I received the whistle, I was wondering if I could cover the large finger holes with my thin fingers, but I’ve found there is no problem. I feel it is a little hard for me to blow the 2nd octave, but it is OK as I mainly use the 1st octave. Thank you again and may God bless you. Junko, in Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 23, 2016
Erik, thank you so much for the beautiful penny whistle! It's my third whistle and by far the best. The tone is exquisite and as some of your other happy customers have testified, half covering is so much easier on this one than any other I have tried. Lovely whistle, will recommend you to everyone! Elizabeth in California, Feb. 21, 2016
Hi Erik! A month ago your D Penny Whistle arrived and I love it. It is easy to play and the voice is precious. The only problem is that all the folks in my house want to play it. Hug to you, Aymara in Uruguay, South America Oct. 30, 2015
I received my whistle yesterday, and I love it. It has the greatest volume in the lower octave out of all of my whistles. I can also bend pitch easily on it. Thanks, Stetson Bosecker in Ruston, Louisiana Sept.24, 2015
Erik, thanks for the penny whistle. The quality is unbelievable. I like how the fingering on the C whistle is just as easy to play as the D whistle, no finger stretching. The weight is just right and the mouth piece works well for me. I am disabled and being able to play the penny whistle after giving up music has been a great aid. You helped me with many questions over the last couple of years. You are truly the best. Kevin Sloan in Spanaway, Washington. Sept. 10th, 2015
I received the penny whistle today and it is excellent! I have several whistles, plastic, brass and nickel. My favorite is now Cocobolo. Thanks and God Bless! Rick Parker in Cold Spring, Kentucky, July 9,2015
Hi Erik, Thank You for my D Penny Whistle. It is beautiful in both craftsmanship and sound. Yours is my seventh D whistle, as I have been looking for a particular tonal quality. The whistle you sent me has the sweet resonance I was looking for in the instrument. Thank You and I look forward to purchasing a C Penny Whistle from you in the future. Sincerely, Sherice in Orem, Utah, June 10th, 2015
Got your penny whistle today. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I am new to playing a penny whistle but yours is so much easier to play than the $10 model I had bought. Plus it is a very beautiful instrument. Scott Huggins in Bothell, Washington March 5, 2015
Hi Erik, I just received my D penny whistle and it’s really great! Many thanks for your speedy service and quality product. I’ve been playing whistles for over 40 years and I have several gigs lined up over the coming months….as you know each one is different, they have their own soul, their own magic. Yours…..now mine, I’m delighted to say, is a good one! Nick Denny. Mollégès. France January 21, 2015
Dear Erik, I received my D Penny Whistle and am more than happy with it. It has a lovely sound, great volume and is a lot of fun to play. Thank you so much and best wishes. Patti in Utah, July 25, 2014
Hi Erik Just letting you know I received my Penny Whistle a few days ago. Your whistle has a strong, clear smooth sound not only sounds great with little effort, but also a pleasure to learn with, & look at. I will treasure it. Ross Rollman in Australia. June 18, 2014
Hi Erik, It arrived today - only five days after you sent it. I was so excited to open it and even though I admit my expectations were pretty high after reading about you and watching some of your videos, I'm STILL thoroughly impressed!! It looks beautiful - lovely rich colors and an astounding powerful sound. It makes my other pennywhistles sound like tinny toys! It's a joy to play and so much more "co-operative" than some of my other instruments. I'm going to have a lot of fun playing this instrument. Regarding tuning, it is a concert tuned piece and accordingly, as I was playing I was watching my tuner which had it spot on on every note. I really couldn't be happier - it is worth every cent and more! Kind regards Michelle in Adelaide, South Australia, Jan. 10th, 2014
I recently received the D penny whistle I had ordered from you. It was made of the beautiful wood... This instrument is totally AWESOME! I play at least 10 different instruments, some string, some woodwind, piano, etc... This one has not left my side since I received it a few weeks ago! The first thing I did when I received it was to play a ditty on my old tin whistle. Then I played the same tune on yours. The sound was enough to make a grown man cry! Thank you for my new friend. God Bless you, your business and you ministry, Pastor Rick Williams, Escalon First Baptist Church, Escalon, CA July 26, 2013
Hi, Erik! My gorgeous penny whistle got here yesterday! It's hard to stop playing it! Such a rich, warm sound! ...Thanks for doing such a great job! God bless you and your ministry, Kristee in Monroe, Louisiana Aug 16th 2013
Hi Erik, I just want to thank you for the beautifully sounding pennywhistle I received today! The pennywhistle is nicely in-tune. The tone is richly filled with overtones and one can hear the woody inflections. My husband is a luthier, working a lot on basses and cellos. He has a great ear and loves the sound it produces. I'm a public school music teacher, prof. flutist and music director at a church. I can't wait to play it with others in a bigger space. Anyway, thanks again and I hope to save up some money so I can purchase some more of your flutes. I'm sure you will hear from me again. Very truly, Beth in Gibbsboro, New Jersey, Aug 19th 2013
Hi Erik, I just received my D Irish Whistle today, I originally wanted to cancel the order because I'm from Ireland originally and I'm going home in a few weeks to see my parents and I figured I'd pick one up when I was over there. I'm glad I didn't, your flutes are amazing, the sound from the Irish whistle is astounding, I was completely amazed when I played it. You have a gift given by God. Thank you again Erik and may God Bless you and your family for many years to come. David Coates, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio Aug. 22, 2013
Hello Erik, I bought a D penny whistle from you last June. After a few adventures in Scotland, England and Switzerland, I am now playing it in Haifa Israel and it sounds wonderful. Again, Thanks, Norman Perrin Aug. 30th 2013
Hi Erik, I wanted to say, thank the Lord and you for the beautiful penny whistle! I am glad to have such a lovely, accurate instrument to play! May God continue to bless you as you do His work. Sincerely, Amanda in Ontario Canada Sept. 5th 2013
Dear Erik, Four years ago, I purchased a lovely Celtic Penny Whistle in the key of D that was handcrafted by you and I still play it very frequently. I just wanted you to know how much you have inspired me to love all music and how you showed me what love I could get playing for people. I learned how to play Green Sleeves, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Tingerbell's song from Netherland, bits and pieces of many other songs, and I learned how to teach myself to create my own creations. I can now share the music that has been dancing around, trapped in my head for years waiting for the perfect opportunity to show itself. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Sarah Sharp. Sept. 5th, 2013
Dear Erik, A couple of days ago the D Penny Whistle that I ordered arrived in the mail. To say I love it would be a massive understatement. The look of it is exquisite, and the sound is exactly what I'd hoped for. I love the way it can sound either bright and cheerful, or mellow, or melancholy, depending on my own mood. I know, without a doubt, that I'm going to get many, many hours of joy out of this instrument. Even better, it perfectly suits the Irish folk music piece that the concert band I am a member of is playing at the moment - a piece that has a solo for penny whistle incorporated into it! I have to thank you and the Lord for your crafting skills, and your willingness to share those skills with the world! Thank you again, and God bless. With much appreciation, Naomi Tilley. May 18, 2013
Dear Erik, I received my Sax and whistle yesterday. It is everything I hoped for. All sound very well . Thanks a lot to all of you. Mr. Kwan, Hong Kong August 03, 2010
Hi! I've had my wood Irish D whistle for about a year and I love it. Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful instrument--I love it more than any other whistle I've bought. I'd been looking for one that was perfect for me and now I have it! Thanks! Jon in Santa Maria, California. Feb 2010
Hi Erik, Thank you for shipping my order so promptly! The Pennywhistle is fantastic and I am so enthusiastic about it. By the way Erik: I really love your Videos! You have a great sense of humor, you brightened my day, when I was watching them!!! All the best from Sweden! Karin, November 2009
I just wanted to thank you for the Celtic design penny whistle I purchased from you. The instrument is beautiful. The sound is amazing and precise. Much louder than my other whistles and much more forgiving. I have several whistles; Generation, Feado'g, Cooperman persimmon, and a Waltons all in d. Your whistle is now my favorite. I will order another in the future. Thank you, Jason E Duffy in East Bethany N.Y. October 2009
Hi Erik, Pennywhistle from you arrived yesterday. Sound is amazing, so I want to thank you very much. :) Best Regards Antonin Jech Czech Republic August, 2008
Hi Erik! The Penny-Whistle Just arrived and I want to thank you so much! First of all it looks so beautiful! But, most important, it has such a beautiful, soft sound, while being the most precise whistle I have ever played. Even Fast Irish Reels are easy to play with it. It is so much better than Feadog, Generation and even Mollenhauer! Thank you once again, Lennard in Germany
Hello Erik, I've gotta tell you I love your instruments. My grandparents bought me one of your penny whistles for my birthday and I love everything about it. It has such a nice tone to it, and I love the smoked wood smell that it gives off when you play it. I've started a Celtic/folk band with one of my friends thanks to your wonderful instrument.Thank you so much for your amazing craftmanship. God bless! Bryn Martin, Winchester VA. February 20, 2007
Dear Erik,Your flutes are wonderful! When I encountered your booth at the 2005 Texas Renaissance Festival and bought a pennywhistle in C I felt like I got a part of my old musical self back. At the same festival in 2006 I bought a pennywhistle in Bb harmonic minor and a Kiowa Love Flute and am immensely pleased with the quality of your work. Being able to make music on the instruments that I've bought from you has given my soul back some of the light that I lost when my hands gave out on me and my dreams to play professionally were crushed, so I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do. I look forward to buying more of your flutes in the future! Thank you and God bless. Stevie Carter, Hitchcock TX Dec 21, 2006
Dear Erik, My pennywhistle arrived a week ago and I am absolutely speechless. I have fallen in love with it and I am having fun with it everyday. It is such a great work, and now I am gaining back my melodious touch that I had lost for 10 years since I somehow stopped playing recorder. I could not be happier. I am positive I will get another instrument from you very soon. Thank you. Awang Muhammad Zaid Ann Arbor, Mi. Aug 29 2006
Erik, I have had one of your pennywhistles in C for about a week and am totally delighted. What a sweet sounding little thing! I can't seem to put it down for long. I find myself playing it during TV commercials or even while waiting for web pages to load. One of the buildings I work in is a very large warehouse with metal walls. I get the most incredible sound when playing there. I've had several people ask me where I found such a pretty song maker. Hopefully, a few of them have already contacted you to get one of their very own. You've made my days brighter. May the good Lord watch over you. Dan Aslin. Sept.7th 2004 Sacramento Ca
Dear Erik, I got my PennyWhistle in the mail today! What a treat! I was so excited i felt like a little kid on christmas morning! The craftsmanship is absolutely exquisite! Thank you so much for being so kind and patient with me over the phone I really do appreciate that. God has truly bless you with a special talent and we are so fortunate that you choose to share it with us. I pray that you continue to receive blessings, good health and prosperity. I definitely will be ordering more flutes from you very soon! Music makes life a symphony when God is the conductor. Peace be with you, God Bless! Lisa in Winnipeg Canada June 27, 2005
Thanks for the Penny Whistle. I don't think i ever wrote to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. It is so easy to play, and has such a sweet sound. I have several inexpensive whistles: Clarks, Feadog, Sweetone, Walton etc.. I even have a whistle from Michael Burke. None of them play like this one. It has become my favorite. It goes with me in my briefcase everywhere. Thanks again. Another superb instrument from Erik. Tim Hackler, Brookesville Florida. Sept. 20th 2005
Erik-Hi! The penny-whistle looks and sounds so beautiful! I don't know how else to explain this other than this is the sound that God has written in my heart eversince I can remember. Playing this beautiful instrument has awakened a new joy in my heart!!! God Bless-Judy McAdams Dec 27th 2005
Dear Erik, I just got your Penny Whistle, it was outside in the box hidden by the snow that had fallen from my roof. It sounds great! Plays very easy and much better than my metal Generation one. Thanks for doing such a good job. I will hopefully order from you again. Adam English, Gilford, New Hampshire Feb. 2003
Thanks, Erik -- received the two pennywhistles today. These sound far superior and are much easier to play than any of the factory-made whistles I've played before. Mark Landau April 30 2004
Dear Erik, You are a great flute maker, and player and I have purchased a penny whistle from you and it has absolutely brought me endless joy, it is wonderful. The Penny whistle has received vast complements from fellow flutists and they say it has a very harmonious and rich sound. God Bless you and your family Sincerely, Joey Springer in Orlando, Florida, April 2004