Shipping Information

We are happy to announce that most of our instruments are ready to ship.

Customers in the United States: 
When you now buy from Erik the Flutemaker inside the USA there is now no additional shipping charge. We will ship your order via United States Postal Service Priority Mail with a tracking number and it takes 3 to 5 days to arrive.

Canadian Customers:   We recently heard that shipping to Canada via US post office has been terminated. Once this storm passes we will again ship to Canada for a flat rate of $35 United States Postal Service Priority. If you live near the US border, we can ship to a US post office box for free.

International Customers outside the USA:  We ship worldwide for a flat fee of $65!  But please be aware that you will have to pay Customs Fees that are determined by your country. We have nothing to do with those costs.
If you decline to pay customs, they will not deliver your package and when we get it back we can only refund you the cost of the instrument but not the cost of shipping.

If you know of someone traveling back from the USA we can ship anywhere inside the USA for free and you can avoid International charges.

All international packages will have a tracking number that will be emailed to you when your order is sent.

It is a joy to serve you.