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I am happy to announce that most of our instruments are in stock and ready to ship!

About Erik the Flutemaker...

I have had the joy of making bamboo flutes for 46 years and have handmade over 150,000 wind instruments. It has been an adventure making bamboo flutes in Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Fiji, where I got to play for their President.

I settled in Florida due to the great flute making bamboo called Bambusa Multiplex that grew in southern China and settled into Japan for centuries. It arrived by steam ship to San Francisco and came by train to Florida in the mid 1880's, settling into the sub-tropical gardens of pioneer horticulturalists and then into the earliest plant nurseries which spread the bamboo around Florida.

Thanks for coming into my bamboo flute world, you are about to embark on a musical journey. 
Hope we can help!
Erik the Flutemaker.

We will ship your flute anywhere in the world!
*Please keep in mind countries will charge a customs duty fee when delivering your package, we have no control over that extra charge.


Erik the Flutemaker
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