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End Blown Oriental Flute

Only 2 left. They have some natural curves.

This is a rich, enchanting pentatonic flute with a mystical voice that plays well in 1 1/2 to 2 octaves. 

Using the Andean Quena notch to get sound and the Japanese Shakuhachi tuning.

Playing tip: One needs to keep a soft grin, lift the flute upwards against the lip and tilt to get sound. Once you get good sound stop tilting but keep an upwards pressure for a good connection. The flute can be tilted as you play to accent and bend notes.

The End Blown Oriental Flute comes with a protective bag and bindings. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

On a personal note, in the first photo, I am sitting in a spot at 317 Washington St. San Francisco in 2016 where in 1887 bamboo from Japan was sent to Florida and helped establish our bamboo groves that make great flutes. 

What you are saying...

Thanks so much Erik. It's perfect. I played it right away, no problem. The sound is divine. I love the bag too. Thank you! Also want to mention that your wrapping job was amazing.
Jill in Clermont FL. November 8, 2019

I really love my end blown Oriental Flute. They carry much personality and are a great companion on a trip. Keep in mind, one needs to lift upward to connect well and tilt to find the sweet spot. When I get ready to head out to Nicaragua, I open my big flute bag to see what I will bring and this is one I often grab to come along. It is an awesome flute. Erik the Flutemaker, April 20, 2019 in Davie, Florida.
Your flutes have gone with me cross-country-skiing, canoeing, hiking in all kinds of conditions all over Alaska. Your bamboo flutes smile at the cold, my tripping and falling over tree roots, sliding down the mountainside, the drenching in the bottom of the canoe. They are durable and travel and play at subzero temperatures. They are my very true friends. On sunny summer days floating on the lake, the trumpeter swans who nest every year near my cabin show a definite preference for your "Meditation" flute.

The smaller bamboo flutes have ridden in saddle bags on horse-pack expeditions in the Mentasta Range (Alaska). My late evening flute meditations would bring the horses in from the meadow for the night. I played a bamboo flute to soothe a mare through a difficult foaling and years after, the filly who was birthed that night would come whenever I played and stand with her muzzle touching the end of the flute. Music really is supernatural and reaches across species.

Flutes are part of my soul and I take one or more everywhere with me. See my end blown Oriental Flute in my morning prayer spot with Mt Denali in the background. Thank you, my friend!
Gretchen in Alaska, March 4, 2018
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End Blown Oriental Flute
End Blown Oriental Flute
End Blown Oriental Flute
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