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Andean Quena

This is a professionally concert tuned G major Quena. Will play in Am, C and Em also.

The 15 inch Quena is "The Flute" of South America and captures the musical heart of the ancient peoples of the Andes Mountains. It is a really fun flute that can musically cry and celebrate in the same song.

I have bought some quenas on my travels in the flute market in Cochabamba Bolivia, in Argentina and Peru. 

It is an end blown flute because of the burned and filed notch at the top. When a fine jet of air from a relaxed grin crosses it, there is sound and then adventure.

Lesson: At first just hold the flute without covering the holes. Lift it upward pressing against  a soft lower lip and tilt it or pivot it while you press up against the lip to find the sweet spot where the air will spit to make sound.

It is a full major scale. All closed is Do. As in do re mi fa so la si and the back hole is do. The traditional bottom note is G. So a concert tuned Quena is a G flute. Which will also play in A minor and C and Em.

The Concert tuned on in G is the one sought by musicians to play with others and to record with instrumentation tuned in A440.

Every Quena comes with protective bindings and a flute bag and because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

Special thanks to TeraShock music for providing such a wonderful piece of music so I could let you know what my Quenas sound like.

What you are saying...

Quena arrived in pristine condition. It took about 10 minutes to get the positioning right, and off I went. Thanks for a great sounding instrument. Immediately brought back memories of my time in Peru. I will be ordering a sax from you before too long as well.
Regards, T. Norris in Odessa, Florida October 7, 2018

Hello Erik,
I would like to wish you much happiness for the year to come. My Oriental, Vivaldi, Quena and Penny Whistle of yours are the joy of my life and I play them everyday. Thank you for making my world light up! Much health and happiness to you and yours, Ingrid in France, December 23, 2016

Dear Erik.
Greetings!! Got the flute on 29th of Nov. and let me tell you it is simply wonderful. It's sound is very soothing. Thanks a lot. I wish your work reaches to all the corners of this planet Earth. Thanks a lot once again. Best Regards Avdhesh in Oman, Dec.2, 2016.

The Quena arrived safe and sound in the same beautiful protective bag as all of my other flutes. This is the 4th flute I have purchased and I couldn’t wait to take it out. I was not disappointed. What a beautiful instrument. The feel, look and craftsmanship is what I have come to expect from Erik. Maybe even more in this case. The sound is beautiful. Thank you Erik for your service in making these flutes. How awesome that you can make a living doing something you are obvious so good at, and enjoy so much. I appreciate the opportunity to own your flutes, and look forward to passing them on to my children one day. Blessings
Mark in Maine, Oct. 16th, 2016

Dear Erik The Flutemaker
I was so surprised and happy that my flutes are here after just about a week. I love the sound of quena, but the Love flute, well it was love from the first moment. I was so moved when I held them in my hand. They are so beautiful and smell so good, like old timber houses in the sunshine. I love them a lot and some tear-drops fell from my eyes. I became so touched from something I can't explain...
And the sound: Just heavenly! Now my days will be filled with lovely flute sounds. I will play every day, but before I start to play, I smell them. Then I come into a kind of silent mood. : )
Much love and God Bless all your wonderful work .
Alice H. Borolin in Norway, August 27,2016

Dear Erik,
Well, where to start!
You made this Quena specially for me, posted it the 31st and now it is the 2nd and it has arrived!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!I Can not begin to tell you how fantastic it is to have your Quena in my hands. Of course it looks good, smells divine and sounds great!!!! It is outstanding the way it is made and finished, I am so happy that I have found you on the internet and have been able to buy from you the Oriental, Vivaldi and the Penny Whistle!
Not a day goes by that I don't play them. My health and happiness have improved because of them. Hope you are as happy as I am right now! Thank you again!!
From under a blue sky in the Pyrenees, wish you and yours much health and happiness.
Ingrid in France, June 2, 2016

(Note from Erik, Even kids love the Quena. The following are some passionate notes by Yair in NY.)
Hi Erik
I was hoping you would be willing to make one more Quena for me - I really love how yours sound! I have tried others, but they don't even compare.
Much appreciated,
Yair in Woodmere New York, Nov. 19th, 2015

I’m so happy i cant even tell you im just so happy thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks so much, Yair 11/29/15

I JUST GOT THE FLUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi Erik
i just want to tell you that Before i had my quena i would sometimes get bored but now im never bored because if start getting bored i think of my quena and then i could play for hours long and i think im getting better every day thank you so much!
if there’s any way i can thank you just tell.
Thanks, Yair in NY. Jan 17, 2016
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