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My saxes are fun and cool. They play in major, minor and pentatonic scales. You can bend notes and get a sax growl. The limitation is that it is a one octave instrument. Even though that is true, musicians in the audio industry who make movies and commercials use them as well as musicians on stage. Yanni's sax player played one of my saxes in the Tribute Concert around the world.

My Bamboo Saxes are made with Bambusa Multiplex from old Florida plantings; from ancient Chinese bamboo that settled for centuries in Japan and then came into the early gardens of pioneer horticulturists in Florida in the mid 1880's. I am also using Bambusa Textilis Gracilis growing in our bamboo garden.

Cocobolo Wood Saxes are made from beautiful exotic wood from the Pacific Rim between Mexico and Nicaragua.

The All Terrain Sax is made from an industrial unbreakable polymer which is great for taking on the trail.

The Carbon Fiber Sax is concert tuned in Bb major (my alto sax sound). And my tenor sounding sax is in G.

For the serious musician, I recommend the concert tuned saxes in A440.

Anything tuned to itself is good to play by yourself.

Click on the Pictures below or the title links to hear, see and order our saxes.


Alto Bamboo Sax

The 17 inch Alto Bamboo Sax has a nice Jazzy sound and is also very hand span friendly making our Alto Sax our best seller. You have 2 choices: Professionally tuned in "Bb Major" to play with others or with a track and "Tuned to itself" which is good if you are playing...

Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural

This Concert tuned G Bamboo Sax has a rich and mellow voice. This 20 1/2 inch sax is deeper than my Alto and recommended for a larger hand span. All my saxes play in one octave. We use an alto sax mouthpiece and a tenor 1 1/2 reed.  My Tenor Sax will...

The Ahava Raba Clarinet - In Carbon Fiber

For years I have been making Arabian flutes and later the Arabian Penny Whistle in Carbon Fiber. A few people mentioned along the way that this scale is also called the Ahava Raba scale. Which in Hebrew means Great Love. It is now time to release my new Ahava Raba...

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