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The 2020 Mercy Kids Provision Campaign

The 2020 Mercy Kids Provision Campaign

Flutemaker Ministries was born when Erik the Flutemaker and his wife, Linda started supporting a rescue of children from a garbage dump in Nicaragua in 2006. 

With the help of donations we were able to build a children's home. One day the village school teacher said to me, "As soon as the kids had shoes on their feet and food in their bellies, they began to learn." This outreach also led to bringing provision to about 10 special needs kids who were not at the dump.

That number of special needs kids grew to 266 because the need was great, donations increased and our selfless team on the ground was so dedicated. Even some of the kids from the garbage dump came along to help. One of those kids is now our ministry driver, a tailor and is married. His brother who was also at the dump is now helping our work and built many of the mercy homes in the last few years. 

After losing about a dozen Mercy Kids to Pneumonia our team on the ground wanted to visit the homes to better understand their needs. Many of these children are frail and live in extreme poverty where 80% of these homes have been abandoned by the fathers and the moms are 24/7 care givers and there was hunger.

But once we began to visit the homes to check on the kids' health we noticed their needs like a bed for the child who slept on the floor, a hand cranked food grinder so he and she could eat softer food, the need for a table and chairs, some kitchen utensils, some clothing, their meds...

By September 10, 2020, Flutemaker Ministries has been able to help with the first 6 groups with donations from Ambassadors of Love, flute sales and our ministry donations from customers and friends. 

Here is what the 2020 Provision Campaign for The Mercy Kids looks like.

Meet Pastor Carlos the Executive Director of A Heart to Love who we support.

And meet Pastor Abel Duarte the President of A Heart To Love.

The ministry team is working safely.

These homes can be pretty needy.

We are providing beds to special needs kids who need them.

And supplies.

We recently got a donation of 25 Wheel Chairs from a Mennonite Church down there. Thanks guys! All these chairs have now be given away.

A Heart to Love team at work.


Some of these homes need kitchen utensils.

Some of the kids need a hand cranked food grinder to eat softer food.

Most of the mercy homes need a table and chairs.

The Monte Carlos Farm is a staging area for our work.

Special food is prepared at the farm.

And food is grown

Delivering mercy food

Levis traveled 5 hours to visit one mercy child in the mountains of Murra.
We have a dedicated team. We got to help Levis' daughter, Genesis. In this picture it looks like the horse just asked Levis, "Did you say, you wanted me to take you 5 hours into the mountains and back?"
Some of our mercy kids are helped with their medical situation like Suyen.

Twice a month Flutemaker Ministries sends funds to feed 266 Mercy Kids, run our feeding centers that prepares food for kids to take home and pay the ministry bills in Nicaragua to keep going. When new needs come up like this current outreach, we could really use some help. 

Groups 1-6 represent the needs of 78 mercy families that are now provided for. 

Flutemaker Ministries is presently looking for funding for Group 7,  $2,040 which looks like this:

Palacaguina’s special children 

# 1 Jeyner Jafet Olivas González
Age: 11 years
Diagnosis: Microcephaly
Place: municipality of Palacaguina
Special needs:
Bed ------------------ $120
Mattress, linen for other bed ------------------ $50
Table and chairs ------------------- $60
Kitchen Utensils ---------------- $60
Fan -------------- $30
Total: ------------------- $320

# 2-Karen Noelia Gurdian
Age: 15 years
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
Location: East, Palacaguina
Special needs:
Bed ------------------- $120
Linens Mattress ----------------- $50
Kitchen Utensils-------‐----------- $60
Clothing --------------- $60
Table & Chairs --------------------- $60
Total -------------------- $350


# 3 Ely Jonathan López Olivas
Age: 15 years
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy + Epilepsy
Place: San Ramón community, Yalaguina
Special needs:
Bed ------------------- $120
Linens, Mosquito net, Mattress ---------------- $50
Table & Chairs---------------------- $60
Clothing --------------- $60
Kitchen Utensils ---------------- $60
Total -------------------- $350

 # 4 Dariel Fernando vallecillo pérez
Age: 14 years
Diagnosis: hemiplegia in right upper and lower limb
Place: sawaska community, Palacaguina
Special needs:
Bed ------------------- $120
Linens, Mattress, Mosquito Net ----------- $50
Kitchen Utensils------------------ $60
Fan ----------------- $30
Table & Chairs--------------------- $60
Total --------------------- $ 320

 # 5-Lesbia Maria Olivas
Age: 20 years
Diagnosis: hydrocephalus + spina bifida
Place: community La Calera, Palacaguina
Special needs:
Bed ---------------- $ 120
Linens, Mosquito net, Mattress --------------- $50
Table & Chairs------------------- $60
Fan --------------- $30
Blender ------------- $30
Kitchen Utensils---------------- $60
Total: ------------------ $350

 # 6-Lourdes de los Angeles Padilla
Age: 10 years
Diagnosis: Diabetes, Clubfoot
Place: community Cofradía Palacaguina
Special needs:
Linens, Mosquito net, Mattress ----------------- $50
Bed ------------------- $120
Kitchen Utensils  ----------------- $ 60
Medications for Diabetes, glucose test tape ---------------- $ 350
Total -------------------- $ 580

 Did you say, How you can help?  There is a donation button below.   A one time gift or monthly support would be a tremendous blessing to help us bring a blessing to the Mercy Kids in the northern mountains of Nicaragua and let their mother's know they have not been forgotten. Thanks!  Erik