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Erik the Flutemaker in Nicaragua March 2019

Erik the Flutemaker in Nicaragua March 2019

March 15, 2019: Day 1

Douglas the architect and Bradford his son and I, were just about to touch-down in Managua when our plane was suddenly thrown to the ground with wind shear, I could feel the front tires get all out of shape with the tremendous hit as the paper towel display in the bathroom jolted open. The captain immediately took off again. That was a first for me, as well as the stewardess starring with wide eyes, near me. We had no idea if we were all doomed for a few moments. After going around for 10 minutes, the captain told us it was wind shear and then we landed safe. Ha! I am surprised Spirit Airlines did not charge us for landing twice.

We traveled for hours past Matagalpa by some beautiful mountains to La Dalia to see Aracelis.

Aracelis is a beautiful kid with cerebral palsy and parasites in her bones.

When our team found Araselis by the road, they stopped and gave the family a bag of provision.

Then our team toured the home.

This is where the family bathed.

This is the latrine. But Araselis can not get to it. She goes on the floor and her mom cleans up after her. Hmmm..., sounds like a project for a new mercy home!

Where the family sleeps.

Aracelis seems to be a cool kid.

Then our team brought them clothing and blankets.

And retuned to upgrade the condition of the house, like a new bathing area.

2 beds were purchased.

Then a humble room was built where the black plastic was.

Maria Vicente makes enchiladas and sells them at the bus terminal to passengers at their windows. We got to expand her business with a kind donation.

But the land is not theirs and one step outside their back door reveals they are on a dangerous thin ridge with a big drop.

We later bought a plot of land and relocated them on their own property and fixed up an existing structure.

Day 2: Our 40 foot container with food arrived at the port and we heard that 30 new mothers with special needs children wanted to register to get food, so we drove to Rancho Grande and met with a pastor who was organizing it.

Pastor Torres invited Mayor Maria Isabel Gonzalez to come to our hotel to meet with us, said she would lend us her trucks to move the food to the kids.

Then we crossed the street and went into his church where the crowd of 30 surprisingly grew to 95 children with disabilities and the new group signed up to get food. Then we head out to the Monte Carlos Farm.

Ana was raised from a baby by Pastor Carlos and Lorena. He asked us to bring her a camera. The best photos in this report are hers. How wonderful to sow into the young.

At the farm Jonathan posed for a fun picture. He was 9 years old when he came to the children's home. Now he is one of our agriculturalists and helps with all the outreaches.

Rolando, never knew his dad and came to the home from the garbage dump. He is now a cook, agriculturalist and drives one of the ministry vehicles.

Jael, Pastor Carlos' youngest daughter picks some Cacao on the farm.

Day 3 and 4: We visited some of our mercy kids so I could play for them, and Bradford could give them a flashlight and an offering, and see how they were doing with their new micro businesses.

Bradford: Mr. cool 13 year old.

Kenia with her micro business.

This family tried 4 times to get a shunt in Maria's head to drain fluid and it did not work. Her head will only get larger and larger. They built a kitchen but could not afford a roof so we funded their kitchen roof $380. Maria passed away in 2020.

Leanora's husband lost his job after the difficult period in Nicaragua and she could not provide medicine for her daughter every 4 hours, nor pay the rent. With her new micro business, she can do both and feed themselves well.

She was so thrilled when we bought stuff from her store. Then gave the shampoo and blanket and mosquito net to the next mercy family we visited.

Inez was thrilled to start baking again. She has 2 Mercy Kids. We were also able to get her front teeth. The universe is now a better place!

Doña Sonia was very happy to see money flowing again. They have 3 mercy kids, Mayte, Luz and Jose Luis.

Cenelia a mercy mom, was so happy with her new plastic business and said she was doing very well.

Then we visited a Mercy House almost finished. This family had to flee from the mountains when a mentally unstable man threatened to harm their daughter. Homeless and needing work we reached out to this family. And got them a  gas stove, propane tank, iron, table, chairs, pots, cups, bucket, bowls, mosquito nets and a dresser and place to put their dishes.

Erik an old hippie and Carlos an old Child artillery officer and policeman. An unusual mix touching northern Nicaragua. It was a good trip!

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  • Jennifer Knowles

    Erik, thank you once again for the detailed news and the wonderful ministry!

  • Russ

    It’s good to see so many smiling faces. Thanks for the update.

  • Mother Clare

    Wonderful, Wonderful!!! Everything is going so well, to God be the Glory. Love, Mother Clare

    p.s. I love to sow into your ministry because the work you are doing is needed so badly and gets people on their feet.