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The Story of Your Flute

The Story of Your Flute

After five decades of harvesting bamboo in Florida for flutes, I began to ask the question, "How did this get here". Even the old-timers could not answer. After 10 years of researching, I have become the "Erik the Flute-maker Florida Bamboo Detective Agency". And I was quite surprised to find what I did.

This then, is the amazing story of your flute and the human story behind it. Click here for the full article.


  • Paul Leasum

    What a fantastic article! Thanks Erik!

  • Santini L.

    Wow! What an amazing article. You have some impressive research skills. I am shocked no one made a comment on this article. I appreciate the story which you gave us and the knowledge you provided in this article.
    God Bless you Erik.

  • Jill Kusba

    Thank you for collecting this information and for sharing it.