Erik the Flutemaker

The Story of Your Flute 3 Comments

After four decades of harvesting bamboo in Florida for flutes, I began to ask the question, "How did this get here". Even the old-timers could not answer. After 4 years of researching, I have become the "Erik the Flute-maker Florida Bamboo Detective Agency". And was quite surprised to find what I did.

Why I do what I do 2 Comments

Sometimes you just can't walk away from...

Davie man's flute-making skills benefit children in Nicaragua 3 Comments

Up to this time I owned and loved a wooden flute that was made in India. The strong wood revealed a lovely grain. A brass ring hugged the end of it, looking like a prince from a far away land...

Music in the Grove 11 Comments

Is there music in the grove? Is bamboo surrounded inside and out with music?

Can bamboo communicate?  If so, how? Can one interact with living Bamboo?

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