Erik the Flutemaker

Bamboo Trivia 1 Comments

Interesting facts about the wonderful world of Bamboo.

My First Flute 9 Comments

Up to this time I owned and loved a wooden flute that was made in India. The strong wood revealed a lovely grain. A brass ring hugged the end of it, looking like a prince from a far away land...

New Times Interview

When he's in the middle of a bamboo forest, Erik Sampson hears music.Today, though, Sampson isn't in the jungle. He's standing before a clump of bamboo rooted inside a nine-foot-square planter fashioned from logs, in a sunny part of the back yard of his ranch home on an acre of land in western Davie. Usually, he hooks a trailer to the back of his Ford Bronco and travels to Fort Pierce or Homestead to harvest bamboo on acres of land where it grows so thick that it creates green shadows. Today, he is reenacting the harvest for the benefit of New Times.

History of the Flute 5 Comments

A four holed flute made from a femur bone of a bear was found in a cave in France. Flutes have been found in tombs in Egypt and depicted on their walls. Clay flutes and whistles have been dug up in the cornfields of the Mayan peoples of Guatemala. From Africa to Asia the flute has left its mark. Recently, flutes made from the wingbone of ancient cranes were discovered in China. Clay pan pipes in the Andes and double flutes seen on ancient Greek vases.

The True Story Of Erik The Flute Maker 3 Comments

Political activist, kidnapped for three years, lived with Indians, bitten by snake, slept in cave, chicken coops and jungles as he traveled North, Central and South America. Vegetarian for six years, delivered his first born, walked with a staff and white clothes seeking answers from the guru maze of eastern philosophies.

Erik the Flutemaker
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