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The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber

New! The Vivaldi Minor carries a classical anointing that draws you into a dreamy place where composition and entertainment flow effortlessly. This amazing flute has a distinct old world renaissance voice. It is very creative and easy to improvise with. Listen to Cembalo below. (Cembalo means Harpsichord)

The Vivaldi Minor in Carbon Fiber is professionally tuned in G#, is 16 inch onng and made with an unbreakable material. 

With gorgeous, rich tones, this flute seems to be great for creative folks who want to improvise. I recently recorded it with some Brazilian Music and was totally blown away by its creative ability to fit so well in that venue. Listen to, 'Oh, Brazil' below.

For years I have made the amazingly creative Vivaldi Minor in Bamboo. Then I made some in beautiful Cocobolo wood. We have just made our first professionally tuned Vivaldi Flutes in Carbon Fiber. 

Comes with a flute lesson and a flute bag. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

Why Carbon Fiber? It has a great sound, in a great material, with a great feel. It is warm to the touch and it will not crack. You may live in place where bamboo molds due to intense humidity, you may live in intense cold weather where bamboo can crack, you may be sensitive to Cocobolo Wood, or you just might want to join the many musicians experiencing Carbon Fiber Instruments like Cellos, Guitars, Flutes and Penny Whistles.

The Vivaldi Minor Flute is a tribute to classical musician Antonio Vivaldi from Venice Italy, who was a virtuoso on the violin playing all around Europe and impressing royalty and the Pope with his gift of music.

 Of Vivaldi, a German architect said, "Vivaldi played a solo accompaniment excellently, and at the conclusion he added a free fantasy which absolutely astounded me, for it is hardly possible that anyone has ever played, or ever will play, in such a fashion."  

 In 1704 at 25, Vivaldi became a priest, and due to his bright red hair he was called the Red Priest. But being weak in the lungs he was unable to speak from a pulpit and served in the early 1700's teaching music to orphaned and abandoned girls and toured with them playing concerts throughout Europe.

 Years later due to the death of his biggest fan, the emperor of France, Charles the 6th, who had sent for Vivaldi to come, but was not around anymore to support him, and due to much musical competition and no benefactor, Vivaldi died a year later, totally broke. There was not even any music played at his humble burial.

His music was silent for the next 200 years, but his was rediscovered in 1926. After World War Two, his music soothed a hurt world being rebuilt in heart and soul. Today, Vivaldi is honored as one of the treasured classical Baroque composers of the world. I am honored to make a flute that I call the Vivaldi Flute and remember Antonio Vivaldi, the Red Priest who taught orphans music and toured with them.




What you are saying...

Hi Erik
Thank you for my new Cocobolo Penny Whistle, Carbon Fiber Irish and Carbon Fiber Vivaldi. I will be buying all your carbon fiber instruments. These flutes are amazing. Again thank you for the fine instruments.
Best wishes, Cesar in Corona, California May 2, 2019

Dear Erik,
The Vivaldi in carbon fiber is a lovely player. It is very agile, warm and responsive. It feels good in the hand and sounds quite fantastic. I look forward to exploring more of it's charms and possibilities. Thank you for creating another wonderful flute.
Best wishes,
Jason Horton
Chatsworth, CA. July12, 2018
I am working on a piece for Vivaldi Minor and Spanish Guitar. I have learned to apply my classical training to the instrument, developing a more complex tone via the Vivaldi Minor than any silver concert flute can produce. It's really nice. I play the Minor, then go back to silver flute, and find I am bored, and then spend several hours playing fast scales and passages on the Vivaldi Minor. I played for a party recently, and hands down the group preferred the sound of the Vivaldi Minor OVER the sound of a Gold Brannen. Interesting huh?!
Spencer Yeamans, flutist

The Carbon Fiber Vivaldi Minor is exquisite by any standards and is an amazing instrument. It is colorful, rich, dynamic, exotic, sexy, and immediately inviting. I was immediately taken with it and will keep it in my growing arsenal to use in playing live. Spensor Yeamans in Corpus Christi, Texas, Sept 10, 2017
Hi, Erik
The Carbon Fiber Vivaldi is outstanding! It is really enjoyable and comfortable to play. I was surprised by the sound quality. All the best, Francesco in Singapore, August 31, 2017

Just got this flute. It is AMAZING! If you are thinking of buying it don't hesitate! I can barely put it down and take it with me everywhere. The Carbon Fiber is extremely resonant and the notes carry well in about any environment. I absolutely could not be happier with my purchase!
Youtube comment May 20th, 2017

Hey Erik! I just got my Vivaldi Minor Carbon Fiber flute. It is absolutely fantastic! Everything about it is amazing. Just absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship. It is incredibly resonant and responsive and the sound is just as sweet as could be! To be sure it will be my favorite daily carry around. I eagerly look foreword to doing more business with you. By the way your ordering and shipping process was flawless and quick! love it!
Thanks Erik! Really! Michael P. in Gahanna, Ohio May 15, 2017
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The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
The Vivaldi Minor - In Carbon Fiber
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