I have at last found a way to better my life thanks to music. Andrea Filippi, Santorso, Vicenza Italy July 19, 2015
Thank you for the fine craftsmanship and quality that you put into these flutes. Paul in Fountain Valley, California April 25, 2019
The Mercy Flute Sets
The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets

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In August 2020, Flutemaker Ministries is helping 266 special need kids though-out northern Nicaragua. Our partners on the ground are visiting every home to see how they are and we are coming across many needs. And as my ministry Bin is full of instruments it a great time to help. Some of the flutes have a bow, some are rubbed by the Florida wind in a past hurricane, some may have holes best for a construction worker's hand or for a lady with thin fingers, or a repair or blemish... so these are great flutes to sell much cheaper. And to say thank you, we will ship your Flute Set for free inside the USA, include a wonderful Travel Bag for your collection and Free Flute Lessons.

As this is a fund raiser I will not be able to take them back.

Mercy needs include special milk, a bed, a repair on a latrine, a visit to a doctor, meds, exams, clothing, kitchen utensils... The actual list is below for the present kids we are helping with this sale.

And if you are outside the USA there is a shipping cost and later you will have a customs cost.

 Mercy Set #1

 Mercy Set #2

Mercy Set #3

Mercy Set #4

Mercy Set #5

Mercy Set #6

Mercy Set #7

Mercy Set #8

Children's needs:

 Regular price $335.00
Unit price  per 

The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets


You can pick your instrument in the key you want to play in or it can pick you, as it calls to your soul offering to take you to an enchanted place.

When your heart begins to dance inside you, you will know which one to get.

Shopping Tips: Your instrument should fit your hands, so be aware if in the product description we are recommending an instrument for large hands. Please let us know in the “Order Notes” at Checkout if you are buying for a guy or a gal, if your fingers are very thin, or if your hand span is very small.

Your instrument is guaranteed for one year, but if you take care of it, it should last for decades.

When receiving your instrument during Extreme Weather, please let the package sit in your warmer temperature with all the wrappings for about ½ an hour so it can slowly acclimate from its cold journey. Our bamboo is tropical and needs a moment to say hello!

For even more helpful advice on choosing, playing and taking care of your instrument, check out our FAQ’S - Ask a Flutemaker section here.

The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets


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The Mercy Flute Sets

The Mercy Flute Sets


We make sure that all the packages we deliver are well wrapped and packed to insure that your instrument will arrive safely to you.

Most of our instruments come with a flute bag and lessons with some easy songs to play. Check out what unboxing an Erik the Flutemaker’s package is like in the video below:

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