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All-Terrain Saxophone

This is our first ATMI or All Terrain Musical Instrument!

The All Terrain Sax is cool and fun and can be taken anywhere without worry.  It is also a crowd pleaser and brings a groove everywhere you go.

Material used: We wanted to use a material unaffected by water, dropping, able to handle harsh environments and performed extremely well. We decided to use a strong long lasting polymer manufactured to last decades. Along with a handsome strong laminate like that which is used on expensive custom cars, designed for harsher environments. Thus, the All Terrain Saxes are made from a super strong industrial polymer covered with black vinyl that looks like carbon fiber.

The All Terrain Saxes are professionally tuned. To play with others in tune it is good to warm up the instrument. A moist reed and your breath bring it into pitch. Playing outside on a hot day should be in pitch and In cold environments instruments sound flat, so warming up the sax with your breath into the finger holes or for a quick fix using a hair dryer will get it back in A440.

Our saxes can play in major, minor and pentatonic, get sharps and flats and can bend notes but unfortunately they are only one octave. Even so, many Jazz players use them, folks in the movie audio and famous musicians like in the Yanni concerts have used our saxes in public and on their cds. 

The Soprano in D major will also play in E minor, G and B minor.

The C major will also play in D minor, A minor and F.

The Alto in  Bb major will also play in C minor and Eb.

The Tenor in G major will also play in A minor, E minor and C.

The free tutorial on this page teaches how to play in these keys and gives you a good idea of which one to choose.

The audio demos give a good feel for their quality in a recording atmosphere.

 The reed is a standard Tenor 1 1/2 reed available in music stores. Washing the reed after use with water will let it stay fresh and clean. Let it dry upside down so air can go under it. The reed will need to be replaced from time to time. The All Terrain Sax is best heard in nice acoustics or played professionally with reverb.

 After 48 years of flute making, this is one of the coolest things we have made.

The All Terrain Saxophone comes with: An Alto Sax Mouthpiece, Cap, Ligature, 2 tenor - 1 1/2 reeds, our How to DVD which teaches the secret to Jazz , sax bag and because you look marvelous and I am motivated, Shipping and handling is included.

Note to all professional musicians: We recommend that you do not remove the mouthpiece for your very expensive one. 

Note: The song, Dreamers in Rio, song # 2 was done with the All Terrain Bb sax the one I call the Alto. 

Erik the Flutemaker


What you are saying...

I take my All Terrain Tenor Sax with me wherever I go… sounds deep and resonant, just like a conventional tenor sax. I can really wail with it – blues, melodies, improvs. I am hooked. And it is so compact in its over-the-shoulder carrying case. When I play it at the park, people from all over the park, even at the other end of the lake, tell me that they heard it loud and clear from afar. If you decide to buy one, you will love it.
David in Mount Laurel New Jersey Sept. 16, 2019

Oh man, what a pleasure! I am so thankful for the service you provide and the commitment to your craft. I am currently in Antarctica and I stopped my purchase because our flights are delayed here, so I wont be able to receive the all terrain tenor sax in time if I did order it. I previously bought an alto cocobolo sax from you, a few years ago when I was stationed on a submarine out in the pacific and man I fell in love with your work. I look forward to purchasing more of your art! Take care.
Joseph, at the end of the world. March 23, 2019

I have never played any musical instrument in my life. After seeing videos of Erik’s Bamboo sax, I had to have one. Yesterday I received it and for10 minutes I blew into it not making a single noise. Then I used the information packet including his how to dvd. After only one hour of practice I started making some pretty lovely notes. I am more than excited as I progress. Thank you for the wonderful instrument you have created. I believe if I can learn this anyone can! I Love my All Terrain Sax!
Brandon in Clermont, Florida Dec. 8, 2018

Dear Erik,
I received the "All Terrain Tenor Sax" in perfect condition. Thank you and Bravo for this record of delivery! I discovered your "All-terrain saxophones" whose sound fascinates me…the simplicity of your creation is really brilliant too. Be blessed for what you do and for what you are! As your good humor and your joy of life shine around you.
Jean-Baptiste in Les Issambres, France, July 15, 2018

Hello Erik,
I just received my package with the two saxes I ordered and I do thank you.
I was so excited that I couldn't wait and I opened the package, took my sax and played about one hour! See me soon on YOU TUBE!
Best Regards, Patrice in Bernis, France May 24th, 2018

Hi Erik
I AM SPEECHLESS. After buying a few flutes and so called pocket Saxes in the last few years, I received today your All-Terrain Tenor Sax in Key of G! Taking it out the package feeling the weight and seeing the quality, made me realize that until know I only had bought toys!!! The feel is great the sound is unbelievable - I am looking forward on having lots of fun with this great Product. And also planning my next order from!!!
Thank you very much!!! Best regards,
Freundliche Grüsse in Luzern, Switzerland, July 13, 2017

Hello Erik,
I received the two Saxes, that I ordered from you yesterday, they both play really well, and sound Great. Problem is, they may sound better than my Selmer Saxophone. I am enjoying playing them both.
Thank you, Gary in Rogue River, Oregon. May 20, 2017

My father just got me one of these for Christmas. As an instrument collector, I have never seen anything like this before. Truly revolutionary! Bro Doodman Youtube comment Dec.13, 2016
Thank you for the super fast delivery. What a great instrument! I will love playing this sax for years to come. Look forward to checking out your flutes in the future too.
Sincerely, Ryan Brown - Dearborn, MI November 14th, 2016

Thank you Erik. I have been getting great sound from it. Amazing grace sounds wonderful. You were right about the Bb having a sexy jazz sound. When I close my eyes I feel like I’m playing on the street in New Orleans. What a wonderful instrument! I am loving playing it and determined to learn many different songs. Being a south Louisiana man I’ve grown up around jazz and blues. I’ve always wanted to be able to play that style and just didn’t take the first step that way til now! So happy I have the All-Terrain Alto in Bb. I can already tell this will be a passion of mine for life. Thank you!
Micah Morris in Baton Rouge, Louisiana September 26, 2016

The All-Terrain Tenor Sax is glorious! I love the sound even though I'm still learning how to play it after an hour.
Bryan Thomas in Colchester, Vermont Sept.12, 2016
Dear Mr. Erik,
Thank you for creating this nice sax!
I recently bought your Bb All Terrain Sax and I love its sound.
All the best to you.
Thi Nguyen from Viet Nam June 2, 2015

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. The (All Terrain) Bb Sax is fantastic. I'm super happy with It. The tone Is mellow and very powerful too. I'm impresed with the projection of the instrument.
Best regards, Chris Cavallo in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida Aug. 18th 2014

Got the All-Terrain Tenor G Sax. Love it. Starting to turn my friends in your direction.
Richard Wooster, San Francisco, California July 29, 2014
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone
All-Terrain Saxophone

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