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Low D Irish Flute - In Carbon Fiber

This is a 23 inch, concert tuned D flute that is good to play Irish, Celtic, Folk and Christian Contemporary Music.

It will play in D Major, E minor, G and B minor.

For a year we have been working to bring to the market this very nice flute. We have worked hard to find the balance between quality and ease to play in this amazing new medium.

You are buying a flute that is deep and rich and will last your life time.

Comes with instructions and a nice flute bag. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

Recommended for a medium-large to large hand span.

What you are saying...

Hi Erik
Thank you for my new Cocobolo Penny Whistle, Carbon Fiber Irish and Carbon Fiber Vivaldi. I will be buying all your carbon fiber instruments. These flutes are amazing. Again thank you for the fine instruments.
Best wishes, Cesar in Corona, California May 2, 2019

The Irish flute arrived and it is excellent…with its own unique sonority and colors, and rivals many other "Irish Flutes" on the market today. I've had several flutes tuned to D major over the years in various materials, and this is by far the best. Moreover, it has a much more complex sound and color, while very sweet, is also rich. I can also change the color of the sound quickly and can shape the phrases without necessarily having to use a lot of vibrato. I look forward to more flutes, including the Egyptian flute, the Counselor, the Deep Forest, and others.
Warm regards Spencer Yeamans, flutist TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY- CORPUS CHRISTI June 18, 2018

Hey man, just dropping you a line to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your carbon fiber D. I’m going to tell you the truth, I bought another carbon fiber D flute and after working with both for hours a day, your flute sounds better than a flute that was quadruple your price. You really do make a fantastic flute! Take care and have a great new year.
Michael Pio, in Ohio Dec. 29, 2017

Erik, I want to let you know that the Carbon Fiber Irish flute I bought from you is a truly wonderful instrument. It has such a warm sound and will give me many years of joy. I highly recommend it!
Sincerely, Jonathan in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, September 24, 2017

Oh my gosh! Thank you! This low D flute is AMAZING! I mean really it’s a no brainer. They sound astounding and will last a life time. Thanks again Erik! I can barely articulate how happy I am! Take care.
Sincerely, Michael in Gahanna Ohio, Aug. 24th, 2017
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Low D Irish Flute - In Carbon Fiber
Low D Irish Flute - In Carbon Fiber
Low D Irish Flute - In Carbon Fiber
Low D Irish Flute - In Carbon Fiber
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