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Deep Shakuhachi

This is a deep, rich and wide Shakuhachi that is approximately 24 inches long.

Using the end blown notch of the easier Quena. 

Recommended for a large hand span.

Your Deep Shakuhachi comes with a flute lesson and flute bag. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

To blow the V shaped end blown flute. The blowing is like the side blown way where you must blow from a relaxed grin (forming a line in the lips) not a pucker (which would be a hole).

Once the line is formed by grinning softly, place the flute under the lower lip so the V is in front of the line. Do this without any fingers on the flute.

Lift with upward pressure on the flute to create a good seal against the chin and begin tilting the flute up and down, swinging the flute like a door connected to the chin area just below the lower lip.

The air must split across the V sharply, some going in, some out.

Look in the mirror to make sure you don't pucker.

Puckering will only make you dizzy, sound airy and frustrate you. Some people repeat the words "Tooty too" others say the word "Pure". The idea of spitting out a small item from the tip of the tounge like an eyelash is helpful. If you see yourself forming a pucker move into a grin by relaxing the cheek and then smile. So grin, press upwards, tilt and spit watermelon seeds. Once you get it find the sweet spot. Where it sounds the best in purity and volume with out a windy voice and where it feels most comfortable. Practice without the fingers.

When you achieve sound this way you are ready to work with the left hand on top.

Closing the holes with the pads of the fingers.

Lifting upwards to get a good connection

Wrap the knuckle of the left hand around the flute it helps to hold it.

Lifting upwards helps to hold it too.

Don't chase the flute have the flute come to you.

As you progress with the top fingers with sound then finger the bottom too.

Place the flute in sight where it can speak to you.

It will say, "Hey lets try it again for 2 minutes" Don't hide it out of sight.

Go to the flute when it calls you.

I don't believe in flutes and hot dashboards in the summer. But long red lights are a good practice place

As well as commercials without the volume.

Or sitting in a nice acoustical place. Which invites you to want to fill it with music.

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