Hi Erik, The carbon fiber whistles arrived last week, and they sound amazing! Thank you for making such excellent-quality instruments! I plan to add... Rachel in Nebraska Dec. 17, 2019
Thanks again for a beautiful looking and sounding D Carbon Fiber penny whistle. Sweet player. Very excited about it. Have a great day. Michael in Billings Montana, June 6, 2019
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WHISTLE A MAJOR Carbon Fiber Body
WHISTLE A MAJOR Carbon Fiber Body
WHISTLE A MAJOR Carbon Fiber Body
WHISTLE A MAJOR Carbon Fiber Body


Carbon Fiber Body - Major Scale

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After much research and development with Carbon Fiber for space, aviation, sports, boating and the music world, nano technology arrived at Erik the flutemaker's.

The ancient became the new. Carbon, the building block of living things now can sing in your hands. 

I have found Carbon Fiber to be warm to the touch, strong to the ear, long lasting, all terrain, will not crack, will take extreme heat and cold and may likely become the Penny Whistle of the future.

The 15 1/4 inch A Whistle will play in A major, Bm and D by using the peace sign fingers together below. A nice mellow whistle.

Small hands should stay with the D and C.

The Carbon Fiber Penny Whistle comes with a flute bag and a lesson with some easy songs to play. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

 Regular price $180.00
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Carbon Fiber Body - Major Scale


You can pick your instrument in the key you want to play in or it can pick you, as it calls to your soul offering to take you to an enchanted place.

When your heart begins to dance inside you, you will know which one to get.

Shopping Tips: Your instrument should fit your hands, so be aware if in the product description we are recommending an instrument for large hands. Please let us know in the “Order Notes” at Checkout if you are buying for a guy or a gal, if your fingers are very thin, or if your hand span is very small.

Your instrument is guaranteed for one year, but if you take care of it, it should last for decades.

When receiving your instrument during Extreme Weather, please let the package sit in your warmer temperature with all the wrappings for about ½ an hour so it can slowly acclimate from its cold journey. Our bamboo is tropical and needs a moment to say hello!

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Carbon Fiber Body - Major Scale


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Carbon Fiber Body - Major Scale


We make sure that all the packages we deliver are well wrapped and packed to insure that your instrument will arrive safely to you.

Most of our instruments come with a flute bag and lessons with some easy songs to play. Check out what unboxing an Erik the Flutemaker’s package is like in the video below:

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Hi Erik, The carbon fiber whistles arrived last week, and they sound amazing! Thank you for making such excellent-quality instruments! I plan to add more of your incredible whistles to my growing collection. Thanks and have a blessed Christmas! Rachel in Nebraska Dec. 17, 2019
Thanks again for a beautiful looking and sounding D Carbon Fiber penny whistle. Sweet player. Very excited about it. Have a great day. Michael in Billings Montana, June 6, 2019
Erik, after a year and more than 40 gigs playing your instruments, I have to say that your carbon fiber D and C whistles are the pinnacle of tone, comfort, articulation, intonation, and durability. I was initially impressed by the immense volume produced in the lower octave, allowing me to cut through my loud band without fear of any phrase getting lost against the fiddle, bass, drums, guitar, and four voices. And unlike aluminum or wood, they’re ready to go the moment I scoop one up - and they can better take being dropped. Yet my favorite quality is the sound. Somehow they manage to straddle the line between the richness of wood and the clarity of metal but without the murkiness of the former or the shrill harshness of the latter. It’s the best of both worlds. Remarkable! As a consequence, my other whistles are permanently retired. Randy Smith with the Coracles - Irish, Scottish and Celtic music in Cheshire CT July 30, 2019
Hi Erik, just received flutes down under in Western Australia thanks very much! The low d is very nice and the penny whistle in d is amazing - I have a couple of these but yours sounds the best- love it! Regards Richard, in Dianella near Perth in Western Australia, April 23, 2019
Erik, I just received the B♭ whistle that I bought from you and I am absolutely amazed! The sound quality is perfect and very authentic! Its clear that you put allot of time and care into making these wonderful instruments. Thank you again for these, the videos and all those that you help with your donations! Blessings on you man! Nathan in Holland Michigan, November 4, 2018
My expectations are met and exceeded. The quality of the flute bags is a very nice bonus. The carbon fiber D penny whistle sounds great, the Kiowa Flute nice and mellow. Thank you, Justin in Lynden, Washington, June 14, 2018
My Bb Carbon Fiber whistle is wonderful for anyone who wants to play a Celtic Style of music, wanting to embrace a mellow lower tone. I really enjoy this new amazing sound. It is ideal for SMALLER hands and very easy to play. I also enjoy my D and Arabian whistles of Erik's. Adding on to your collection is a great way to start the New Year! Blessings - not to mention all of the children he blesses. Marlene Wynn, Ph.D in Daphne, Alabama, Dec. 26, 2017
Why in the world did I choose Carbon Fiber Penny Whistles when I have always played beautiful wooden Recorders and Native American Flutes? I wanted an instrument to bend with my breath in the notes I play. I wanted an "open" tranquil sounding instrument. I took a chance on Erik's Carbon Fiber Whistles. You get what you pay for! I was SO overwhelmed by the quality and beauty of these whistles that I ordered 3. The Arabian, D and Bb. I am so thankful that Erik has made these available to us. They offer more quality that I could have imagined. Thank you Erik for your gift of helping people like myself to connect with the music within. Marlene Wynn, Ph.D in Daphne, Alabama, Dec. 20, 2017
Erik, I wanted to thank you for this amazing Carbon Fiber D Penny Whistle. I own a Shaw and a Chieftain, and your whistle is superior by far. So simple to get to the higher octaves, so simple to finger notes rapidly, such as Irish jigs. I will definitely purchase more instruments from you in the future. Sincerest regards, Merrilyn in Killeen, Texas, August 6, 2017
Erik, Just received the carbon fiber A penny whistle. It works great! Thanks for making these instruments at such an affordable price! This is my fourth purchase from you and I'm impressed every time! Joe in Maine USA May 6, 2017
Dear Erik, Your package came today…I heard 1000 melodies inside me… …oh wow…I held the A Carbon Fiber Whistle in my hand and I played the first note and tears came down my face. It’s like coming home, coming back. You have to know I’m a beginner in flute, I played some others but I never had the feeling like with this one. I felt the energies of the notes and my fingertips touched the wind from inside the flute. Then I opened the 2nd the Cocobolo C Whistle, what a beauty…WOW… …again I played the first note, what a warm sound, again I felt running down my tears…wide warm windy notes. I love to play the new flutes - they have such a warm and soulful sound all over the range… I am learning how my soul sounds in flutes. Thank you so much! My heart is singing… …I have read your story, wow, I can feel every word you wrote! I will carry your flutes into our beautiful land, blessings, from Harald Peterstorfer in Austria. Studio engineer, moviemaker, photographer, musician and recording artist. Feb 1, 2017
Erik, I have purchased several of your instruments. Each of them is uniquely treasured. However, I love the carbon fiber penny whistle. I have started recording songs and your instruments are touching people and being used to be a blessing to others; primarily those who play them. Thanks Erik. Mark in Maine, Jan 22, 2017
Hey Erik! I purchased a D Carbon Fiber whistle from you last week. I received it yesterday (so fast- especially because of the holiday season and me living in Australia). Absolutely love it mate!!! Great sound and quality- I'm sure it's hard to beat. God bless you and keep up your amazing ministry!! Loved the flute that much I plan to purchase another one soon - possibly the Arabian one - it sounds incredible!! So no doubts that you'll hear from me soon. Bless you Erik!!!!! David Cobain in Victoria, Australia Jan.6th, 2017
Erik…I have had my flute for several days now, and all I can say is…WOW. Your flute makes my other brands seem as toys…lol. I was hesitant about the carbon….but love it! I got the “A” and was amazed first of all with the little air it takes to make a tone….and the sound is awesome…so much richer than my other whistles. The ½ tones are so much easier to make….so is the voicing expression using them. The flute literally almost plays itself..it is very forgiving…even my mistakes sound more like intended augments....lol. It’s almost as if you pass along some of your anointed playing ability with the flute. Thank you for such a great product….I will be back for a ‘D’!! Take care. Danny Dixon in Louisburg, North Carolina November 2 , 2016
Erik, I received my Carbon Fiber – C penny whistle today, I am thrilled with it. It came sooner than expected and was in great shape. I have been playing a cheep whistle. Your instrument sounds so much better when I play the old hymns I know. Thanks again for getting it delivered so quickly. Dave in Long Beach, California, Aug 26, 2016
Erik, I received my new carbon fiber penny whistle in D last week. I wanted to write a review immediately, but decided to wait until I had a chance to play it a little bit. A little bit turned into a lot! This is such a great whistle. I have had several penny whistles over the years, and this is amazing. The volume, for one thing, is a major plus. Even in the lowest register, this whistle really sounds out. As you say in the video, the upper octaves are a little intense, but it is a fun intensity. Just don’t play it in the kitchen! The response to "half-holing” is also an area where I believe this instrument excels from others of its kind. Speaking for the D whistle I received from you, I find that it is infinitely easier to play sharps and flats than on my Clarke D. The tuning was also spot on, and I am able to play with the piano or other concert tuned instruments without fear. I really wanted the cocobolo whistle, but I was intrigued by the idea of carbon fiber, so I made the choice. I still hope to get a cocobolo some day, but I have absolutely no buyers remorse. This is a great whistle. Thanks Erik! Mark in Maine, May 10,2016
Thank you for the beautiful penny whistles. I received them so quickly, only for 5 days to Japan. My lovely whistles....Cocobolo and Carbon fiber. Rich sound and nice tone! Now they are my favorite ones. Also, I could feel your sincerity from the packaging. Thank you, again. Masaharu Torii Osaka, Japan. March 26th, 2016