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Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved

This 17 inch Bamboo Sax.

The Bb is concert tuned in Bb major and will also play in Cm and Eb by using the peace sign finger Jazz Secret in my videos.

The less expensive sax is tuned to itself and fun to play by yourself. 

My saxes play in one full octave, the alto is good for all hands and has a great jazzy voice. 

After much experimentation, I recommend using a tenor 1 1/2 reed on the alto sax mouthpiece.

On my present models I am binding the top of the sax.

My DVD, Bamboo Sax 101 teaches the secret to Jazz, found in "Other Products". My free tutorials on this page also touch on this.

Every Bamboo Sax comes with a cap, ligature alto sax mouthpiece, a bag to keep it safe and an extra reed.



What you are saying...

Hey Erik, the bamboo sax is absolutely unbelievable, it's amazing! The craftsmanship is superb, thank you. My wife told me today that when I play the sax it feels like the baby is dancing around in the womb! Blows me away when I try to wrap my mind around God's love and goodness.
Troy in Canada Feb 18, 2018

Hi Erik, I received my alto bamboo sax from you today and I would just like to thank you for the quick delivery and show my appreciation for the amazing artistry and skill that you put into these instruments, I am very pleased with how it sounds and looks, I also would like to say I think you are an amazing person for the work you have done in helping children, also your life story is very interesting, Keep up the good work.
Much appreciation Matt Randall in the U.K. January 30, 2018

Hi Erik,
Just wanted to let you know the bamboo alto sax arrived safely this morning and I've been playing it most of the day. It is fantastic, has a great tone and looks good too. I was able to get all the basic notes in about forty five minutes and played several songs this afternoon. My wife was amazed that I could play a few church hymns by ear today. Thanks for the wonderful instrument!
Sincerely, Gene H., 70 years young, in Apple Valley, the high desert of southern California. June 27, 2017

My wife bought me one of your alto bamboo sax for my birthday last week. I love the awesome sound and ease of play. It only took me about two minutes to get my embouchure correct to be able to play smoothly and beautifully.
I am a sax player who doesn't have a lot of time to put into practicing much, so the fact that this instrument can sit at my desk just waiting for me to pick it up and play, for even five minutes, makes me very excited to play regularly. It arrived just yesterday and I have had more music played by me in the house since it arrived than I have played in over a year combined. Thank you so much for your amazing ministry. I hope you are able to get funding for many more projects to come.
Sincerely, Chuck in Lacey, Washington May 6th, 2017

Hi Erik,
Wow! I was incredibly excited about getting them and wasn't expecting them for at least a week or so, all I can say is Thank You and tell you how thrilled I am. The Kiowa is just incredible, what a sound! It's very meditative and such a joy to play. It's exactly as I had hoped it would be. The Alto Sax is phenomenal. The carrying bags you included are beautiful and compliment the flutes so well. Thank you for your masterful craftsmanship and all you do to bring light and joy to peoples lives all around the world.
Sincerely, Paul Cating in Boston, Massachusetts, Dec.11, 2016

Hi Erik,
Received my Alto today. Absolutely beautiful piece and sounds great straight out of the packaging. Appreciate your workmanship and must also acknowledge that the shipping is spot on and arrived just as scheduled. God Bless and keep up your good work.
Thanks, Norman Rodgers in Thornlie, Western Australia June 5,2016

Hi Erik,
My name is Shawn Watson I just wanted to tell you you've literally changed my life with these instruments. Started with one of your saxophones and then got into some flutes and whistle. Thank You Erik for opening the door to a whole new world I've now been putting your instruments in my recordings with my guitar playing and other instruments I play. We also have a little jam session at the waters edge down by the river where I live every Sunday evening where anyone and everyone is welcome to join in. I have been able to jump right in with your incredibly tuned instruments and it had handfuls of people come up to me and just go WOW that thing sounds incredible what is it?? Who made it??? I simply smile and say Erik the flutemaker and I give them your website info! As a instrument maker and an artist I can STRONGLY say your artistry is second to none and tone is incredible!
Keep up the awesome work!!!
Shawn Watson (Sir Watson Guitars) in Austin, Texas July 9, 2015

Dear Erik,
I just wanted to let you know that the flutes, and alto saxes which I recieved from you in 2002, some 12 years ago are still going strong! The durability and strength of the bamboo is truly amazing. They all still play as the day I received them. I play them all the time and think back of the privilege I had meeting you. Thank you for your wonderful talent and for you having shared your wonderful gift with all of us all these years.
P.S. They all respectfully sit in a place of prominence at my home =)
Sincerely, Tony Colon in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida July 26, 2014

Dear Erik,
I want to say thank you again for the amazing flutes and bamboo sax that you've made!
I was playing them for 2 weeks and simply can't stop. Every single one of them has it's unique sound. It took me about two days to find the right sound and since then I'm playing non stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I already ordered two more flutes and can't wait to try to play on them! : )
Have a wonderful and peaceful day!
Sincerely yours, Fedor in Toronto, Canada July 26th, 2014

Thank you so much for the quick and courteous service. As a collector of instruments, I found this sax to be a welcome addition to my collection.
After a short amount of time, the sweet spots were found rather quickly. Thanks to your 29 minute tutorial on Youtube. I was also impressed with the colorful pouch it came in, the cd, and the Thank You card for donating to the kids of Cascabel. I look forward to purchasing soon again. The Vivaldi flute sounds absolutely enchanting and will be my next buy. You are truly blessed!
Thank You, Jeff Burns in Monroe, North Carolina, July 14, 2014

Hello Erik,
Just to let you know that I have received my tenor and alto bamboo sax's and am absolutely blown away by both their sounds and looks. Lovely bags and expertly packed and posted. You are a shining light of customer delight :-) I was surprised to find how easy they are to play and really love the burnt smell created by your making of the holes. Thanks for making the world a better place with your products and music.
Dr. Bruce Copley in South Africa, April 28, 2014

Hi Erik,
I received the Alto Bamboo Sax a few weeks ago, and I'm absolutely blown away! The sound is fantastic and bending the notes are pretty fun too. I never owned a traditional saxophone and never learned to play professionally, but have self taught with the Bamboo Alto. I just want to say thanks for making such an affordable instrument. I love recording with it and find it more interesting than a real sax any day!
Ryan Brown in Dearborn, MI. May 14, 2014

I just want to say that I am thrilled with all of the instruments I have recently purchased.
I ordered the Bamboo Sax and I wasn't disappointed. They aren't just wonderful sounding instruments, they are unique, handcrafted pieces of art, which has always appealed to me. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me. Thank you also for the good work you are doing for those through your ministry.
Barbara in San Ramon, CA

We received our bamboo flutes and saxophone last week. It was very fast service! The flutes sound amazing. They will give us endless joy on our travels. The saxophone is incredible. They are presented so beautifully in the bag, and they look like lovely pieces of art. Thank you so much.
Michael and Linda in Victoria, Australia Sept. 14th, 2013

Thanks Erik
I have received my Alto Bamboo sax and I am totally in love with it. So excited to learn and play.
Thanks a ton for this happiness. Be Blessed
Angelo in Mumbai, India Sept 16, 2013

Hi Erik,
I got the Bb sax and and I think that it out beats a real one!
Cristian Rossi in Winchendon MA. May 2010

I really love the bamboo sax. Please list good items more in the future. It was a happy transaction. I will coninually purchase goods on your website. Thank you.
from. Ji Young & Jong Hwi (from South Korea.)

I recently bought an alto bamboo sax. I have never played a reed instrument before. I must say that I love this instrument. Tonight I'm bringing it to my band practice to play with some of the guys (I play in a jazz band). Thank goodness I got the concert tuned Bb sax! Thank you so much!
...Just played with the band and we all loved it!
Thanks again Mike Gipson, Texas A&M University October 2009

Hi Erik and Linda,
I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Erik for the wonderful BAMBOO SAX in Bb. The mellow tone and ease of playing far exceeds any of my expectations. I absolutely love it!!!
Angela In the UK August 2009
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Alto Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved

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