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Return Policy

Our Return Policy

Your instruments are guaranteed for one year. But should last you decades if taken care of. We are good at repairing damaged flutes.

Returns or exchanges made within 30 days of original purchase with the sales receipt or copy and note attached will be accepted for refund. All returned merchandise will be charged a 10% restocking fee which will be deducted from your total refund.

Please, no returns or exchanges after 30 days in your possesion.

We do NOT refund shipping and handling as it has already been paid to the post office and our shipping department.

We do not offer refunds on Missionary or Cascabel Flutes, since the money has already been donated to the Kids of Cascabel.

We also can not refund or exchange any "Special Ordered" flutes, (ex. personalized names or custom carvings).

If you send back a bamboo sax, we will also deduct $3 for the reed.The restocking fee includes disinfecting instrument, credit card fees already charged to us, state tax collected and sent if applicable, filing paperwork and restocking instrument, and paying our secretary to do all this. If returning please include a copy of your receipt.

If you will be making an exchange please include the cost of shipping the new product to you. You can call us at 954-424-6502 or email us at for that info. Thank you!

Delivery Time for Orders

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to complete your order.

When ordeing overseas please keep in mind that your country will charge you a customs fee. Every country is different and we are unaware of that cost.

We state truthfully the cost of your product and are bound by law in this.

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