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Double Flute


This is a Double Penny Whistle.

An amazing instrument when covering 3 holes with one hand and 4 holes with the other. As you go up and down the scale it becomes a magical instrument in the ears and hearts of your audience.

See my simple tutorial on this webpage for more. These double flutes are made from ABS resin.

I have played double flutes since the 1970's and used them to entertain children before my puppet shows and stories. So the double flute is great for working with kids, but it is also an amazing instrument when joined by other musicians as you will hear below.

Fun and easy, and well made by George Kelischeck, who is more than a musicologist, in my opinion. George is letting us carry his excellent work and we are using it to help bring food and household supplies to 266 children with disabilities in our mercy program in Nicaragua. So thanks for considering the double flute and being a blessing to others. 

The C Double Flute is the larger one. The side with the 6 holes will play a full C major scale in 2 octaves and will also play in D minor, A minor and F by using the peace sign fingers together (the Jazz secret). When both sides are played together the double flute plays in D minor.

The D Double Flute is the smaller one and better for a smaller hand and when played together plays in Em. The flute with the 6 holes will play in D major, Em, Bm and G by using the peace sign fingers together (the Jazz secret).  The D whistle is much used in Celtic-Irish Music, Christian Contemporary and American Folk Music. 

In the videos on this page I first play the C and then the D, so you can see and hear them both.

The first 2 songs in the demos below, are played on the C Double Flute and the last two songs, are played on the D Double Flute.

Choose the C or D! And remember that the D Double Flute will be more comfortable for a smaller hand.

The Double Flute comes with a flute bag and flute lessons. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, Free shipping inside the USA!

As this is a fund raiser the Double Flute will not be able to be returned. Thanks!

What you are saying...

Dear Erik,
I just want to let you know how much I am appreciating the double flute (in c) that I ordered from you a while back. I find myself playing it almost daily -- very satisfying. I am impressed with the work that you do -- making the world a better place and giving the gift of music.
Best, Eric in Ghent, New York, Jan 14, 2020

Hi, Erik
The double-flute arrived today -- lovely sound and very comfortable to play. Actually having quite a bit of fun with it. Many thanks.
Mike in Sechelt, Canada, March 9, 2019
Double Flute
Double Flute
Double Flute

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