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At Erik the Flutemaker we not only want to spread good music & good cheer around the world with our instruments, we really want to make a difference in the lives of people stuck in situations who can only dream of a better life.

Through Flutemaker Ministries, our amazing customers, family and friends have been able to: Provide for our children's home, feed 5,000 children at 49 feeding centers, bring food and household supplies to 243 children with disabilities and fix up and build houses for impoverished families with children with disabilities. Thank you!

 The instruments below are made and are ready to ship.

 Please keep in mind that these offers are a fund raiser for our work in Nicaragua. Because they are a fund raiser, they will not be able to be returned.

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Double Flute

This is a Double Penny Whistle. An amazing instrument when covering 3 holes with one hand and 4 holes with the other. As you go up and down the scale it becomes a magical instrument in the ears and hearts of your audience. See my simple tutorial on this webpage...

The Old World Flute Set

Get 5 ancient sounding world flutes in a great flute bag. A great way to jump into the world of flute music and touch the world! Each Flute Set supplies 12 children with disabilities who are stuck in poverty with food and household products in Nicaragua.  In the Flute Set...

The Mid-Eastern Flute Set

4 Mid-Eastern sounding flutes, a bird whistle, a cd and a travel flute bag.  This is a fundraiser to fund our outreach to 243 children with disabilities bringing bags of food and household products to families in severe poverty in 2017 in Nicaragua. The Mid-Eastern Flute Set includes: 1) Egyptian Flute:...

The Asian Flute Set

 I have a work in Nicaragua. There are so many things I want to do there if I had the money.  Well, here is a way to fund some of that.  Present Project: In January of 2017, Erik the Flutemaker Inc. decided to fund 44 new kids into our Mercy Ministry....

Deep Forest Flute

RICH-MELODIC-MEDITATIVE-FUN! This is a side blown flute with an easy-to-play harmonic scale that plays in 1 1/2 octaves. And recommended for a medium to large hand. The Deep Forest Flute comes in Natural or Dark. It is bound and comes with a flute bag.  I am dedicating 100% of the income from the Deep Forest...

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