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At Erik the Flutemaker we not only want to spread good music & good cheer around the world with our instruments, we really want to make a difference in the lives of people stuck in situations who can only dream of a better life.

Through Flutemaker Ministries, our amazing customers, family and friends have been able to: Provide for our children's home, feed 5,000 children at 49 feeding centers, bring food and household supplies to 266 children with disabilities and fix up and build houses for impoverished families with children with disabilities. Thank you!

 The instruments below are made and are ready to ship.

 Please keep in mind that these offers are a fund raiser for our work in Nicaragua. Because they are a fund raiser, they will not be able to be returned.

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The $210 Soccer Team Deal

For $210 you are getting a great deal on some excellent instruments while clothing a soccer team of 20 at risk young men in Nicaragua! Some of the these players have been abandoned and do not have a support system and have responded well to kindness and good advice. They are tempted with drugs and...

Genesis Flutes

 Genesis is a bold, beautiful and brave 10 year old who is one of our 266 mercy kids in Nicaragua. Meet this joyful soul in the extremely cute video on the right as she learns to make side blown flutes on day one and two. What a privilege to have her for 7 months as...

Double Flute

This is a Double Penny Whistle. An amazing instrument when covering 3 holes with one hand and 4 holes with the other. As you go up and down the scale it becomes a magical instrument in the ears and hearts of your audience. See my simple tutorial on this webpage...

Deep Forest Flute

RICH-MELODIC-MEDITATIVE-FUN! This is a side blown flute with an easy-to-play harmonic scale that plays in 1 1/2 octaves.  The Deep Forest Flute presently comes in Natural, and 1 Starry Night left and is recommended for a medium to large hand. They range from 30 inches to around 34 inches. This is a fund...

Kua-Kumba Flute

Kua-Kumba Flute Back in 1973, I walked into a small store in San Francisco that had masks, spears, bows and arrows and an interesting bamboo instrument. I saw the price of $90 on the item and was totally surprised and I burst out asking why it was so much. The...

The Mid-Eastern Flute Set

Includes 5 Mid-Eastern sounding flutes, a cd and a travel flute bag.  1) The Arabian Penny Whistle: Made from a carbon fiber body and a great head joint and concert tuned in C. Easy to blow and lots of fun. 2) Egyptian Flute: Side blown like blowing across a bottle....

The Old World Flute Set

Get 5 ancient sounding world flutes in a great flute bag. A great way to jump into the world of flute music! In the Flute Set you will find the following flutes: 1) The Oriental Flute: A 7th century Japanese pentatonic scale, side blown, easy to create as the scale is...

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