Erik the Flutemaker

Bamboo Sax 101 AND the Art of Bamboo Flute Playing


This DVD covers the fundamentals of playing and improvising on the following instruments:

The Bamboo Sax, the 5 hole Inspired Kiowa Love Flute, the Oriental Flute a pentatonic flute like the Shakuhachi but side blown, our Arabian Flute, the Major Flute, Minor Flute, Andean Quena and Pan Pipes.

And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!


What you have said about this video:

"The video was fabulous, just what I was looking for, informative and inspiring. I love my flutes!"

Erik Lunholm, Sweden


"The video is fantastic, just as i was told. In fact it was higher than my expectations."

Curtis Hall, Buckley Washington


"Erik, I've bought a few of your flutes and am enjoying them tremendously. You have opened a door for me... your video made it all possible".

Stephen in Colorado


" the way your video is just outstanding!"

Frank Mayer, Burlingame, California

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