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At Erik the Flutemaker's we offer a number of products that are helping to make a difference in the world.  

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Gift Card

Want to give the gift of music? Sometimes it can be hard to choose the exact right instrument for someone else. So why not give them the ability to pour over my site and select their own, personal flute from Erik the Flutemaker? Gift cards are a very simple way to share...

Double Flute

  This is a Double Penny Whistle. An amazing instrument when covering 3 holes with one hand and 4 holes with the other. As you go up and down the scale it becomes a magical instrument in the ears and hearts of your audience. See my simple tutorial on this...

Travel Flute Bag

Presenting the professionally made Flute Player's - Travel Bag! This beautiful bag has 5 pockets for your flutes along with a bigger pocket  to carry your flute world with you. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and a button to close it.  Made by our friends in Nicaragua to give them a...

Erik the Flutemaker Key Chain

The story: Since 2012 I have been following leads on how bamboo came to Florida that gave me a career in flute making. In 2016 the search took me to a location in San Francisco at 317 Washington St. where bamboo arrived in 1887 from Japan on a steamer and was sent to...

Bamboo Sax 101 AND the Art of Bamboo Flute Playing

  This DVD covers the fundamentals of playing and improvising on the following instruments: The Bamboo Sax, the 5 hole Inspired Kiowa Love Flute, the Oriental Flute a pentatonic flute like the Shakuhachi but side blown, our Arabian Flute, the Major Flute, Minor Flute, Andean Quena and Pan Pipes. And because you look marvelous and...

Bumping into God

This is my life story with 100 cartoons of my artwork depicting my adventures as a flutemaker as I traveled Central and South America. It is also a tale of the people I met and the fascinating stories they told. I will take you from my home in a chicken...

Flute Bag for my Carbon Fiber Flutes

This beautiful 27 x 9 inch Flute Bag will fit our Carbon Fiber instruments. (The Kung Fu Flute will stick out.)  Our Flute Bag is made from beautiful cloth woven on a foot loom in Guatemala. After the cloth was ready, it was sent down to Nicaragua and was crafted...

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