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Arabian Flute - Natural

You just crossed the desert with your camel and dismounted at the oasis. You are handed sweet cool tea. In the breeze the palm trees are moving and are full of dates. The sun just set and a shadow crosses the land, you hear an exotic voice and feel a chill. It is the Arabian Flute.

The Arabian flute is a fun side blown Mid Eastern sounding flute made of all natural bamboo.

The Medium Arabian is 14 3/4 inches and fits the average hand span comfortably.

The Large Arabian is 19 inches and is comfortable for a larger hand.

I recommend the medium for those customers with smaller hands.

Going from all closed to all open and back down will help to tune your ear to this melodic scale. All closed but the first finger up is the High Do. It also has a pinkie hole.

 This flute comes with a protective binding and a flute bag to keep it safe.

Arabian Flute - Natural

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