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Our 31 inch Kung Fu Flute is finished Dark.

This is a deep and enchanting musical scale of the Shakuhachi from 7th century Japan.

This flute captures the simple and deep essence of ancient Asia.

 It is the Grasshopper Flute, capped with exotic Cocobolo wood from the pacific rim which grows from Mexico to Nicaragua. 

Our Kung Fu Flute was inspired by a personal flute of David Carradine, of the Kung Fu series.

The Shakuhachi Flute was made from bamboo which included the root. It was played by monks who used it also for protection when carrying valuable parchments to monasteries. When it became illegal for Samurais to carry swords in Japan, some also began to carry the Shakuhachi for protection and to play.

This flute will play well in 2 octaves and is the very easy and creative pentatonic scale.

It is also a good meditation flute.

The leather strap makes it practical to carry & hang the flute. 

 Tip: On the highest 2 notes of the second octave one can close the first 2 holes from the bottom to get those notes better in tune in most on the Kung Fu Flutes and Oriental flute in bamboo.

So, Grasshopper, will you be enjoying a Kung Fu Flute today? That is the question.



What you are saying...

Dear Erik,
I received the Kung Fu flute as a birthday present last week. It sounds enchanting. It is a beautiful instrument to behold and a super player, much more versatile than I expected. I am enjoying this flute very much. You are a great craftsman. Blessings, Jason in Chatsworth, California March 15th, 2017

Good day Erik,
The Kung Fu Flute has arrived in good order. It is beautiful and the sound is beautiful, a kind of meditation to play this flute. I wish you all the best and thank you for bringing music into the world.
Warm greetings, Herman van de Kuit in the Netherlands
Sept 8th 2016

Hi Erik
I just can’t seem to put them down, The KungFu and Meditation Flutes have such an amazing sound. When I start playing it’s like I’m in ancient times of the samurai… I’ve never played the flute before, until I got them from you, It only took about an hour to teach myself how to play, It seems I was meant to play, I’ve done some recording and when I play it back it sounds like I’ve been playing for years.
I can’t thank you enough for how much these flutes are changing my life. I wouldn’t buy a flute from anyone else, you certainly are the world’s best Flute Smith. Looking forward to buying more flutes and a sax.
Thanks again Erik and Happy Holidays
Travis in Wisconsin Dec. 5,2015

Just received my Kung Fu Flute. All I can say is WOW!!
I have purchased many of your flutes over the years and love them all.
But as far as expression and tone, ease of play this one is totally on the mark.
I hope you continue your great work for many, many years to come.
Can’t wait to show it off at my next flute circle. Thank you so much,
James in Plano Texas, October 17, 2014

Hi Erik - Thank you for this amazing and beautiful Kung Fu flute! The care, love and craftsmanship with which you made this flute rings out in every note I play. I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary in Canada and have been taking the flute with me on walks and hikes to nearby lakes and streams each weekend since it arrived 3 weeks ago. The sound carries and echos so softly and smoothly in these beautiful natural settings, and it also sounds amazing in my studio. I'm finding that like with most things in life, playing this flute with softness, and less force and effort, brings out more and more of the true sounds, tones and subtleties of this incredible instrument. Thanks again Erik!
Gordon Masiuk,
Kung Fu Master
Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada

Dear Erik the Flutemaker,
I've got a 2012 Kung Fu flute that I take everywhere I go. I have taken it on epic bike rides, trips downtown, and even to my office where I work as a graduate student. When I am stuck on a particular idea, and need to think about it in a different way, a few minutes piping out a tune gives me a new perspective, and is enjoyable to my lab mates.
I have played this instrument on the tops of mountains, in the office where I pursue research, and now carry it with me as a bike rickshaw operator. People love the music that it makes as much as I love sharing the sound!
Thank you for making such a durable, portable, beautiful instrument!
Clay Hunt in Bozeman, Montana July 25th 2014

Hi Erik,
My Kungfu flute arrived safe & sound.
It does sound amazing.
Bless you.
Jase Gemell in Queensland, Australia June 17, 2014

Just received my Kung Fu Flute. Very impressed with the quality! Thank you. To be honest, Ive never played a woodwind instrument before- just put it to my lips and started off with some simple sounds. very soothing.
Going to order another of your creations very soon.
Rich McKellop March 28th, 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so excited to have my Kung Fu Flute. It's sounds so beautiful and I just wanted to say thanks. Again, thank you so much!
Gypsy April 23, 2012

Hello Erik,
Today the US Post Office delivered my Kung Fu flute. I can't tell you how happy I was when it arrived. It is absolutely beautiful and the sound is really something. Thank you Erik for such a beautiful instrument. I really love it! And thank you for being you!!...........
Sincerely, Elsa Sol in California January 25, 2012

Dear Erik,
First of all I wanted to let you know that my Kung Fu Flute has arrived and its absolutely amazing! I've been playing it every day since. The sound is just incredibly rich! Thank you very much!
Robin Tamura in Berlin, Germany, Nov 29th, 2011

Hi Erik,
I bought a Kung Fu flute from you when i was in California visiting my mother (thank you much for making the flute in time for me to take it home to Denmark) I love this flute so much that I am neglecting my Saxophone training ;0) the sound is rich and deep and easy to improvise wonderful tunes. Thank you very much, and God bless.
Sergio Pacinotti in Denmark June 19, 2011

Hi Erik!
My Kung Fu flute arrived the other day. There's only one problem - everybody in my family wants to play it!. I just ordered another Kung Fu, and a Brazilian major for my wife. It's the only way I can get to practice with mine.
Sincerely, a happy customer in New Jersey February 07, 2011

Hello Erik,
I am just writing to tell you I recieved the kung fu flute. Its terrific. Thanks!
Raymund de Asis in New York.
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute
Kung Fu Flute

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