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Brazilian Major

The 16 inch, Brazilian Major was named after my best flute made during my time in Brazil in 1972.

This is a concert-tuned G major flute, which also plays easily in A minor and C.

This flute is a great tool for a musician and has a very pleasant medium voice that sounds great with guitars and keyboards.

It is also a good fit for a medium to large size hand.

The Brazilian Major is finished darkened and glassy, capped with exotic cocobolo hardwood or Natural.

This major scale is taught on my DVD, Bamboo Sax 101 AND the Art of Bamboo Flute Playing found in "Other Products". 

Your Brazilian Major flute comes with a binding and a flute bag to keep it safe. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA, shipping and handling is included!

What you are saying...

I absolutely love this instrument. It plays easily and beautifully. I studied flute performance in college, but I had to quit due to hand problems. With the lightweight bamboo material, I can finally play again without pain. I can’t thank you enough for bringing music back into my life. This is truly life-changing.
Stacey in Tampa, Florida, March 2, 2018

The Brazilian Major Bamboo flute arrived yesterday, in perfect condition. Thanks so much for such a wonderful instrument. Totally exceeded my expectations...playing the notes, bending, doing trills, and even giving it some vibrato. Easily jumps into the 2nd register.. Thanks again for the amazing, handcrafted instrument!
Tony A. in Eagle Mountain, Utah, Feb.20th, 2016

Hi Erik,
I recently purchased one of your Brazilian Major flutes and instantly fell in love. Thank you for your craft, and your ministries. And thanks for sharing love all over the world!
All the very best, John in Geneva, Illinois July 1, 2015

Erik, I am really happy with my Brazilian Major flute. It has a beautiful tone and is easy to play. A good investment on my part. My music teacher loves it as well. He is a sax, flute player.
Jack Mason in San Antonio, Texas September 15th 2014

Hello my friend!
The Brazilian flute arrived today. Every time that a box comes from you I look like a kid in Christmas night. What a sweet instrument! Looks wonderful and plays better! Thank you for your special attention with the flute for me, mainly with the bamboo you used, that is really special.
Love Cesar and Adriana in Brazil, July 11, 2012

Warm Greetings from Finland!
I placed an order on a Concert Tuned Brazilian Major G. On my way to home from the customs I had a really good time tearing open the endless layers of newspaper, waiting for the moment when my flute would unravel. Eventually it did, along with your letter and much appreciated blessings, and after removing the bag, I took a first glance at my new, and first, flute much more than I could've ever hoped for! I'm absolutely thrilled about this!
Best Wishes,Erik Uimonen, April 11, 2012

My husband just gave me one of your flutes for my birthday (concert tuned G) and it is absolutely amazing! The sound is so natural and the "starry night" carving came out perfectly. ... your flute is really going to be a blessing to me. I love the bamboo flute because it is a part of nature, the world that God has given us. Thank you again for such an amazing flute.
Ashlee in AYER MA July 16, 2011

Hi Erik and friends.
I love the G major flute bamboo flute I purchased from you several months ago, and thought you would enjoy hearing one of the songs I have recorded with it. Thanks so much!! "Meditation".
By Lisa Thornton Ithaca, NY January 11, 2011
(please see the sound clips above for Lisa's song...)

Received the flutes today! They are fantastic. Beautiful tone, wonderful feel, even smell great. My father was so impressed with the sound that this flute produces. The leather cases are great too. I will be ordering more in the future, I'm sure.
Pete in Port Hueneme, California February 2009.

Hi Erik,
I just received my Master Carved Brazilian Major. It is an incredible work of art and has a beautiful rich tone.
This is my second flute from you guys- I couldn't be happier.
God bless you and yours.
Jay Austin, Tx September 30, 2006

Dear Erik,
I haven't put the Brazillian flute down in about three hours straight. I believe you are a miracle worker, I've never encountered such a beautiful instrument. Rest assured, I will be back for more! I have already recommended you to pretty much evreyone I know, and even some people I don't. Thank you endlessly.
Yours, very, very greatfully,
Olga, London, England Ago, 2006

am the recent proud owner of your Brazilian Major and it is magnificent. I now know what it's like to play the Stradivarious of the wooden flute. Thank you, Erik & family, and may God grant you every continued success and His many blessings through Christ.
Ron France, April 2004, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful flute. I am one of the worship leaders at my chrch and I have been able to use the Brazilian Major flute during our prayer nights. I have other flutes but yours is by far the best sounding and has such an anointing. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family so very much.
John in New York 2003

Erik, I have been enjoying the Brazilian Major in G. It plays wonderfully and the tuning is very accurate which is important as I plan to record with it. I got a quality product and service and am able to rely on tuning.I will be ordering more of your concert flutes soon.
God Bless,Wade Baird
Maryland Heights, MO. May 5, 2004

Hi Erik, I recently received my Brazilian Major in concert G. It sounds so beautiful that my girl friend has abducted it and has been learning the songs from your website. She likes it so much that I now know what to get her for Christmas this year. In the mean time I have gone back to playing my other flutes (I have an oriental flute and a Kiowa love flute) and clarinet. I simply love your works of art, I myself am looking into getting the Pan Pipes in concert G also. Till my next order take care.
Rob Arcement, Sugar Land Texas, Oct 2004

Hi, Erik!
All six flutes arrived save here in Austria! Thank you so much for these fantastic instruments, they all sound excellent! The kiowas sound is really overwhelming and the Brazilian major is really perferct in pitch! Every single flute is made with great accuracy and lot of experience. playing them is real fun and easy! I am looking forward further flutes which I will soon order from you again, all the best from Austria, the heart of good old Europe, Peter. Nov, 2004

Hi Erik,
I've been an owner of a Concert G Brazilian Major for over a year and I have to tell you that I don't think of it as a flute anymore; it's more like a friend to me. I love playing it. Anyway It has a very sweet sound and I want to thank you for it. I'm planning to purchase a small minor and a small Arabian flute and also a Soprano Sax. Again I want to thank you for my Brazilian Major as it has brought me much closer to my soul.
Pouya Bazargan, Canada, Feb. 2005
Brazilian Major
Brazilian Major
Brazilian Major
Brazilian Major

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