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Low D Whistle with Carbon Fiber body

A dream come true! For many years, numerous customers have asked me to make a Low D Whistle. But the skill to make this has eluded me until now.

Made with a Carbon Fiber Body, this 22 3/4" long instrument is the result of hard work, engineering and craftsman skills of some close longtime friends.

My Low D Whistle can be played in D major, E minor, G and B minor and is recommended for a medium-large to a large hand span.

I believe this Whistle will be a hit. If stock should become depleted, I will send out your Low D Whistle as soon as more become available.

Although the body is made from Carbon Fiber and is very strong, please be kind to your Low D Whistle mouthpiece! If the need should arise, replacement mouthpieces are available.

Appreciation to Donald Lindsay of Lindstruments for his Qwistle Penny Whistle design. Our Whistle head is made under the Creative Commons License Agreement. Link:

The Low D Whistle is finally here! Because you asked for it! It comes with a flute bag and ships for free within the USA.

Erik the Flutemaker



What you are saying...

Dear Erik Thank you so much for making this gorgeous instrument with such rich tone and ease of playing (normally would be a problem on a low D Irish whistle because I have small hands for a man but I do not have to use piper's grip on this). This flute just makes me sound so smooth and sexy, trust me, it makes it so easy to play at your best. Thanks again. Michael in Los Angeles. March 3, 2020
Thank you for the low D whistle! I am an Uilleann Piper who also plays the whistle from time to time. I play with a group of traditional Irish musicians. I let two of the whistle players in the band take it for a few weeks to give it try. Both thought that the tone was very nice. One fellow pointed out that the holes were bigger than on his, but he actually found that to be a plus and found them easier to cover and easier to get a nice tone than his own whistle!
Thank you, I am delighted.
All the best to you and Merry Christmas, Sue in Connecticut, Dec. 18, 2019

I've been playing my new low D that I just bought and I LOVE it so much. I have many whistles and play in a Celtic band. This whistle beats them all. I am so thrilled with the whistle, I can't put it down. Thanks so much, Erik!
Diana in Tacoma, Washington, December 3, 2019

Greetings Erik, the Low D whistle arrived just fine. Many thanks, playing is excellent! I feel it has a lot of potential and will expand my horizons. Walk in beauty always, Cheers ...... take care .
Brian in San Francisco, November, 24, 2019

Hi Erik,
Thank you for sending your Low D Carbon Fiber Whistle so quickly. She is awesome! As for you, do not change, you are super. Good day and all the best, Jean Paul in France November 21, 2019
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Low D Whistle with Carbon Fiber body
Low D Whistle with Carbon Fiber body
Low D Whistle with Carbon Fiber body
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