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Carbon Fiber

Carbon is the building block of all living things and the ancient has become the new.

In 1879 Thomas Edison carbonized bamboo slivers to get his light bulb to work. Since then, Carbon Fiber has enhanced the space industry, aviation, auto industry, the medical field, sports, boating and the music world; with cellos, violins, guitars and now flutes and saxes. 

I have found Carbon Fiber to be warm to the touch, strong to the ear, long lasting, all terrain, will not crack, will take extreme heat and cold and now can sing in your hands. 

Arabian Penny Whistle in Carbon Fiber

Easy to blow and create music because of its exotic melodic scale. The Arabian Whistle is concert tuned in the key of C which allows you to play with others professionally in A440 and plays nicely with drums. Made with a Carbon Fiber body and ABS resin mouth piece. This whistle...

Penny Whistles in Carbon Fiber

After much research and development with Carbon Fiber for space, aviation, sports, boating and the music world, nano technology arrived at Erik the flutemaker's. The ancient became the new. Carbon, the building block of living things now can sing in your hands.  I have found Carbon Fiber to be warm to...

Egyptian Flute in Carbon Fiber

The new has met the old. This is a professionally tuned D side blown flute with an ancient voice. Made from Carbon Fiber, this 23 inch flute has 4 top holes and a back hole. It is inspired from the 5000 year old Egyptian Ney seen on pyramid walls. Recommended for a...

Oriental Flute in D in Carbon Fiber

This is a nice 23 inch, side blown, thin pentatonic flute, concert tuned in D, giving 2 octaves. Carbon Fiber will not crack and can be played in extreme temperatures. It is the All Terrain Asian Flute for today's rugged traveler's musical need. Free tutorials on the Oriental flute can...

Kung Fu Flute in Carbon Fiber

This flute is 33 inches long, side blown, concert tuned in D and plays great in 2 octaves. Being a pentatonic scale it is fun and creative. Being concert tuned you will be able to play with others, tuned in the universal tuning of A440.  The Kung Fu Flute comes with...

The Vivaldi Minor - in Carbon Fiber

New! The Vivaldi Minor carries a classical anointing that draws you into a dreamy place where composition and entertainment flow effortlessly. This amazing flute has a distinct old world renaissance voice. It is very creative and easy to improvise with. Listen to Cembalo below. (Cembalo means Harpsichord) The Vivaldi Minor in Carbon Fiber...

The Carbon Fiber Sax

The Carbon Fiber Sax is great if you live in extreme weather. Playing in one full octave it will not crack and will last many years. My Alto is a professionally tuned in Bb major that will play in Bb, C minor and Eb. It has a great jazzy voice...

Low D Irish Flute - In Carbon Fiber

This is a 23 inch, concert tuned D flute that is good to play Irish, Celtic, Folk and Christian Contemporary Music. It will play in D Major, E minor, G and B minor. For a year we have been working to bring to the market this very nice flute. We...

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