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Tenor Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved

This Dark and Carved Bamboo Sax is 20 1/2 tall and has a deep, rich voice. 

It is deeper than the Alto and recommended for a larger hand span.

It's laid back voice sounds really nice in good acoustics.

The Tenor Bamboo Sax is finished dark and carved. 

This sax comes both concert tuned for musicians in G major and tuned to itself and good for folks playing alone. 

It will play in major, minor and pentatonic.

The concert tuned tenor will aslo play in Am and C.

The one limitation with this instrument is it's one octave.

I use an Alto mouthpiece and a Tenor 1 1/2 reed.

The bamboo sax comes with the mouthpiece, reed, ligature and cap and liturature. 

My DVD, Bamboo Sax 101 teaches the secret to Jazz found in "Other Products".

Every Bamboo Sax comes with a bag to keep it safe and an extra reed.

What you are saying...

Dear Erik,
Your - Dark & Carved - Tenor Bamboo Sax arrived in perfect condition yesterday morning and instantly played beautifully for me. What a gorgeous tone, wistful and inward, yearning and yet sprightly by turns. I played in the hearing of one of our top Australian classical composers last evening, Elena Kats Chernin, and her ear was immediately grabbed by it. I'll also be using it for much earlier repertoire - Medieval dances and chalumeau pieces. That's why I ordered the concert pitch G instrument.
Cheers - and keep up the good work!
Glyn in Western Australia June 11, 2016

I ordered your tenor dark and carved bamboo sax for Christmas (my wife's gift to me) and I think it's far time I said thanks for your great instrument! Sound quality is superb. It surprises me how such a small, portable instrument can create such sound and tone! Pleasing to listen to and to look at, I just can't seem to put it down! Thanks so much for this wonderful work of art. : ) God bless!
Samuel in Columbia, Missouri USA Feb. 16th 2015

I've learned how to play on my Tenor bamboo sax and I was blown away by this sound. Erik, you've opened a new page for me in music and I can't thank you enough for that. I wish you peace, joy and happiness!
Fedor, Toronto, Canada, July 30th 2014

Hello Erik,
Just to let you know that I have received my tenor and alto bamboo sax's and am absolutely blown away by both their sounds and looks. Lovely bags and expertly packed and posted. You are a shining light of customer delight :-) I was surprised to find how easy they are to play and really love the burnt smell created by your making of the holes. Thanks for making the world a better place with your products and music.
Dr. Bruce Copley from South Africa April 28, 2014

Hello Erik ,
I get the two instruments tonight. in perfect condition!
Bamboo Tenor Sax and Kiowa flute were very well packed and protected, no worries .
A very special thank you to you.
The instruments you are doing not only sound great, but they are also especially beautiful objects, very natural .
Thank you ambassador of music for these beautiful instruments.
I like this sentence of Gandhi : " Be the change you want to see in the world ! "
Erik , thank you again
Laurent Cazalet in Paris, France. April 25, 2015
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved
Tenor Bamboo Sax - Dark & Carved

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