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The Bb Cocobolo Sax

My saxes are fun and cool. They play in major, minor and pentatonic scales. You can bend notes and get a sax growl. The limitation is that it is a one octave instrument. Even though that is true, musicians in the audio industry who make movies and commercials use them as well as musicians on stage. Yanni's sax player played one of my saxes in the Tribute Concert around the world .

I am using exotic Cocobolo Wood from the Pacific Rim of Central America and Mexico.

 My Alto is very hand span friendly.

The 16 1/2 inch Bb will play in Bb major, C minor and Eb (by using the lower peace sign fingers together).

For a deeper sound consider the G tenor saxes. But this one requires a larger hand span to be comfortable.

The Bb Sax comes with an alto sax mouthpiece, ligature, tenor 1 1/2 reed, cap, a protective bag, an extra reed and a how to DVD teaching the secrets to Jazz.

 The color of the wood varies as every time we order it, it is different. We always send out the nicest ones first.

What you are saying...

Hi Erik,
The Cocobolo Sax was well-received here in Thailand a couple of days ago.
Congratulations to your sales and forwarding team, a very efficient system. Thanks for that. Very best and thanks again for an exemplary effort getting it here.
Geoff in Bangkok, Thailand July 27th, 2018

Dear Erik,
I received my Cocobolo Sax. Thank you. It is beautiful, well-made, and I could immediately play tunes on it. Having played years of clarinet (albeit 40 yrs. ago), playing it felt natural. Thank you for a high quality instrument. Mayapriya in Lovingston, Virginia May 30, 2018
The Bb Cocobolo Sax

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