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Bamboo Sax

Alto Bamboo Sax

The 17 inch Alto Bamboo Sax has a nice Jazzy sound and is also very hand span friendly making our Alto Sax our best seller. You have 2 choices: Professionally tuned in "Bb Major" to play with others or with a track and "Tuned to itself" which is good if you are playing...

Brazilian Major

The 16 inch, Brazilian Major was named after my best flute made during my time in Brazil in 1972. This is a concert-tuned G major flute, which also plays easily in A minor and C. This flute is a great tool for a musician and has a very pleasant medium...

Tenor Bamboo Sax - Natural

This Concert tuned G Bamboo Sax has a rich and mellow voice. This 20 1/2 inch sax is deeper than my Alto and recommended for a larger hand span. All my saxes play in one octave. We use an alto sax mouthpiece and a tenor 1 1/2 reed.  My Tenor Sax will...

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