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All Terrain

All-Terrain Saxophone

This is our first ATMI or All Terrain Musical Instrument! The All Terrain Sax is cool and fun and can be taken anywhere without worry.  It is also a crowd pleaser and brings a groove everywhere you go. Material used: We wanted to use a material unaffected by water, dropping, able to handle harsh...

Bamboo Sax 101 AND the Art of Bamboo Flute Playing

  This DVD covers the fundamentals of playing and improvising on the following instruments: The Bamboo Sax, the 5 hole Inspired Kiowa Love Flute, the Oriental Flute a pentatonic flute like the Shakuhachi but side blown, our Arabian Flute, the Major Flute, Minor Flute, Andean Quena and Pan Pipes. And because you look marvelous and...

The Ahava Raba Clarinet - In Carbon Fiber

For years I have been making Arabian flutes and later the Arabian Penny Whistle in Carbon Fiber. A few people mentioned along the way that this scale is also called the Ahava Raba scale. Which in Hebrew means Great Love. It is now time to release my new Ahava Raba...

More Nehrling Flutes

 I love a flute with a story and these flutes capture that heart. Your flute will come to you with a protective binding and beautiful flute bag. And because you look marvelous and I am motivated, inside the USA free shipping! The Story: When Henry Nehrling was a boy in Wisconsin during...

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