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The Linda House


Linda is one of our Mercy Kids. 

Our friend Mary Nelson was able to help her get a hearing aid as she was quite impaired.

Abelito is the 'on the ground' nurse serving A Heart to Love Foundation who we support. Apparently little Linda is a sweet heart.

At dawn on May 27th 2018, a flash flood swept their adobe house away and they lost everything. But they were able to escape.

When word reached our team, we brought some food and blankets. 

(A side note: Delbin on the left of this picture was recently kicked out of a home he was in for 6 years. His daughter Marisela is in our mercy program as she can not walk well. Thirteen years ago during labor the midwife jumped on Maricela's mother to try and pop the baby out and hurt her for life. In 2018 we built her home with the help of Ambassadors of Love and Geylin who was rescued from the garbage dump.  Delbin now has a home and now works for A Heart to Love the foundation of Pastor Carlos whom we support.)

After the flood they moved onto their neighbor's property in a temporary shelter.

We found a house to buy for this family that we are fixing up August of 2018. If you would like to help with a donation for this family please send a donation today to Flutemaker Ministries and in the comment box write: For The Linda House.  

Thanks so much! Erik 


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