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 At Erik the we just love to give back. One of the things that I’m impassioned about is to help provide shelter for the poor.

Here are the Kids of Cascabel who were rescued from a garbage dump in 2006, preparing the land to build their new home. With a $35 investment in bird whistles we were able to raise the initial $1500 to buy 1.7 acres! (I love a great strategy to move mountains). Soon after the land was bought, an elderly Honduran Missionary came by and donated building materials for the first building.

The Kids of Cascabel grew up with construction around them;
10 years later they are building homes for families in crisis.

Here is Geylin in the blue-striped shirt as a boy, and today working on one of the 6 homes he has helped build for needy families. One day I would like to hire them as a construction company. Presently, they work for free only asking that we would feed them while they work. Our special flute sets help generate building materials.

2010-2012  Home for kids rescued from the Somoto Garbage dump was under construction.

Here is a wonderful picture of Nicaraguan men freely helping to build the children’s home.


The Cascabel home became a food distribution depot feeding 4,500 children in 53 feeding centers, as well as providing food and supplies to 199 children with disabilities who were living in very poor homes.

Poverty in Nicaragua can be quite intense. Flute sales and donations
were able to remake Celestina's kitchen, bath, wash area, and latrine.


This 2016 house was made for Danelis & Aydely, one of our mercy kids. 23 people built this house. Many who did the construction were from the children’s home… from kids to staff.

 Her previous place had no water.

                                 Another 2016 house made for Norma and Meyling.                                             

               Meyling - Norma now makes really nice Messenger bags - Norma’s old place.
 Norma was making about a dollar a day washing clothes and ironing. Once she began to sew, it allowed her to climb out of poverty.


Max the tailor teaches crisis mothers of kids with disabilities how to sew.


2016 Mercy House for Rosa Inez Amparo and her daughter and grandson with special needs, with builder Geylin Estrada, one of the Kids of Cascabel. Rosa was staying in a borrowed place and had to go. This family needed food, clothes and a bed when Carlos met them. Today they own their own home, thanks to many flute enthusiasts! When we are done with a house, we like to plant fruit trees around it.

After a house is made, we sell some more flutes to provide needs for the house.     
Dreams do come true!
 Also, in the picture is Pastor Abel Duarte who oversees much of our work in Nicaragua.


Mercy Projects

Touch the world with practical love!

(one-time donation)


 (Monthly Recurring Gift)

 Enter 2017!

Jan. 1, 2017: Budget was met for feeding centers, Kids of Cascabel children's home, and mercy ministry thanks to donors all around the world. Many were our customers!

Jan. 1, 2017 Erik the Flutemaker Inc. was able to take 44 new children with disabilities into our mercy program, delivering food and supplies making this group now at 243 kids. $1,500 was sent.


Sara & Danny

Jan 1, 2017: Pastor Carlos writes about Sara and her son Danny, “Sara is 28 years old and very dear to us because of the trials that we found her in. Four years ago Sara's husband died in an accident. Her son, Danny, was born with a cerebral lesion. We asked her if she would want to re-marry and she said no, because she is caring for Danny full time, and because a man would not want her, thinking she would give him a child with disabilities. When we met her, she was sleeping on the floor with her son and we gave her a bed. She helps us as a cook at the farm once in a while. She presently lives in a very small house with 3 brothers and mother so there is very little room in this house. The town of Jalapa gave Sara a lot, where the older kids and staff are building her house."

But Sara needed a roof and $1,587 was raised at Erik the flutemaker for Sara's roof and was sent Jan 1, 2017

Good report: March 22, 2017 we began to help Sara with her last needs: Two doors and 2 windows, floor, latrine, paint, table and chairs and electricity. By 5 pm March 23 her home was funded!  

 In Jan 2017 we found a donation to send Emanuel David and his mom, to the US to get a new leg. He has been in therapy and returned happy with his new leg March 3.


 Jan 15th: $300 sent to Nicaragua to cover the new Mercy Kids.

The budget was met for the feeding centers, the children’s home and the mercy ministry, thanks to donors all around the world. Many were our customers!

 Feb. 1: Donations were given to help the farm get another motor to irrigate the farm in the dry season; $1,600 and $400 was given to build a needy family a latrine.

   A new roof was provided! 

Feb 4th One of the new children added to our feeding program was visited, and we saw some of the needs of this family. There are 4 people in the house. The father was sick but was out picking coffee. The new child in our mercy outreach has partial paralysis. This family sleeps on the floor because they do not have beds. Due to the condition of the roof, when it rains the family gets wet. The walls of the house are sound. So we are building a new roof and sending a bed. Their pastor is a carpenter and he and some builders in their church will donate their time and skills to put on the new roof. Erik’s flutes provided $1,145 for the roof which also covered the food for the workers.

Feb 15th Budget is met for Feeding Centers, Children’s Home and Mercy Ministry.


Brenda and her 3 boys

This is a family I would like to help in 2017. 

 Brenda Janeth Zelaya Vilchez has 3 boys and receives food from our ministry. Her oldest son Jader Andres has severe epilepsy and is autistic. Can you catch the subtle wave of the oldest son? Her other boys are Joxan and Lazaro. Her husband was ashamed to have a special needs son and left the family, leaving Brenda to fend alone. She irons and washes clothing on a limited basis when neighbors bring her work. She makes about $25 US dollars a month and at times does not eat.

 She needs a good iron and a good ironing board. (DONE! April 13th)

 But I believe Jesus wants to also give her a new house and make her a business owner.

 Brenda’s present adobe home has rotted rafters and bad walls. This house needs to be torn down and for $5,000 a new home can be made with block. As we are a 501c3 public charity we will send you a tax receipt for your gracious donation to help. Labor will be free but it is our custom to feed the volunteer workers breakfast, lunch and dinner. That food cost to be announced. They live in Wiwili Nicaragua by the Coco River in the North of the country.

 Brenda and her boys will also need a latrine, $400. (DONE! April 13th)

 Strategy to break this family out of poverty: Brenda is interested to learn how to sew with a pedal sewing machine. Perhaps she can be taught to make Messenger bags for 2 buyers who place large orders from the USA.

 We just received a $300 investment to start a mini market selling fire wood, ground coffee, refried beans and tortillas to give this family hope for a decent life. (DONE! April 13th)

 If you would like to give a blessing towards Brenda's new house, you can donate on this page and mention “A Home for Brenda’s and her 3 boys”.

 Thank you! Erik Sampson, President of Flutemaker Ministries for questions about this project.

Feb. 25th. NEED!!! A family of 6 kids lost their mom when her intestine twisted. The dad is sick and was mostly gone working in the mountains caring for cattle. The kids were sent to the aunt's home.  A lot was gifted to this family and adobe bricks were made and given. Then a house was built. We helped with the roof. This weekend I learned there are still no doors or windows or electricity there. The wood for the doors and windows will cost $300 and will be made by Geylin one of the kids of Cascabel now doing construction. The electrical costs are $286.
This need was met by Erik's customer donations and a flute set sold. Thats for helping!!!  $586. MET!

March 1: Our Flutemaker Ministries budget was met:  Children's home, Feeding Centers, Mercy Ministry and 2 salaries. Thank you donors and customers!

Also sent:

$460 for 4 mercy beds from Erik the flutemaker Inc.
$140 for special milk for mercy kids from our old friend Tina.
$600 went to put in Electric and to buy wood for doors and windows for a house where 6 kids were left orphaned when their mom died of a twisted intestine. Donation through Erik the flutemaker Inc.

March 2: Heard about a new family in need today: No beds in the house, no chairs, latrine is a mess. Mom is in her 60's caring for her 16 year old girl with severe autism who refuses to eat anything but rice, needs vitamins  and runs into the road without clothes. 
Dad is 75 hardly works anymore. There are 2 sons in the family. Each makes $2.50 a day working in the fields. Pastor Carlos said he brought them food. This family needed a latriene, beds, meds, clothing, a table and chair set. A new roof. And a strategy to break out of poverty.



I asked Carlos, "Can you hire the young men on our farm?" He said, there was work but no funding to pay them, but in 2 years when we have more fruit and products perhaps we could hire them to run a stand in the market. (Maybe in 2 years give them work?)

I asked Pastor Carlos, "Could we put a sewing machine in the house and teach the men how to sew? And then find a market in Nicaragua?" Carlos said, I have asked tourist towns, market places, airport gift shops and they already have people sewing for them.

So I sit back and ponder how difficult is it to crawl out of poverty in some places.

Here's what comes to my mind: The older brother Modesto has a knack to repair electronic things and we received a $200 offering to invest in his gift. He also know how to repair shoes and a gift of $20 came in to buy a shoe repair kit. He had little tools for either  work.

As to the younger son we received a gift to begin to hire him for a few weeks to learn how to make latirnes, put on roofs and help the ministry farm with watering, fertilizing, weeding , fixing fences. With a fair wage the 2 brothers can help this family break out of poverty. They will soon have their house in much better shape with the mercy funding but breaking poverty is my highest goal for my neighbors down south. 

If anyone else would like to help sponsor Luis Miguel Romero 25 with work please use the donate button and say " Sponsoring Luis Romero to work for your ministry."

In 2 years the farm should be able to afford to pay Luis.

March 4th: We have raised funding for 3 more Mercy beds. A total of 7 beds are now provided for! Only 46 to go.

March 5th: A precious donation from a builder for $1,200 will put in a water system in a village in dire need for better water in April. They drink the river water and have lots of parasites. 5 villages are tuning to Christ and we want to show them practical love. When Carlos came to bring them food, he also brought soap. The women went to the river to wash and their family sat naked in their homes. As they had no other clothing to wear.

March 5th: A report comes in from Pastor Carlos with A Heart Cry Concerning the Mercy Ministry.

“The mercy bags cost $20 and due to a lack of funding the bags are delivered to one group in January, then another in February, and then another in March so all get food. Then we go back to the first group.

If the Lord opens a big door, the idea would be to give each child his mercy bag once each month. If God gives us this funding for all 243 each month, there would be no problem in the delivery.

The price would stay at $20 because the reality is these homes are hungry and in many cases the whole family shares the food not just the child. And we cannot avoid this because the family is very poor. The younger child’s food lasts longer. I have found other homes have been very responsible, who administrate the food only to their child with disabilities.

 Our teams work in zones. Our workers have a central place for distribution where a parent comes to collect their bag.

NAUM works in the Coast Zone in Siuna. We transport the food in our vehicles to Matagalpa. Naum takes a 2 day bus trip and delivers the food at the church where the mercy moms come to pick up their bags.

Abel & Deybin work in the Somoto Zone. In 2 days they attend all the mercy moms.

I, Pastor Carlos and Gelin work In the Jalapa Zone areas which include Teote, Limon and the town of Jalapa.” (Gelin was rescued from the garbage dump and learned construction and helped to build 6 mercy homes.)

“Hipólito works In the Zone of Wiwili. He travels in one of our cars delivers the food and returns that evening.

William is our control manager of the visits to bring mercy bags to kids. He records the days worked and the teams that went.

Deybin controls the distribution of food to the feeding centers.” (Deybin was one of the young boys rescued from the garbage dump who was taught to sew and became a designer of messenger bags. The rescued are now rescuing.)

 After Carlos' heart cry, "If the Lord opens a big door" we had a miracle and as I write this at 5:08 AM the hairs of my arms are standing up and I have goose bumps.

The Miracle

 Imagine this: Suddenly I am on the phone with a Nigerian woman in the USA, and then a lady from Kenya in the USA, wanting to help this work. Suddenly offerings began to pour in from Lithuania, Belgium, Australia, the UK, Canada, all across the USA. What happened?

March 5th 2:18 am there was a shift from Heart Dwellers all over the world!

And who are Heart Dwellers? People all over the planet in love with Jesus and shinning His love.

One of my happy customers has a pastoral grace and a following on Youtube. In walks the loving passionate and willing to change the world, Heart Dwellers of a Still Small Voice. Calre du Bois began to share our mercy needs.

And in a few days. 4 major mercy projects were funded in homes of extreme poverty with a child with disabilities!

Family #1: Provision for a latrine, 3 beds, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, blankets, table and chair, a needed fence and a roof.

Family #2: Provision for a latrine, medicine, clothing, 2 beds, school supplies and a roof.

Family #3: Home with 6 orphans: funding to finish the kitchen, put cement on walls, and tile the floor and paint the house. This will allow the house to last many more years.

Family #4: Meds, vitamins, calcium, milk, clothing, table and chairs, 3 beds, a latrine and a new roof.


March12th This family was adopted by Heart Dwellers Mercy fund. And has been provided for!!!!

Family #4 NELSON ARTICA: Nelson has Microcephaly and a cerebral lesion from birth with convolutions from fever. Nelson cannot speak is of small stature and cannot walk.

Mother: Emilia Ártica. 55years old

Father Nelson Ártica.  53 years old a guard at a school in Tapiche jalapa making $25 due to a fracture in his right foot

History: This is a home of extreme poverty

There are 3 brothers. 16, 14 and 12.


Nelson needs medicine, vitamins, calcium, milk, clothing for the family, tables and chair set, 3 beds, latrine, and a roof.

 ALL NEEDS MET FOR FAMILY # 4!!!!!! GO GOD! Thank you Heart Dwellers!

March: 13: Family #5 DONE!!!!
JOSE BISMAR.  10 years old
Born without fingers. Eye problems and does not speak.
Mother:  MAXIMINA  GARCIA. 45 years old
Father JOSE ANTONIO GRACIA 53 years old. Works in the country side for $5 a day.
This is a family of Extreme Poverty.
Needs Met: 2 beds, latrine, tables and Chairs, medicine and clothing and a roof.

 March 14th: Sent funding for budget and feeding centers and some funding that came in from Deybin Bags and Normas bags. Sent Funding for 4 Mercy Beds raised at Erik the flutemaker Inc. And sent the donation to build a water system in a village. At 2 am I found we had enough to fund Family #5. My body quite asleep my spirit rejoicing. I had been up over 24 hours with the out pouring of mercy.

March 16: Sending funding for families 1, 2 and 3. Holes are dug for latrines and teams are ready to work before the rains of late may.

March 22, 2017 Family #6 Adopted!
Nelson Daniel Lopez is 8 years old and has Cerebral paralysis and cannot walk or cannot talk, but he can move his arms. It is his Grandmother, Julia Lopez Melgara, 78 years old, who is his caretaker. Nelson’s mother, Rosario Lopez is 28, but after the father abandoned the sick baby and the mother, Rosario fell into a deep depression and developed mental problems. And now the grandmother cares for them both.

Provided was: Medicine, milk, clothing, 2 beds, table and chair set, latrine and work on roof, walls, door, water and electricity.

March 23: Sara and Danny got adopted and their house funded! Hallelujah!

March Families 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 have now been adopted!  

March 23: A $400 offering from Canada to begin funding family #8! Eduar's House.

March 28th: Sent funding for House #7. Sara & Danny

April 1: Sent funding for Budget, Mercy Ministry, Feeding Centers, Salary of Carlos and Abel, Mercy Milk $140, Funding for 9 mercy beds, gift to Rosa Inez Amparo a single mom caring for 2 mercy kids. $50 and for some Travel bags $35, Deybin Bag $13, Norma Bag $20.

April 5:

Eduar Antonio Sandres was born without fingers. Embarrased by this, the one year old was taken to the Honduran Boarder to be sold. But the boy was rescued and came to live with his aunt Carmen Sandres, who does domestic work. Eduar is now 12 years old with problems in his spine and feet. He is in the 6th grade and writes with his mouth. Eduar’s aunt is 50 years old and his uncle William is 55 and works as a chauffeur when he can find work.

There is no latrine, no place to take a bath, their adobe house is split in 4 places and falling apart. The walls and roof are in bad shape with bad support. Let's make a great little place for a great guy!

April 8th: Eduard’s house is funded!

Needs Met! Transporting building materials to construction site, 32 roof beams, 3 doors,4 Windows, transporting workers to build site, meals for volunteer workers at work site, bathroom, 1000 lbs of metal rebar,1,200 cement cylinder blocks,15 meters of sand,150 bags of cement, metal wire ties, 40 Metal sheets of corrugate zinc for the roof, paint the house. Thank you all for funding a real home for Eduar and his aunt and uncle who took him in.

April 8th Starting to fund Katerin's Home Family #9

April 9th: help coming in for Katerin! 

 April 10: Sent funding for House #4 and #5, Sent funding for House #1 Modesto to have a micro business in electronics and shoe repair to help end poverty in this home. 

Donation came in to help Brenda and her 3 boys have a micro-business to end poverty in her home. A good day for investing in breaking the cycle of poverty.


April 11th: Sent $170 to start making Solar bottle lights to be placed into the new roofs being built.

April 11:

Medicine for Katerin: $200 for convulsions Done!

Bed #1: $115 Done!

Bed # 2: $115 Done!

Latrine: $400 Done

Diapers $30 Done!

Milk $100 Done!

April $13: Table and chairs: $53 Done!

April 13th: Roof with transportation of roof materials: $1,500 Done!

April 14th: Transportation of workers $100 Done!

April 16th: Floor $300 and $100 to help feed volunteer workers

 Food for volunteer workers: $200 DONE!

April 14th: Sent funding for Children's home and 52 feeding centers. Sent funding to hire Luis Miguel to help break his family out of poverty. He will be making Latrines for our ministry.


April 18th: Happy to announce funding for Katerin Maradiaga' home needs is complete!

April 18th: Next Family to be adopted:

Next Family to be adopted:

Family # 10 Misael Esnayder is 14. He is autistic, blind, suffers from epilepsy, convulsions and mental challenges. His mother is Ninosca she has a 16 year old and a 12 year old too. The father of this house fled when the children were small. Ninosca washes and irons clothing to survive but that can be about $30 a month.

Needs in this home:

Latrine: $400

Block Kitchen area $400

Bed #1: $115 DONE!

Bed #2: $115 DONE!

Table and chairs: $53 DONE!

Roof repairs and doors $2,000 DONE!

Total $3,083

To break this family out of poverty we are thinking of buying Ninosca a sewing machine and as she is a full time care giver she can sew at home. A mechanical foot pedal machine is only $180 and she will be taught how to make bags for the US market that we are connecting to. Sewing Machine $180 DONE!

April 20th: Erik and Linda travel to Nicaragua. 

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Posted by Ashley on March 14, 2017

May Our Heavenly Father continue to have His Mighty, Healing and Holy Hand on your Ministry Erik and continue to work absolute Wonders through your Ministry as well!
HalleluYah and AMEN!!! :D

Posted by JOSEFINA E BEELER on March 11, 2017

For better water in April. May God met the needs to give everyone a better water in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!

Posted by lynda Goncalves on March 07, 2017

your cause is an awesome one, that we love. praise our LORD JESUS for all his help for these needy people. We will be sending you a donation, in an international money order cheque, to your address that shows below this page. God bless you all for the wonderful work you do in JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have your onfo & phone number now from your page below. Please email me if this is ok, for us to send the donation this way. We wont send the donation through visa cause they charge us so much more money in service charges to do it. Thank you LYNDA GONCALVES xxx 000 to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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