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Oh Boy! It's 2020, a new decade!

I think we all can agree that we all want to be well, happy and be a blessing in these next 10 years. 
As to the blessing part. We are about to launch help to a village of 56 families that need water and latrines. They also need electricity and a project came and set up the poles and wire but the people are too poor to hook it up and pay for it. So they live in the dark.

Good water is being offered from a hill above them for free. Our team met with the mayor and the village and pipes will be bought and a we will build a tank with 8 spigots. And where needed we will provide outhouses.

If some nice funding comes in it would be nice to help these families with their electricity and establish  some micro businesses so they can meet their needs and work their way out of poverty.

Most are farmers who work on nearby farms. As drought has stifled the crops they are in bad shape. We are reaching out with food to feed their children.

The community is called El Cielo- Heaven. If you would like to help me bring some more heaven to this place, please send along a donation and mention that it is a blessing to the village of Heaven. Donations are welcome at our ministry website at

Thanks! Erik the flutemaker

We are now feeding the 68 kids in El Cielo

I love that this kid is totally involved with his toy stick.

Latrines being build in El Cielo

We want help Doña Carmen to expand her bread baking.


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