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Meet Genesis

Genesis is one of the neatest kids I have ever met. Yesterday she said to me, "Brother Erik, do you know the thing I dislike about your pool? It is getting out."

Genesis is one of the kids in the Mercy Ministry in Nicaragua that we help. She has a group of veins that created a malformation on her lip and areas behind her eye and cheek and nose. Think of it as having varicose veins in the face. She and her mom, Keylin have come to the US for treatments though a network of foundations which we are so grateful for.

Genesis arrived April 16 and has now had 4 treatments. Later she may need some plastic surgery. We are thrilled and standing by this loving family. They may be with us for 5 months or more.

Genesis has learned how to swim, speak some English and reads a ton. Keylin is learning a micro business by a seamstress. 

Last weekend for a good break they went to Disney World. With all sincerity she said, does Mickey and Minnie and all the others live in that castle? She even asked me if Santa Claus visited Florida. You don't meet 10 year olds like this.


We learned this family of 3 is extremely poor and bathes out of a bucket. Their roof rafters were eaten by termites and that their adobe walls could not hold up a new roof due to cracks. They were sharing a latrine with a neighbor, their front door was broken, their cement washtub leaked and they all slept in one room. 

Linda and I were moved to build them a new house with a bathroom and her own bedroom. 

I was thinking that this was going to need some serious funding and I went to sleep. The next day a customer who became a donor and had Genesis in his heart, was about to buy an expensive item. But the next morning decided to cancel his order and send us $1,000. Almost every day help has rolled in.

Flutemaker Ministries restoring lives

June 13th, the walls are going up.

In the back ground with the red hat is Geylin who was rescued from the garbage dump and is now our head of constructions. I am so proud of this kid.

June 16th

June 19

If you would like to help build Genesis her new home please go to at the donation button and mention in the message box “FOR GENESIS HOUSE”. Thank you!

You can also send a check to Flutemaker Ministries at:

Flutemaker Ministries

14701 SW 18th Ct.

Davie, FL. 33325

and mention in the memo for Genesis House. Thank you!

Erik Sampson – President of Flutemaker Ministries


Posted by Ferl Bomia on June 13, 2018

So cool brother, thanks for being Jesus ‘s hands, feet and heart.

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